Wednesday, July 10, 2013

COG Member: 10 Commandments Is Our Judge In All Things

Another example of why Armstrongism is dying.  The law is more important than Jesus.  The law is the judge in ALL things instead of the person they are supposed to be a follower of.

From Yahoo:

I try to judge all things with one thing above all. The Ten Commandments has to be our judge in all things.

Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of time thinking about all the troubles of the many COG's.

I have come to the conclusion that very few understand the Ten Commandments.

I have one desire to fulfil before I die. This is to write up the Ten Commandments as being our light and guide to walk in.
The fact this person has no desire to walk in the light of Christ is a chilling indictment against the ministry of Armstrongism.

While this person and the COG as whole is embarrassed by Jesus, these people are willing to die for their beliefs. What Armstrongite today would die for being a follower of Jesus?  Martyrs for the law - maybe, Jesus - not so much.


Byker Bob said...

Ex 34:28 really says it all.


Douglas Becker said...

Olde Testament Christians: When you don't have the Holy Spirit to give your very best -- and have no understanding of Matthew 5: 6: and 7: (heck, even atheists understand more and are better people on the average): This should be a challenge to the self-satisfied new era Pharisees who don't know much beyond small parts of the Law.

Have no conception of spiritual things (whatever they might be, but it's gotta include ethics).

Anonymous said...

Keeping the Old Testament Law is such an easy cop out for the COG. It gives them a form of righteousness; when times get hard for people they seem to want to run to the law for protection and safety; but it is Christ we must run to and be led by his spirit which will guide and protect his people- not the old covenant law. There's a good pdf book I am almost finished called "Laying Down the Law"

Corky said...

Ex 34:28 really says it all.

Yeah, it does. It says Moses died of dehydration about 37 days before he starved to death.

Imagine all those people complaining about the lack of water in the desert. Why they could have walked all the way from Goshen to Jerusalem before they needed a drink of water, surely.

I wish the cult meisters would try doing without food and water for forty days and nights in a desert.

Hey, maybe that's the test for a "true Apostle" - C'mon guys, do it!

Byker Bob said...

Corky, I understand that as an atheist, the seeming physical impossibilities surrounding Moses' encounter with God is what would leap out from the page to you. However, what I was hoping would stand out and be edifying to most is that here we have plainly stated in Old Testament scripture that the words of the (old) Covenant are the ten commandments.

If we were taught this in WCG, it was either glossed over, or ignored.