Monday, September 16, 2013

Armstrongite Mythology Referenced In Regards To Syrian Conflict

USA Today arrticle mentions the failed proepchies of Herbert Armstrong:

A number of congregations including the Seventh-day Adventists can trace their roots to the "Great Disappointment" of 1844, a year when a preacher named William Miller moved thousands of Christians to give away their possessions with prophecies detailing what he thought would be the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Millions of Americans also listened as Herbert W. Armstrong, a warbled-voice minister belted out dire prophecies of famine, war and pestilence in the late 1930s – during the Dust Bowl drought and just before the onset of World War II. President Harry Truman, an avid student of the Bible and its prophecies regarding the return of Jews to the Holy Land, was the first world leader to recognize Israel in 1948, a moment some Christians believe began a new prophetic era for events in the Middle East.

See article: Some see biblical visions of doom in Syria trouble


Anonymous said...

"Interpreting events doesn't lead to an understanding of what's going on. I believe it actually clouds the understanding."

That's the plain truth of Herbert W. Armstrong's "prophecies" right there folks! He was a source of MISunderstanding about current & future world events! In fact he was an unreliable source about EVERYTHING!

Corky said...

Yep, Damascus was supposed to become a ruinous heap. But, in spite of biblical prophecy, it has never happened. Heh. And, even if it did, the US would rebuild it bigger and better than ever.

Just look at Tokyo and Berlin today and then look at Chicago and Detroit...hey, maybe Damascus is a code word for Detroit...

Anonymous said...

If damascus does indeed become a "ruinous heap" and the jews do return to the land of israel as spoken about in Isaiah 11:12, you people will just reason it away (a little retroactive prediction, half of which has already been fulfilled).

The fact is it wouldn't matter if Jesus himself came down, you people are predisposed to deny him even to his face.

Anonymous said...

"you people"

THANK YOU HWA for influencing this person's mind for the better so we can be told THE TRUTH!
The "you people" will BE REALLY SORRY when they fry in the Lake of Fire!

Anonymous said...

The Bible, not hwa, said that the jews would return to the land of israel, but you continue to pretend that hwa said it.

You people are obsessed with hwa to the point of madness. All you can do is puppet the same cliche lines over and over.

You are not even 100 years old yet you think your point of view to be above a prophecy that foretold an actual event several thousand years in advance?

How about offering a coherent rebuttal instead of a bunch of giggles, farts and cliche insults???