Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feast Parking Stickers For Everyone from Lay Member to Prophets

Check out the great post today on All About Armstrongism today. He has up all the various Feast bumper stickers that will be required for this years Feast, particularly if you are attending the humongous, superfantabulous, earth shattering, Restored Church of God's, Great Reunification feast of booze.  Tavernacles Is Coming!

The self-righteous ones get pissed at us for mocking the COG leaders, 
but they open their mouths and make dumbass comments that play right into our hands.  
This is all tooooooooooooooooooo fun!


Assistant Deacon said...

Once again, Assistant Deacons have status in temporary rank, only.

I may have to start my own true church.

Byker Bob said...

It just dawned on me that the splinters are all simply nostalgia groups, much like classic rock radio stations, or vintage auto races. They are made up of people who fervently hope that there will be future relevance at least equal to the relevance of the past.

That is largely what is responsible for the blatant copying of all things HWA, the replicas of Pasadena headquarters, the miniature Ambassador Colleges, and the acquisition of things which had been in the custody of HWA during his life and ministry. As a car hobbyist, though, I am somewhat surprised that nobody has researched the VIN numbers of any of HWA's limos, acquired, restored, and driven them.


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to print out the ZERUBABEL bumper sticker, and stick it on the ass of one of the cows that caused the UCG to splinter in half!

Byker Bob said...

WOW! You have information that the cows actually caused the splinter? I had thought they became an unusual sort of contested asset after some UCG/Lifenets beneficiaries left the UCG to become part of the COGaWA.


Anonymous said...

COWS again? I can play along :)

All Cattle That On Earth Do Dwell
For Even From My Moo, My Cows
Blest and Happy Is the Cow
Why Do the Splinters Have Cows in Vain
How Excellent In All Thy Cows
Our Cows are Good and Upright
Behold, The Cows Will Go
How Lovely Are Thy Cows
Go Ye Therefore, Give Us All The Cows
The Cows Stand Most Beautiful
In Thy Greenest Fields, Cows, Be Plentiful To Me
Sell The Cows, Let Splinters Hear
O Farmers, Forsake Us Not
Give Us The Cows, O Give Us the Cows, O, Give Us the Cows...
Before Me I constantly see those nice cows
Give Food to My Cows, Not Yours

Anonymous said...

I'll play along, too! :)

Here's a few more traditional Christian cow songs-

Amazing Milk
Holy Holy Holy Cow!
It Is Well With My Cow
This Little Cow Of Mine
The Old Rugged Cows
What A Friend We Have In Elsie
Away in a Pasture
How Lovely are Thy Cowpies
Hark! The Herald Cows Moo
Standing on the Cowpies
O Come, All Ye to be Milked
O Little Tub of Ben and Jerry's
HALLELUJAH the Cows Have Risen
It Came Upon the Pasture Clear
Onward, Christian Udders
There'll Be Showers of Blessing (Behind the Cow)
I Will Praise Thee, O Cows!
Our Cow is Good and Upright (And Not Tipped)
Cows Shall Dwell On Thy Holy Hill
Why Do The Nations Milk Cows In Vain?
Wisdom Begins With The Fear Of The Cow
Here We Come A-Mooing