Tuesday, July 30, 2013

James Malm "Takes the Gloves Off" to Attack COGWA's Stance on Not Keeping New Moons

James Malm, the wanna-be prophet and leader of the TRUE remnant of the COG is really pissed that none of the COG's will listen to his new moon teaching malarkey.  Christians down through the centuries have proven that celebrating new moons and blowing trumpets are a waste of time and not relevant to a Christians' walk with God.  The only people who have found relevance in it seem to be those die-hard legalists that pretend to be Jews though they cannot keep the law as expected.

Malm, has been seeking for some time now to form his own splinter cult that will provide an income source to him.  He is doing the same thing Bob Thiel did, by setting himself up as the final authority on scripture and the law.  Like Thiel, Jesus is NOT part of Malm's conversation. Like Thiel, Malm is not ordained, which is a direct affront to what HWA taught about church leaders.

Malm demands that all of his followers observe all new moons and blow trumpets.  Then that evening they are to study their Bibles because it technically is not a "holy day."

Herbert Armstrong and the Churches of God have all determined that this "festival" is not required and Malm does not like that.  He claims HWA was influenced by pagan Hoeh and other others to think that the Karaite Jews actually preserved the Jewish scriptures.  Malm says this is not so because the Karaites are Sadducees and perverters of the word. 

Malm is particularly incensed at COGWA because it is circulating a "secret" document on new moon observance to all its ministers that says it is not required.

Malm writes:

As far as I know this COGWA paper has not been published; perhaps to keep me from critiquing it.  It has been distributed to the elders to help them fight the word of God when they are questioned by their brethren.

I am taking the gloves off with this and I do not intend to pull any punches here, as this subject is a test subject, about whether people will obey the word of God; or whether they will cleave to what they think, regardless of the facts.  

Those who reject the word of God and the facts, to follow and cleave to obvious error; are rebelling against God and his word and have the Mark of the Beast; which is rebellion against the word of God.  

This paper is consistent with the teachings of most of the COG Groups and this series is applicable to all those who follow apostate men instead of the word of God on the calendar issue.
Malm is incensed that COGWA and all the other COG's are apostates because they don't follow him, yet his is in the exact same boat as they are, by bastardizing the scriptures to fit his perverted legalistic message.

In the Church of Malm, the law trumps grace.  The law is more important than Jesus. The 10 commandments are still required, though Malm and the rest of the COG's break every single one of them every single day.

Malm continues:

Ladies and gentlemen:  Today your God is testing and proving you! whether you are diligent to obey the word of the Lord your God; or whether you will obey false teachers from the Rabbins and or the COG leaders and elders!
 Yep, your god is pissed and angry. It is testing everyone.  That seems to be the state of the COG since the day HWA apostatized from the COG7th day to set up his own splinter group.  Armstrong's god is pissed. It has been for the last 75 some years.

An acolyte asks Malm if new moons are required for salvation.  Malm says yes, now that he has told you they are, you are now held accountable.

Dear Sir, one question please. Would my salvation depend on New Moon?

Our salvation depends on doing what we know. We are commanded to learn and grow in grace [repentance] and knowledge. If we reject growth in understanding and knowledge, if we refuse to do what God reveals to us; then we stop growing and because we reject knowledge from God he will reject us, Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee”, .

Knowledge of the calendar is not a salvational issue if we do not know about it; but once we do know we no longer have the excuse of ignorance for not keeping it, and refusing to keep the new moons and High Days becomes a willful sin and most definitely becomes a salvational issue of rebellion against what we know is of God and his word. James

As a side note, it is interesting that when you type in "should a Christan observe new moons" almost all of the early sites that come up are Armstrongite splinter cults.


Douglas Becker said...

observe the new moons exactly how? As "Sabbaths"?

There was no mention of anyone keeping the new moons except for the Feast of Trumpets until Kings and that was for a government type meeting -- hardly something that Malm would want to have us do: On the New Moon, are we supposed to gather for a County-Wide banquet to discuss county business? That's what King Saul was doing.

Sure, the temple was open on the New Moon. Hardly any kind of endorsement for Christians, since there hasn't been a Temple since 70 A.D.

In fact, Alan Knight told me that support for even the Feasts in the New Testament was "weak". You can't really prove the Gentiles were keeping all the Hebrew Feasts, particularly after Acts 15 -- and that would have been a golden opportunity for the Apostles to do so. Yes, refrain from fornications, things strangled, meat offered to idols and above all KEEP THE NEW MOONS AND ALL THE FEASTS, ALL YOU GENTILES. No doubt the Apostle Paul would have made a big deal out of it in his letters, but he didn't.

So we come to Olde Testament Christianity (which does not really exist): It is physical for physically oriented minds which do not understand the "spiritual". None of the Israelites were "converted" before Jesus showed up save for possibly some selected kings and prophets. Everybody else, nada, so keeping the Old Covenant, done away and replaced with a new one, makes one no more righteous than the Pharisees of Jesus' day.

Furthermore, if we are going to go with the Old Covenant, then we DO need to keep all of it and that means that we should kill off all the false prophets.

So the next time you Cult of Herbert Armstrong leaders want to open your yap about things you know nothing about, just remember this: You are under a death penalty and we're not just talking about the physical death to which all are subjected to.

You are cursed with a curse and you will die, if we are to believe the Words which you yourselves claim to teach.


It's more permanent these days, apparently.

You have been warned... again....

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Malm continues: Ladies and gentlemen: Today your God is testing and proving you!

MY COMMENT - I use to hear this 40 years ago in the WCG. Why is God always testing us? When is the "test" over? How is the "test" graded?

Seems we are always being tested to see if we mere humans make an eternal damnation mistake. So it is with Armstrongism: Constant testing - and the test results are never good enough! What a religion! No wonder it is dying. Who wants to be tested all your life?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Malm,

What is your position on Haggai's message, and the flying scroll of Zechariah? Are you saying that since he doesn't know or teach the truth about new moon observance, that Mr. Pack doesn't get to be Joshua the high priest or get to have our tithes?

Also, what are you doing for milk and food? The vitamin D which is added to commercially produced milk comes from pigs! It's just terrible! Any food you buy at the store listing milk as an ingredient probably contains this porcine vitamin D. Remembering the lesson of Hannukah, lamp oil contaminated by the Gentiles was a horrible abomination! How much more of an abomination would this milk be, especially on the sabbath!

Ah, it's a difficult existence, trying to live the simple life of an observant one. Sometimes, trying to get to sleep at night, I sing that old Conway Twitty song, "Remember, lo-oh-onely pseudo-Jew boy, I-is my name!"

Jack ben Miller

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice his inability to do math in the post? Equating 830 years with 830 centuries?

Byker Bob said...

"You can't really prove the Gentiles were keeping all of the Hebrew Feasts, particularly after Acts 15".

My comment would be that that is the role and purpose of British Israelism in Armstrongism. It's a bogus failsafe device, making all of us Anglo Saxon Gentiles and our melting pot nations into Israelites, just in case.

A few years ago, I read the complete works of Josephus, and then began finding and reading as many of the writings of the Antenicene fathers as I could find. I was amazed at how quickly Sunday keeping virtually took over in the Gentile world, this under men who had been personally trained by the disciples/apostles of Jesus, And, how these Sunday keeping Christians considered themselves to be guardians and protectors of the truth and the faith, and were martyred for their beliefs right along with their Jewish Christian contemporaries. It seemed plain to me that nobody could have withstood the tortures which were described without the Holy Spirit.

HWA taught about a "dark" century, but to me it seems obvious that they just must not have had any of the writings of the Antenicene fathers at the Portland Public Library back in the early 1930's. These early writers do an awfully good job of describing the events of this so-called "lost" century!

Some of these guys who are still bearing false testimony about these things (assuming they've even checked it all out for themselves) actually should be concerned about Zechariah's flying scroll, but not for the reasons Dave Pack is trying to exploit. Actually, he should be one of those who are most worried!


Head Usher said...

The way that Dave Pack gets under Dennis' skin is the way that James Malm gets under mine. I dislike him passionately.

Malm thinks the way to please his god is the same way the pharisees tried to please theirs, even though in his own holy book, Jesus thoroughly debunked that method. Even though he cannot keep the obvious parts of the law, still, he goes hunting for arcane interpretations of oblique references from which he then proceeds to manufacture new esoteric "commandments" he then claims are "obvious." New moons is just one of these esoteric teachings Malm is using to try to build up his own unique COG splinter group.

"...as this subject is a test subject..."

Really? Since the bible does not say this, it must have been revealed to him by his esoteric source. He says it's a test subject because he WANTS it to be a test subject. And what does it test exactly? Those who are following his god, or those who are following him?

"Those who reject the word of God and the facts, to follow and cleave to obvious error; are rebelling against God..."

Really? Let's suppose the bible really is filled with god's words. BUT...what do those words MEAN? When I read the oblique references he cites, they do not "command" the ritualistic “keeping” of new moons. Even if they are his god's words, how do I know that Malm's meaning is god's meaning? Just because some guy reads a passage and interprets it in a particular way, in no way makes it OBVIOUS that his interpretation is correct. That is Malm's logical leap. That is where Malm demands that his readers place their faith in him.

Some people from African backgrounds use the bible as a talisman, and read Psalms as spells and incantations, so there's more than one way to use the bible, and more than one way to read it, regardless of whose words they might have started out as. Are Malm's exhortations really "facts"? Is his way of reading the bible really that "obvious"? No. As for "rebellion," that's just Malm trying to build a following.

Malm gets up on his soapbox every day and claims to tell everyone else what his god is thinking about one thing and what his god is feeling about something else. He wants you to believe he's a prophet receiving direct revelation from his god, but all that’s really happening is he’s confusing his own thoughts, his own emotions, his own interpretations of scripture, as being those of his, which is something that Isaiah 55:8 says cannot be so. Malm makes this mistake all day long.

Malm gets some serious jollies from claiming he alone has access to secret, esoteric knowledge that no one else has, which not coincidentally is the exact same thing that Herbert Armstrong did. Also, not coincidentally, it's the same thing that Madame Helena Blavatsky did (just sayin'). He also enjoys claiming that he has access to secret information about what all the different splinter cults are up to. He began his blog as nothing more then than a COG tabloid rag, in which he tried to sensationalize a then-impending UCG-COGWA split. He said a lot of things which in some cases he had to recant, but if he can get away with letting false claims stand without recanting, he definitely will. He just loves to have people look up to him as being a keeper of secret and esoteric knowledge about whatever.

James Malm is just one more narcissistic egotist intent on COG blogging everyone.

DennisCDiehl said...

Dear Sir, one question please. Would my salvation depend on New Moon? -

Lol...Leave it to a COG to answer that question without once referring to Jesus ..hilarious

Douglas Becker said...

Flying scrolls... Flying scrolls....

Does that have anything to do with a typewriter in a jet at 30,000 feet writing coworker letters?

Anonymous said...

Our salvation depend on our doing...."

Now there is a piece of NT theology for you..lol.

These people are fools, Raccas and dorks.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get a picture of Malm's Feast of Unleavened Buns?

Anonymous said...

James Malm wouldn't know a New Moon if it bounced off his head.

All he does is follow the Karaite calendar, then pretends to pull rabbits out of his butt, with his sloppy research practices that always leads right back to the Karaite calendar, which is just a flawed as the COG calendar.

He should name his church 'The Whole Word of God Church' (meaning the whole word of Malm), since he loves that phrase and uses it in every other paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Flying scrolls... Flying scrolls....
Lets go verses further-

Zechariah 5 has been updated!

Here are the latest Z-5 updates direct from God! -

5 Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing.”

6 I asked, “WTF is it?”

He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the COGs throughout the land.”

7 Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat Lil' Herbie!

8 He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed the lying herbjerk back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on him.

9 Then I looked up— and there before me were two women, Kim Kardashian and Sarah Palin, with the wind in their wings! They had wings like those of a stork, were wearing sexy high heels, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth.

10 “Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel who was speaking to me.

11 He replied, “Herbie is truly a basket case, so he will be paralyzed and frozen in a mixture of alcohol and glycol, and the Herbie-basket loaded into a spacecraft for transport to the Planet Teegeeack. When Planet Teegeeack is ready, the basket will be set there. And behold, on Planet Teegeeack, the 'Basket-O-Herbie' shall be locked away in an electronic mountain trap from which he will never escape."

Head Usher said...

"Our salvation depend on our doing...."

Now there is a piece of NT theology for you..lol.

Thanks, anon, you are so right. The briefest, and yet totally accurate summary of not just Malm, but all of Armstrongism's theology.

Anonymous said...

James Malm is just another ignorant REBEL who would not listen to HWA and left the WCG in 1985 while HWA was still alive.

Now, James Malm wants everyone to listen to himself and to agree with everything that he comes up with himself, and not bring up any contrary ideas at his own feast site that he plans for this year.

James Malm thought that he could think for himself. The result was that his own wife got into that sacred names nonsense and divorced him, and James got into calendar confusion. Maybe the now divorced James Malm saw your picture of those three women apparently worshipping the moon in the nude and thought, "Count me in."

The ancient Israelites got into calendar confusion too. Jeroboam son of Nebat, an Ephraimite from Zeredah, became king over the northern ten-tribed kingdom of Israel. He instituted a festival on the fifteenth day of the eighth month, a month of his own choosing, like the festival held in the southern kingdom of Judah in the seventh month, and set up golden calves for the people to worship at Dan and Bethel, rather than let them go to Jerusalem.

God said, "Your New Moon festivals and your appointed feasts my soul hates" (Isaiah 1:4, NIV).

Anonymous said...

Verse correction:

God said, "Your NEW MOON FESTIVALS and your appointed feasts my soul hates" (Isaiah 1:14, NIV).

Joe Moeller said...

From the Musical "HAIR" - Aquarius

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revalation
And the mind's true liberation

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"As far as I know this COGWA paper has not been published, perhaps to keep me from critiquing it. It has been distributed to the elders to help them fight the word of God when they are questioned by their brethren."

The Book of 1 Jackson
Chapter 5
1 It came to pass that in the fifth year of the reign of Barak, Jim Franks issued a decree written upon scrolls to all those who ministered unto him saying,
2 "This is to help you fight against God when everyone in your congregation questions you as to why we don't hang doe-eyed upon His Word as revealed through His Prophet James Malm
3 Who we secretly do not want to acknowledge."
4 And all his mighty men of valor said in one voice,
5 "Heheheh! Nice! It's so discouraging to us how all the brethren are so anxious
6 To follow God and His Prophet James Malm. Thankfully they can't think well enough to think up any good
7 Excuses to do so.
8 This decree will help us demolish any excuses they can manage to think of and so keep them from following God and His Prophet James Malm."
9 And so it was that the people were helpless captives on account of their inability to find reasons to excuse themselves, and God couldn't think of a plan to rescue them.
10 James Malm had been God's last hope, and he'd turned out to be a pretty lackluster prophet.

LOL nice stories James. I am sure that everything done by all the leaders of all the splinters is calculated solely to shield themselves from the criticism of James Malm on his silly blog.

Anonymous said...

Malm says Adam and Eve did not have a telescope to observe the night sky -- and he knows this how?

Anonymous said...

That's right: Everyone should observe the new moons, so they don't have some annoying know-it-all like Mark Nash (PCG) or James Malm (?) deciding what a New Moon looks like and its meaning. Too many damn gurus in the Church!