Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack Says Those In The COG Ministry Under 40 Years of Age Are Ignorant

Davey is trying sooooooo hard to live in the past. To him, the Worldwide Church of God prior to 1986 was the most fabulous era of Christianity.  Over 1,800 men were ministers in the Church.  Now due to deaths and apostasy the COG is a do-nothing church with do-nothing ministers.  Only the Restored Church of God and its ministers who are doing any work worthwhile.

He whines that those 40 and under have no idea of the past and apparently don't care enough to find out.

The group this announcement addresses should most be able to recognize the fingerprints of God working in His Church. It was the ministry—1,855 ministers and elders the day I was terminated in March 1993—that helped build, lead and manage God’s Work for decades under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership. With the passing of time since his death, this number has of course dwindled (and many never left the WCG), with groups having ordained many “replacements” who have no sense or knowledge of the ministry as it existed under Mr. Armstrong. So many today simply can no longer recognize God’s Church and Work when they see it. This includes ministers and laymembers alike. (A note to ministers under 40: You have not really seen what God’s Church is supposed to look like. Those under 30 have never seen it. GRASP THIS before proceeding!)

This is what Davey hopes to resurrect in August when his angry god kills the leadership of LCG, PCG and UCG.   The glory days are more important than remagining the church so that it relates to the 21st century realities.  The 1950's, 60's 70's and 80's will never be recaptured and are eras filled with disgusting actions by the COG leadership, its ministers and it's membership.  It certainly is NOT something to be proud of.  Sexual scandals, murders, suicides, rapes, destroyed marriages, child molestations, rampant alcoholism, and countless other deviant acts make up our history.  Who in their right mind wants to relive that?


Anonymous said...

Davey is always saying things like "GRASP THIS!!!! BEFORE PROCEEDING!!!!"


No, it isn't.

He thinks that talking down to people is a good way to reach them, by embedding NLP commands or something, and just mostly writing in a domineering style. Everyone who reads will automatically roll over and submit to Davey's authoritative tone and bluster, like it's the Jedi Mind Trick or Vampire Glamoring or something.

Actually it's just insulting and offensive.

Sweetblood777 said...

Is this guy a complete fool? I mean what chance does he have in convincing others to leap frog over to his small little club?

Or is there something that we are missing here? Are his followers so broke and can no longer finance his crazy schemes, that he has to go fishing in another pond?

It appears to me to be that way. He is so terrified that what he has will soon leave, and that no one else is jumping on board, so how in hell is he going to fulfill these grand prophecies that he has made up, without any financial support?

If his current followers are starting to have doubts, then he has to act as if everyone else is on their way from these other organizations.

To me, he has to come up with fantastic proof, which he hasn't thus far, to prove that he is the mighty chosen one for the end-times, but so far he is like the guy that fell down in the out house, with shit up to his nose, and is reaching for an nonexistent rope.

All is vanity said Solomon. When will we get that through our heads. Unless an apostle comes along that preaches according to the bible and performs miracles left, right and center, no one in their right mind should even think of following them or paying them any heed whatsoever.

Byker Bob said...

Unfortunately, Packsie-Poo is not the only one in the ACOGs who have made this an institutional precept. This has been directly responsible for the greying of the ACOGs.

Oddly enough, a nation, a company, most churches, the media, the military, the artistic world, in short, any growing entity will draw its strength from its young people who are operating at their peak.


Douglas Becker said...

Who wants to know what a mental disorder looks like?

Joe Moeller said...

Pack makes an episode of "Mad Men" seem like watching Sesame Street.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"Under 40 years of age are ignorant"...Is that why he loves this age group? He seems to have many lonesome man in this age group and knows how to manipulate even have them move from the west to OH and dumping their homes to be with the "apostle". It's very sad to see these men and women think he is used by "God". One thing I know is that they can't even have the freedom of speech with each other on FB. Pack's wife and William Behrer is watching them. They are kept BUSY..being under satan's yoke! In bondage, unlearned, and unstable following a deceitful man to their own destruction.