Sunday, August 4, 2013

E.W. King: The True Church Is Experiencing The Tribulation Right Now in Miniature. Huh?

God's greatest man-servant ever to grace the earth since the creation of man is E. W. King.  King is the self-appointed leader/prophet/apostle of the the Original Worldwide Church of God Speaking to the Remnant. Dave Pack is nothing but a second rate wimp compared to the mighty King.  Even his name demands respect, while Pack's brings up an illustration we don't particularly want to imagine.

King has explained to his membership that the true Church of God is now in the year of the 5th Seal of Revelation.

The first seal started in the 1970's with the COG upheavals and continues to this day:

In the 1970’s we felt the power of the first horse and its rider [seal] as he began early on attacking the true Church of God through the Great Apostasy. We have been in the “great apostasy” since the death of the Latter-day Apostle. The white horse [first seal] and his rider ultimately represent the “false Christ” and false teachings….apostates!

One of King's "elder's" claims he has actually heard the hoof beats of the the horses of Revelation.

COGSR Elder Paul has told me that he himself has “heard the hooves of the Four Horsemen getting even closer” and that he himself has seen their subtle attempt at destroying the true Church of God.

Then the seconds horse came thundering upon the world with the death of HWA and the break-up of the COG into over 700 different harlot daughters of the mother church.  The membership ran to-and-fro trying to find the church that best suited their needs.  Confusion has reigned supreme for the last twenty-seven years as group after group splits off from a previous group.  All claiming they are THE ONE.

Then we as the Church of God felt the power of the second [red] horse. All the splinter and offshoot groups began to war with each other over “who” had the authority to continue leadership of God’s true Church. After Mr.H.W.Armstrong’s death in January of 1986 many began leaving the Worldwide Church of God because of the Great Apostasy which broke out.

Because of the constant splintering of the church and the silly infighting over who is the real COG leader, King claims there has been a famine of the world.  The COG has been so busy fighting that it has not proclaimed any message worth listening to. Until, King stepped onto the scene.  Now the truth reigns glorious.

The the 4th horse hits the scene.  There has been a famine of the world for the last 20 some years.

Then, the “spiritual death toll” that all of the offshoot, splinter, and sliver groups left could hardly be counted. This was the wrath of the fourth horse.
 A great many people left during the year 1992 and continued through 1993 to 1995. As a result of this many splinter and offshoot groups began to take shape. Approximately 19 years latter starting with the first dispersion [1992] caused by the Great Apostasy comes the year 2011. The birth of the typical-Laodicean church era.
 Now as we enter 2013 the 5th Seal has been opened and the COGSR is experiencing the wrath of the 5th seal in miniature.  The COGSR is now experiencing intense persecution at the hands of the other COG's.  I find that to be load of bullshit.  None in the COG cares about King or his cult. There are bigger fish to fry right now with the mental breakdown of Dave Pack and the upcoming deaths of three COG leaders this month.

Now God is sealing his saints right before the miniature opening of the fifth seal. This “feeling of the fifth seal” is starting to happen in the true Church already. The splinter and offshoot groups have begun there persecution on the Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant. So like I said, the true Church has already been experiencing the opening of the seals on miniature and very personal level already, before they are finally poured out in great power upon the entire earth.

Yes, the persecution is soooooooooooooooo intense yet they sit at home each night with a large plate of food in a warm house with the fat screen tv's and the computers whirring away. They sit in their living rooms with all the lights on reading their bibles with the drapes wide open.  Even though the persecution is intense there are no rocks flying through their windows or attacks at their jobs.  Nada, nothing.

When King and others in the COG claim intense persecution they mock those Christian who have actually died for the beliefs through the centuries.  With their words and actions they invalidate the Christians being murdered in Arab countries as we read this.  They invalidate the Christan Iranian in prison right now for his faith. They are the true martyrs for the faith, not the fat sloths that reign supreme in the COG's today.


Head Usher said...

This is King's funniest post to date.

So lemme get this straight, a 3 1/2 year "tribulation" has now been going on in miniature for the last 27 years? It's a very "subtle" "tribulation" though, because this tribulation doesn't want to be noticed and "persecuted."

How can we be sure that the second horse began to ride? Because of the staggeringly unlikely event of a 93-year-old man? I am still amazed that Herbert Armstrong died when he did. I thought for sure he was going to be alive until I saw Jesus coming in HD on my $2,400 80" 3D LCD TV. As you can tell, I am "hearing" those hoofbeats extremely clearly, and "feeling" this persecution quite a bit more intensely than I was just a few years ago, especially now with my new 7.1 home theater system. I bet King has to step over the corpses of the "spiritually dead" people as he laughs his way to the bank. That's what I do.

Just like this fifth seal, before I pay my bills, I always open them in miniature first, then, I pay them in miniature. Finally, I open for real and pay them for real. That's why, unfortunately, I always pay my bills late. How do you open a wax seal in miniature? Either you open it or you don't, otherwise there would have been no point to sealing wax!

How can King write this stuff with a straight face? How can King write about "all the splinter and offshoot groups [going] to war with each other over 'who' had the authority to continue leadership of god’s true church" when he is the johnny-come-lately on the block to go to war claiming exactly what he's criticizing others for doing? How is he not condemning himself and showing himself to be a hypocrite in one stroke? Genius.

Anonymous said...

LOL, which "True Church"?

King's True Church?
Flurry's True Church?
Pack's True Church?
Weinland's True Church?

Or the other 696+ "True Churches"?


Douglas Becker said...

Small minds need to think in miniature.

Too bad he missed the sermon by another ACoG minister yesterday on the topic of narcissism: Bottom line of the sermon -- avoid narcissists and if you can't for one reason or another, set boundaries.

Highly recommended.

Byker Bob said...

These people are going to continue to find their analogies and metaphors to support the prophecy mode of their apostle. That is their envelope, their box, the extent of their understanding. No way could it all have been false teaching and guessing along with the daily news, and God forbid that they should actually receive any small corrections along the way. HWA said it, they believe it, and that settles it. You can even educate them as to specific DNA haplotypes, but because their apostle taught British Israelism, by George, the mapping of the human genome has just got to be Satan's science, set up to create doubt here during the end times!

Ya know, this is so sad. This constant ignorance some of these folks dish out actually makes one think of them as being the enemy. It is difficult to remember that they are really not, they are potential children of God who just need correction, education, and to be put on the right path. As much as I bite my lip while typing this, same with Dave Pack. It becomes a hard call for most of us, because what they espouse has caused a lot of pain, pain we have experienced in our past, but from which we have been freed! Some day, God willing, they will be too.


Douglas Becker said...

True church?

Herbert Armstrong said it was the CoG7 and who can argue with that?

Anonymous said...

COG TRAIN (To Ozzy's Crazy Train) :)

Crazy, but that's how it goes
Thousands of people living as sold
Maybe, it's not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate

Mental wounds not healing
It's a bitter shame
They're going off the rails on a COG train
They're going off the rails on a COG train

I've listened to preachers
I've listened to fools
The apostle dropout
Who made his own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
Their media sold it and you lived the role

Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
They're going off the rails on a COG train
They're going off the rails on a COG train

I know those doctrines are so wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words
Yeah yeah yeah

Heirs of Ol' Armstrong, that's what they've become
Inherited troubles, they're totally numb!
Crazy, I just feel for you
In that Armstrong system that just isn't true!

Mental wounds not healing
only one to blame
They're going off the rails on a COG train
They're going off the rails on a COG train

Redfox712 said...

I saw Roderick C Meredith say in a sermon that the nationalization of white owned farms in Zimbabwe in 2000 was the start of the Great Tribulation, or at least a foretaste of it.

The Great Tribulation is starting now, in a preliminary sense, he stated, as those events show.

Douglas Becker said...

Some people say the tribulation is to be 7 years, not 3.5 years, but what if they missed it by several decimal points and it turns out to be 3,500 years or 7,000 years?

Anonymous said...

it takes a mini-king to see a mini-trib

sorry, this is a mini-post with no caps or maxi-padded grammar

Anonymous said...

Your article is not true. If one were to use their mind and read the article in its fullness one would see how small your little brain is.