Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack: As I Take On My Role As Joshua, Jesus Is Going To Come Down And Take Over The Church So I Can Do My Work

As Davey prepares to be Joshua he warns the ministry that he will soon stop writing these love letters to the ministers and members.  When he officially takes on the mantle of being Joshua he will no longer have the time to be writing letters to the dumb sheep.  Never fear though, as he assumes Joshua's mantle, Jesus will come and take over the Restored Church of God and lead it into glory.
...these announcements will soon end and with them my role for now. The living Jesus Christ is about to personally “shepherd” His flock. As ministers, this should be on your mind. Scattered into divided, competing organizations, Christ’s people collectively have not been listening to Him. This will soon change. Through His Spirit, He is about to start powerfully working with you, as well as laymembers, no matter their group or whether they stayed home after the apostasy.


Byker Bob said...

Dave gets the news late. Jesus has already been doing this for years. I know Dr. Stanley takes his directions from Jesus, and actually has the fruits to prove it. And, he's not the only one.

I really wish that Jesus would take over Dave's church!


Joe Moeller said...

Pack is "joshing" again!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY