Friday, July 19, 2013

Davey Pack on Jesus' Behind the Scenes Vetting Process for COG Ministrers and HQ Employee's

Davey wants you to know that the created creature he calls "christ" has been working overtime in getting the mess all together into one unified body.

His "christ" is already doing the first round of vetting the ministers that will jump ship.  this is even before they have to answer to Davey and is 35 questions.   This "christ" is also vetting the office personnel in all the splinter group HQ's as to whether they will make good employee's.

First, Christ has told us within the prophecy that He is working out a host of details in advance of reunification—things that human beings cannot possibly do no matter how much or how hard they would try. There are many things that Christ knows that we simply do not know, at least yet. These include the advance “vetting” of faithful ministers, splinter office personnel and brethren. Without Christ’s help this could not happen, and we know that we could not begin to do it properly with so many, never mind at high speed.


Anonymous said...

"First, Christ has told us within the prophecy that He is working out a host of details in advance of reunification—things that human beings cannot possibly do no matter how much or how hard they would try."

Big mistake. No Christ/Jesus told "us" anything in Haggai's prophecy about the return in those days and completions of the physical temple , all anal-ogies aside.

Haggai is not about Dave Pack

Haggai is not about a small church's reuninion in 2013

Haggai is not about RCG

The premise is wrong theologically so EVERYTHING that follows is wrong. Great speculation, fun analogies, excellent summer entertainment, but not historically or theologically correct.

I still think Dave needs to run his story of Haggai past a coupe of Rabbi's or Old Testament scholars who specialize in such matters of biblical history.

And there in lies the rub...It's all made up.


Sweetblood777 said...

Anonymous, you have got to understand that Pack is listening to voices within his head.

There is no 'Thus saith the LORD' in any of Pack's statements, yet he is speaking as if he were a prophet and yet denying that he is a prophet, to protect his silly ass when things don't go as stated.

Pack is, and always was, not only a hireling, but a stab in the back SOB that doesn't give a shit of concern for those that he crumbled along his way to get where he is.

He cares not for the flock, as the rest of them don't (only he increases the whip 10 fold), nor what damage he inflicts along the way.

Pack considers himself to be the light bringer to the sheep. He is so wrapped up in his own mind that he is the one (much like Obama), that he is forcing his way through truly believing that Yahshua (Christ) is going to step up at the last minute and prove that he is right.

That he, Pack, is Yahweh's true anointed,and everyone better click their heels and acknowledge him as the physical presence of Yahweh upon the earth.

Pack of lies, has screwed himself, fell into the trap set for him, by outlining 35 'must haves' before allowing ministers and/or headquarters personnel, of other organizations join him, by admitting their faults before the entire world.

Anyone who would do this, has no personal sense of shame, and are totally unable to lead a dog, far less the chosen of Yahweh, anywhere, other than to the dustbin of history.

No, David, you are not who you say you are. If anything, you are HWA's brain exploring due to the egoistical pressure of telling himself that he walks in the path of righteousness. Comparing oneself to the divine, does not make it so. Have you not learned the lesson that the serpent fell into?

It surely does not appear so.

Anonymous said...

DCP is a spectator and not a participant...Not pursuing the truth...Not following the Savior at all...Not obeying the Mighty One. When we do not participate we are cut off. He is adding to the word. He is so far gone, he might of committed the unpardonable sin. He can keep all the Sabbaths, Feasts,etc., but he is missing the mark. Worshiping HWA and himself, coveting,lying,and committing adultery. DCP needs to stop telling stories of his own imaginations and REPENT! You are LUKEWARM!