Friday, July 19, 2013

Davey Pack on the Reunified Feast of Tabernacles 2013

This years Feast will be one of the most inspiring and superfantabulous in human history!  As with everything in Packland, it is over the top and glorious

Davey has set up 21 Feast sites right now and will be adding more as the the Feast approaches.  With the tens of thousands flocking to his convention sites around the world will be overwhelmed!

On August 7 Davey will announce his preliminary Feast sites.  All COG brethren who have already made plans to attend another site with their own group need to be prepared to change locations.

In nine weeks baby!  Nine weeks!

Next, the 2013 Feast of Tabernacles: This will also be among the most special and inspiring times in Church history. It will be a Feast of unity and harmony among all of God’s people. Everyone will keep this joyous occasion as members of The Restored Church of God in scores of sites across the world. At this time, we have 21 sites, but we anticipate adding many more. In some areas, former splinter brethren will attend our current sites. In other locations, we will have to quickly add new ones. In still other areas, splinter sites will simply become Restored sites. The total number of Feast sites, and where they are, will depend entirely on how many brethren answer the “stirring” of Jesus Christ to return to His Church, and in what areas they live. Details may begin (and only begin) to come into view on the first of the month of Elul (in God’s calendar—August 7 in the Roman Calendar). A more complete picture will emerge by Elul 24 (August 30). Right now, all are urged to have in their thinking that they will be reassigned to a new nearby Feast site, and those who choose to return to the Body of Christ will attend with what becomes a much bigger organization—probably significantly bigger than the largest splinter! Be ready for the most inspiring Feast you have ever attended—now less than nine weeks away!


Richard said...

21 Feast sites? Based on the RCG Feast page, I count 22:

Is one site on reserve at this time?

And oh yes - if those sites are in place, why can't I access information about them from the RCG Feast page? We need to reserve motel rooms well in advance, you know.

Byker Bob said...

Oh, man, I just hope he has sunk a lot of money into these sites! 21 sites, or 22? Heckfire, if they put their minds to it, they could probably fly everyone over to Jerusalem where the F/T was actually commanded to be kept. Sukkoths are cheaper than hotel and motel rooms, so that should help. Oops. Those commands didn't make the cut amongst the things the fossil apostle picked and chose from the Old Covenant.


gilven55 said...

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