Friday, July 19, 2013

Dave Pack Is Back Mockinig The Other COG's

Davey is back today with another magnificent missive about how important, magnificent and amazing his Church of  "god" is.  Is just so superfantabulous that he can't get over it!

Today they are finishing a week long "ministerial" conference where one of the major discussions was the imminent reunification of all the Churches of God under Davey's thumb.

First, last Sabbath we began our 10th annual Ministerial Conference from July 12-20—the first one on our new Headquarters Campus. It was completed this afternoon, with most attendees scheduled to return home on Sunday. By every account, it was a spectacular experience, and was made more inspiring in that it was held in our absolutely beautiful new assembly hall in our new Hall of Administration building. Field ministers and Headquarters managers had the opportunity to hear six days of lectures on a range of topics, with the imminent return of all God’s people an overarching theme woven into many presentations.
After bragging about his new building, which actually looks upside down, he mocks the other COG's for their epic failures in doing a work as might as his. 

Davey still is ticked that no one in the various COG's seems to care about Davey's church.  If only they knew!  He says they are all "blissfully ignorant" but will soon be so overjoyed after their church leaders die that they will flock to him.

Davey is adamant that ministers and members will soon be flocking to his cult.  If ministers do then they have made it plain to the entire church that they are willing to sell their soul to Dave and the devil after they complete that 35 question questionnaire.

We cannot help but think of the large splinters that are so far—far!—FAR!—behind God’s Church in so many of these regards (and many others). Many would care about this if they knew, but they just do not know that they are. “Blissful” ignorance will soon give way to jubilant exhilaration at what lies ahead for ministers who have been sitting for years in almost desperately boring conferences that primarily served only to waste time. If you think this an overstatement, WAIT AND SEE! We are left to contemplate how many more ministers and elders will soon be meeting with us, probably in an extensive Conference scheduled for soon after the Feast.


Anonymous said...

Joshua of Wadsworth notes: " what lies ahead for ministers who have been sitting for years in almost desperately boring conferences that primarily served only to waste time."

I have sat in those desperately boring conferences. And they were desperately boring. Those who sit at Dave's conferences will not only find themselves at more desperately boring conferences, but ones filled with egomania and a misunderstanding of the scriptures that has no equal. Dress up the pig all you want...and we're still going to know what the new and improved ministry that flocks to RCG had to do to get recertified, re-membered and re-pastorized. Anyone want to buy an empty soul?


PS I can't stop chuckling. It does look upside down.

Anonymous said...

Just like a kid, "look what I got". Pro 1:10 "My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not." "Crucial Questions—Important Answers!" I did not see any question marks only(!!!!!) and the usual boasting. He wants TITHES and more tithes even through Paypal or electronic wire and even directly into the churches account. I can say with all boldness, this man is a devil dividing other assemblies for his gain. All RCG members, please remove your blinders/scales!

Anonymous said...

Instead of these conferences, if he was being used by God (above), he would more likely offer free seminars throughout the States for those looking for truths and give free bibles like YRM. He should put the money to good use and preach all that the Son taught. But, of course, he has his carnal minded ideas of being a closed door church. Yet, he wants money from donors and co-workers. He solicited me for more money after I sent a check when I got a book.

Anonymous said...

Rom 10:3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

Pro 11:6 The righteousness of the upright shall deliver them: but transgressors shall be taken in [their own] naughtiness.

Anonymous said...

Of all the false statements and predictaments made by Dave Pack,Gerald Flurry,Ron Meredith,and all other COG ministers ,you'd think the members would see thru them all.As much as they talk about tithes you all to realize that's all they want.Do the ministers live in poverty,have run down vehicles,slum houses,scrap by every month,no they live richly off of your money .God doesn't want just ministers to have prosperity ,he wants everybody to.God doesn't love one person more than the other.I pray that all the members of all the splits will wake up and ask Gods forgiveness of there sins and not let the COG to tell them they have to earn there eternal life.Read the bible to learn the truth, not mans books.Don't believe man because he lies ,but God does not.Please take this seoriously because your life is at stake.Get right with God.