Monday, July 29, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God Facebook Page

A reader here sent me the link to PCG's Facebook page today. She asked, "Do you see what is missing?"  She then said, 'There is not one single entry on Jesus Christ. There are lots of stories on Old Testament men and women, lots of rules and regulations, but absolutely nothing on Jesus. Aren't they supposed to be Christians?"

Philadelphia Church of God Facebook Page


Head Usher said...

Q: What would christianity be without Jesus?

A: Armstrongism!

Byker Bob said...

You gotta wonder about this! What if you are Jesus? (Shut up, Dave, this is hypothetical!) Let's say one of the ways in which you discern who loves you, who appreciates your sacrifice, who is attempting to allow you to live your life through them, in short, who knows you, is how frequently they refer to you, or mention your name. What would you say to those who virtually ignore you? Might it be "I never knew you?"

I really shudder for these people sometimes when I read these things, especially over reports that a splinter has formed because their old ACOG has begun emphasizing Jesus too much!


Douglas Becker said...

It's Olde Testament Christianity at its finest, apparently first created by Oliver Cromwell.

Steve Kisack said...


What about those who DO preach Jesus, casting out demons in His name and doing many wonderful things through Him(so they think)? What did Jesus say about THEM? Another thing, Byker Bob. You are so swift to defend Jesus at every turn. Why don't you defend Him when Dennis "badmouths" Paul? What is your stand on "Paul's Jesus", or the "Bible Jesus"? Hey, just wondering. :-)

Byker Bob said...

Steve, I believe that there were two types of Christians in the early church, the Jewish ones, and the Gentile ones. The Jews have had a long Talmudic tradition of Noachide laws, standards for gentiles who wanted to worship Yahweh. Paul, and James were familiar with these, which is why the Jerusalem Council ruled as it did, virtually reciting those Noahchide standards.

Actually, that explains many conflicts, and events, including Paul's teachings, the thoughts and teachings of the Antenicene fathers, protoCatholics, and the birth of the Catholic, or Universal Church of God.

I've learned that one gets a better discussion sometimes if one does not push one's point excessively, or people's buttons. Dennis does read a lot, and has researched Paul, and has some strong opinions that stimulate peoples' thinking. I've said enough so that people realize that my opinions are different from his, and I really don't want to become involved in a running battle like the ones I've seen take over and dominate some of the other forums. There are many topics we need to be discussing, and frankly a lot of people that will participate if we don't make ourselves a one horse. Believe me, Dennis and I are both very determined people, and we could make nuisances of ourselves if we harped on this one topic.


Steve Kisack said...

What I'm wondering, BB, is that you are saying that those who frequently refer to Jesus or mention His name are the ones that you think are His?? Go figure. You can watch that Jesus crap all day long on the religious channels.

I don't think you should get in a running, long-winded battle with Dennis. He's long-winded enough. :-) I just don't see you taking a stand for the Jesus you worship, unless it's against the ACOGs.

You said, "There are many topics we need to be discussing,"

MY COMMENT: Oh, really? Then, why are we always on the SAME topics? Dave Pack...umpteenth blog. Gerald Flurry. Robert Thiel. James Malm. Rod Meredith. These guys are NOTHING, but you comment on every entry. Real important topics?

Anonymous said...

Most don't even know about the Noahide laws BB and as you noted, it was the answer to If Gentiles want to become Jews, what do Gentiles have to doto become Jewish Christians? Noahide rules again, as outlined in acts 15. However, we also see Paul not going along with that either as he skirts meats offered to idols and makes fun of the Jerusalem Apostles . I think that when Peter met Paul and Paul braggs about withstanding Peter to his face etc, it was over this issue. I think Peter saw that Paul was offering meats sacrificed to idols and called him out on it as per acts 15. But Paul turned it around on Peter to make Peter look stupid as he liked doing. It was not clean vs unclean for sure. It was Paul not even going by what he claimed he was more than happy to do.


Byker Bob said...


First, no, I don't believe that simply mentioning Jesus makes you one of His. Actually, it is the private and personal moments one spends with Jesus that make you one of his own. And allowing him to pattern your life after the Sermon on the Mount and the beatitudes.

You are right that I generally only bring Jesus into the picture when discussing Armstrongism, and there are several reasons for doing this. He's pretty much MIA in some of the splinters, taking a back seat to HWA, and the legalism. So, we need to provide them with some balance. I also think it is important to establish whatever common ground is possible with one another in our discussions. Discussing Armstrongism is what we do here. That's what we all share in common. Atheists discuss it from one perspective, scientists from another, historians yet another, and Christians another. You could go evangelistic with any of those perspectives, making yourself into a one topic wonder, and losing your credibility. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who skips the comments of certain axe grinders. Heckfire, I've even left different forums over the years because of their limited scopes, and the resulting lack of stimulation. I'm Mr. ADHD, Mr. Nonconformist, and get bored quickly when stuff gets stale.

As for TV, it is the rare evangelist who can be himself, be sincere, share well researched and verifiable knowledge, not be a money grubber, hold an audience's attention without being a fool or clown, and actually inspire. I don't share anymore the names of those whom I find inspiring, because anonymous commenters then take shots at them just because I mentioned their names.

Anyhoo, that's my present state of equilibrium, but it's always subject to pragmatism and change. And, it really doesn't bother me if there's anybody that can't hang with that.


Byker Bob said...

Dennis, what I got from the Paul-Peter confrontation was that Peter had acted one way while alone with Paul, but modified his behavior for the benefit of the Judaizers who were being disruptive in some of the congregations which Paul pastored. If Paul had expected Peter's support against the Judaizers, obviously this would have been upsetting. You could find fault with either side, or dismiss them both, but apparently their disagreement was later resolved. John had also had sibling rivalry problems with Peter, but later we find them on an evangelistic campaign with one another.

When I was a non-believer, I used to practically major in Biblical conflicts. However, I later found that I had been magnifying some things for which there were often simple, logical explanations, and I did this mostly to prove my agenda to myself. Later, I wondered why such powerful things failed to dislodge Christians. At best, these conflicts can be debated strongly from either side. The winning side becomes the one which resonates with self.


Byker Bob said...

Oh, Steve, one more thing. In terms of sharing, it becomes downright "chocolate" silly to discuss certain things with people whom you know have certain mindsets. As an example, what purpose would be served by discussing the meaning of scriptures with people who don't believe in God, or who have stated in the past that they don't believe the Bible is the word of God, or who have let you know in unequivocal terms that they intend to stay loyal to Herbert W. Armstrong? I have in the past encountered people who are disabled or retired, and have nothing but time for forums and blogs on their hands but I freely confess, I'm not one of them. My disposable time is very limited.


Anonymous said...

"As an example, what purpose would be served by discussing the meaning of scriptures with people who don't believe in God..."

Dang, and I thought that's what those evangelizers do!

Anonymous said...

Jesus is missing in Armstrongism and there is a reward for those that have found him.

John 5:23 That all [men] should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him.

Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here [are] they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Jude 1:4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Act 5:42 And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

1Cr 1:2 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

Anonymous said...

After posting on RCG facebook a couple of verses, I was first blocked and then they sent this under another account.

Restored Cog,
Dear Ms.-----
Thank you for your comments to The Restored Church of God. We understand and share the excitement you have about learning the truth of God through our vast library of material. In the age of instant communication, many have asked us how they can help spread the truth of God to their friends and associates.

It is good that you see the difference between truth and error. It is also commendable that you would seek to share this marvelous understanding with others. However, only God can open a person’s mind to understand and appreciate His Word. The matter of spreading God’s truth to one’s friends and associates is explained in detail in the following publication:
“Should You Preach to Others?” (

Upon reading the above article, please let us know if you have further questions on this matter.
Please note that there is nothing wrong with answering questions that others may ask you. In fact, it is one’s duty to answer such questions, as explained in I Peter 3:15, which reads: “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.”
We hope this information has been helpful. Thank you for your continued interest.
In Christ's service,

Personal Correspondence Department
The Restored Church of God
1000 Ambassador Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281

Should You Preach to Others?
Conversion is the most exciting time in life. Understanding God’s Word for the first time is thrilling! But should you try to persuade others to accept or understand your newfound beliefs? Should Christians push—force—conversion on others?

What hypocrisy! They hate Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:12 said: "...The matter of spreading God’s truth to one’s friends and associates is explained in detail in the following publication:
“Should You Preach to Others?”..."

Yep that's the standard ACOG answer to everything: "Here read our book!" Brainwashing cult propaganda!