Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bob Thiel: Jesus Who? My Church Will Be Reading The Law and Tooting Our Horns On The Feast of Trumpets

Those fun loving Jesus freaks over at the Continuing Ed Church of God will be reading the law all day on Thursday, September 5th.  No talk about that embarrassing dude called Jesus Christ, but plenty of law, law, law.

Bob Thiel, along with James Malm, feel that it is important to toot some horns on Trumpets.  These are not to be any kind of horn, but a rams horn.  However, there is one huge distinction between Thiel's "feast" day and Malm's "feast day.  They are keeping different days.  Thiel, like most COG's will be doing it on September 5th.  Malm, will be doing his horn tooting starting sunset September 7th and all day on Sunday the 8th..

Thiel believes that people should be blowing horns across the country on Thursday.

In our family, we normally have our youngest child blow on some type of trumpet to mark the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets, as well as to blow the trumpet off and on throughout the Holy Day. And although the Bible does not specify where the trumpet blowing should take place (hence I believe it should happen throughout the lands where the faithful live), I did find it interesting to learn that there was a specific place in Jerusalem that trumpeting was designated.
Thiel also made another claim that when creation happened it was fall time.  He believes this because some "sabbath keepers" in Transylvania believed creation happened in the fall.

Christian Sabbath-keepers, by the way, kept the Feast of Trumpets throughout history. Notice for example, that the Sabbath-keepers in Transylvania in the 1500s (and probably later) kept the Fall Holy Days such as the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Trumpets (called Day of Remembrance below):
The Sabbatarians viewed themselves as converted Gentiles..They held to the biblical holidays…The Day of Atonement was a day of fasting, although they emphasized that pentinence is more easily achieved by a peaceful and quiet meditation on the law and one’s life than by fasting. The Day of Remembrance (New Year, which they celebrated in the Fall of the year) was the day on which they thanked God especially for the creation of the universe. (Liechty D. Sabbatarianism in the Sixteenth Century. Andrews University Press, Berrien Springs (MI), 1993, pp. 61-62).
Some of the Jewish teachers taught that the creation was most likely in the Fall, rather than in the Spring because in Genesis 1:11 when God states, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit”, this would be the Fall, for that is when there is both grass and fruit on trees), that the Feast of Trumpets symbolized the beginning of creation, and hence by, inference, life. The creation was likely in the Fall and various scriptures imply it (though this is not specified verbatim in scripture).


Anonymous said...

Dr. Bob is so confused....I just finished reading his post on the 7yr cycle, jubliee, and the land sabbath, etc...

we don't known if this is THE YEAR or not, so we'll just say that it is and observe it...

look dude, the 7yr cycle is lost and will not be reinstituted until Jesus returns.....picking a year to proclaim is like picking a day to keep the doesn't work that way.

I suspect that many of the COGs want to have a 7yr cycle so they can enforce the 3rd tithe....but that's only a hunch....

Anonymous said...

Actually, there's nothing special about reading the law and tooting on the Sabbath.
All the WCGers I knew used to do that.
Is Boob Thiel hoping he'll have a big "miracle fart" that might blow his book case straight and blow away the sources of his strange off-camera noises?

(As Tom Bosley said in his SMC infomercial, "Hey, it's ok to dream!")

DennisCDiehl said...

Bob should have his own horns to toot. He's good at it.