Thursday, August 29, 2013

David C Pack Diverting Attention Away From His Abysmal FAILURE of Church Reunification

Dave Pack, the narcissistic buffoon who leads the now totally discredited Restored Church of God is scrambling to divert attention away from his abysmal failure of the reunification of the Churches of God.  Pack babbled on and on for many weeks on how three COG leaders would be struck dead by his god and their members would all be flocking to the RCG.

So far the track record is quit obvious that no one is joining up with the cult of Packism. No ministers are jumping ship taking large groups of members.  No splinter group leaders have died either, not even Bob Thiel.

Knowing he looks like a complete buffoon right now, he is attempting to divert attention to his major new TV broadcasting event to start September 1.  Will he be waxing eloquent about the tens of thousands new members that have joined his church in the last three days?  Will he brag about the church leaders his god killed?

In another major advance in worldwide television coverage, The World to Come with David C. Pack will air around the globe in a prime Sunday morning timeslot (10:30 A.M. ET) on The Word Network, beginning September 1, 2013!

The Word Network has over 800 U.S. affiliates (broadcast and cable), and reaches over 90 million TV households in the U.S., over 100 million households in Europe, and 610 million more worldwide. The network blankets over 200 countries and territories via satellite and/or cable. This network also is on DIRECTV and Sky Angel Faith & Family TV in the United States, Sky UK, Sky Italia (Italy), Tata Sky (India) and Flow TV (Jamaica).

This new timeslot brings a powerful impact to our existing U.S. Sunday lineup, with six airings spread throughout the morning hours. This includes broadcasts on ION Television, CW Plus, theWALKtv and other local TV stations in select cities, bringing the total potential overlapping coverage to a staggering 270 million American TV households.

I think The Word Network needs to be notified of the sick mind of Dave and the RCG and what an aberrant cult that it is.  There is nothing Christan about it so why would a Christian broadcasting network allow  Dave on it?


DennisCDiehl said...

As long as I live and breathe, I will NEVER understand what got into Dave's head on this insanity he came up with. He never struck me as this reckless. Pushy and devious as well as self righteous and condescending, but never this reckless

Glenn said...

Ah, the old "God has opened the door to advertising in Readers Digest!" gambit. Right out of HWA's playbook.

Glenn Parker

Byker Bob said...

He did amplify and push all of the old WCG buttons, adding a couple of new ones of his own. And yes, very wreckless!

From profiler type detective shows on TV, we learn that stressors can set an individual off, or exacerbate some sort of pathological behavior towards which they are already predisposed. God only knows all of the horrendous aberrations which Armstongism has caused in both lay members, and the ministry to start with. HWA built his church and his empire by creating and exploiting stress in the lives of all of his listeners. But, on top of that, Dave Pack has the additional stress created by a "need" to do a great work, the incredible financial pressure to meet the goals of his building program, and a money hole created by attempts to gain exposure for his largely unknown broadcasts. Those factors breed desperation, leading to meltdown.

Spontaneous human combustion would most certainly attract the attention of the scientific community around the globe, particularly if a little thing called Armstrongism kept creeping into the data. Any acolyte of HWA would need something really convincing to persuade him/her to jump from their splinter to one they felt had been chosen, and everybody knows that. These guys all seem to like to book God's power, but He has yet to validate any of them, or even the entire movement. You'd think people would learn. The idea that Armstrongism was God's one and only true church was as pretend as Santa!


Anonymous said...

The problem is that out of all those millions of households that are supposedly reached no one really cares what he has to say.

It would be interesting (not that it would be easy to get an honest answer)to see if anyone from a splinter actually joined Pack. I'm guessing VERY FEW.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, maybe age has something to do with it. I recall Orel Roberts coming up with the 900 foot Jesus who was going to send him "home" later in his life- if a certain amount of money wasn't raised. That was pretty bold even for him.

RSK said...

You are mocking God's servants. Get back on track and trust not a man but the word of GOD which you can prove to yourself from the word of GOD because the word of GOD says so IF you carefully read only the verses the free booklet provides you.

Anonymous said...

How would some of you scoffers like to be sentenced to Mow the Square Mile of lawns at God's headquarters??

Anonymous said...

Why is he spending a Billion dollars on a "Mail Processing Center" in the age of Twitter?

Byker Bob said...

Probably close to 5:00 PM tomorrow afternoon, Dave will have a meeting with his staff (with as much as this topic has dominated their lives over the past several weeks, this is almost mandatory; he can't let it pass). I would imagine that he will take a cue from William Miller and simply state that it is still on, but for next year. Then, in the coming weeks, he will "discover" reasons why they were not ready.

My question would be, is God the author of false starts? Not that we here expected any different outcome, but in their little world, this is bad, like the spiritual equivalent of premature ejaculation! Remember back in the 1970s when we all jokingly called the Ambassador Auditorium "Herbie's Last Erection"? Well, in future months and years, perhaps we should remember this summer's non-event as Pack Ejac 2013! What a pox!


Anonymous said...

Because Herb Armstrong had a mail processing center, therefore Dave Pack will have a mail processing center.

Michael said...

Anon 9:17 wrote:
"Because Herb Armstrong had a mail processing center, therefore Dave Pack will have a mail processing center"

That's such a joke, isn't it? In general, the lack of any original thoughts (in most of the splinters) strikes the funny bone. Plain Truth --> Real Truth. Same layout for Pack's HQ. Booklet titles that end in question marks. Booklet names that are as similar as copyrights will allow :-) (Awesome Human Potential --) Awesome Potential of Man) Building names (Student Center, Mail Processing, Hall of Ad, cmon there are millions of names you could choose!)
Even the church names, have to begin or end with "Church of God", because HWA used to harp on how the name is so important. Presbyterians don't have the name of God on their church. So one has to keep tacking new words - PHiladelphia COG, Restored, Living, Global, blah blah, what about Cosmic Church of God? Church of God, An International Laughingstock?

To me it all boils down to trying to revive a dream, live in the past, and emulate the hero, HWA. What an influence that man had.

Anonymous said...

Careful you scoffers, God's end time Prophet has already made the Daring Prediction that a man in his eighties will "soon" die!

Anonymous said...

"So one has to keep tacking new words - PHiladelphia COG, Restored, Living, Global, blah blah, what about Cosmic Church of God?"

IMO, the two most inaccurately named armstrongite splinter groups are The United Church of God and The Intercontinental Church of God.

(Although 'Intercontinental' may be a technically correct moniker, I include it for the extreme hubris factor. Also, they should all change the "Church of God" part of their names to "Church of Herbert Armstrong")

Anonymous said...

Why don't people flock to hq and surprise him.then call him out on all this nonesense.