Saturday, September 21, 2013

David C Pack: "Everyone who has challenged me has either died, been seriously injured or has been eliminated from the work."

David C. Pack has left a trail of destruction in his wake ever since he was made a ministurd.   Lives have literally be destroyed because of this man ever since the late 1980's.  That sick legacy continues to this day with his latest failed prophecies and cover-up to his sick obsession with money.  The fact that people like Dale Schurter and others willingly  turn a blind eye to Dave's disgusting behavior and lies demonstrates how sick the mindset is of some entrenched in Armstrongism can be.  They give up being a follow of Jesus to being a follower of a disturbed little man.

The following is from the Ambassador Report 32, page 1048

David Pack's Reign of Terror

On the night of(4 y/o stabbed by her Mom) Roxanne Elliott's death, one of the last people - probably the very last one - Lois Elliott phoned before the tragedy was WCG minister David Pack, pastor of the Buffalo (North), New York congregation..

Armstrong Follower Held In Murder of Daughter On Sept. 20, 1984, Armstrong follower Lois Marie Elliott of North Tonawanda, New York was charged with second- degree murder. Police say that before dawn that day, the 36-year-old woman stabbed her four year-old daughter to death in the child's bed, knifed herself in the chest, in an apparent suicide attempt, and then telephoned police, saying, "I killed her." Officers dispatched to the scene discovered the pajama-clad body of the little girl, Roxanne Elizabeth, in her own bed. She had already died from multiple stab wounds, mostly to the chest. Mrs. Elliott was found nearby bleeding from a wound to her own chest. (The Buffalo News, Sept. 20, 1984, p. 1 and Sept. 21, p. C- 5.) Elliott was divorced from her WCG-member husband Frederick R. Elliott of Kenmore, New York, and had been living with her widowed mother Olive Baldassara. Mrs. Baldassara was home the night of the tragedy, but was apparently asleep in another room during the attack. 


David Pack's Reign of Terror 

On the night of Roxanne Elliott's death, one of the last people - probably the very last one - Lois Elliott phoned before the tragedy was WCG minister David Pack, pastor of the Buffalo (North), New York congregation.. Exactly what was said, we don't know. At least not yet. That information may well come out should Lois Elliott ever recover sufficiently to stand trial. What is remarkable, however, is how often Pack's name seems to appear in conjunction with tragedies in the WCG. For a number of years now, no WCG minister's name has appeared more often in letters written to the Report complaining of ministerial abuse. 

Pack, a burly 6-foot, 5-inch Ambassador College graduate known locally for his authoritarian style, has so incensed some in his flock that a group have circulated an open letter detailing his abuses and have called for his removal. The letter describes Pack's ministerial leadership as a "Reign of Terror." On the cover page, addressed to WCG headquarters leaders, they wrote: "David's power-crazed quest to totally dominate the mind, body, and spirit of church members has not been done in a corner and has been done clearly in view of all to see at headquarters in Pasadena." 

On the following 13 pages of their letter the allegations about Pack read like a horror story. The authors contend that Pack constantly intimidates members, uses threats and mind-control methods, is given to extreme emotional outbursts, is highly political, believes in winning at all cost, has disfellowshipped members for trivial faults, prescribes diets while "playing M.D.," insists on being addressed as Mr. Pack, enjoys wearing skimpy, skin-tight shorts to sporting events, has actually worn a wolf costume to church socials, enjoys putting down women, and told one married woman with children, "It would be better for you to shack up one night with a man than wear makeup." 

The letter quotes Pack as having said, "Everyone who has challenged me has either died, been seriously injured or has been eliminated from the work." And, "God backs me even if I am wrong." 

On page 7 the authors made this statement to Pack (emphasis ours): Doesn't it bother you that while you were in charge of the Rochester and Syracuse area there were three suicides? One can only wonder why they chose to kill themselves while you were their main advisor in the area. Perhaps you suggested to one or more of them that they would in no way make it into the Kingdom of God.... A statement such as, "You are no longer in the body of Christ," could have caused one to give up and kill himself. The above quote was written well before the Elliott family tragedy. Some who knew little Roxanne and her mother Lois Elliott wonder if it might have been a prophecy.


Byker Bob said...

Most of the things he is quoted as having said could easily have been said by Satan, and nobody would even look askance.

For the safety and well-being of sabbatarian apocalyptic Christians everywhere, this guy seriously needs to get gone.


Anonymous said...

It is the devil working through him. This saddens me very much and I wish him gone too, but I believe God above is testing/proving the people. Not that God needs to find out, he already knows. I think it is giving those people time to see clearly for themselves the lies. Not all will wake up, but some will.

Head Usher said...

The kinds of things that Dave Pack has a penchant for saying sound curiously like the sorts of things a crime boss might say. If the wrong thing befalls the wrong person, Dave may find himself as a "person of interest" in a criminal investigation. I have no idea what Dave is or is not capable of, but I wouldn't put anything past him if it stands between him and the needs of his ego.

Sweetblood777 said...

It is quite obvious to the discerning that Dave Pack does NOT have the Holy Spirit. There is not one example of a true person of Yahweh behaving the way Pack does, but there are examples of Satanic possessed people whose traits Dave demonstrates daily.

How anyone in their right mind can thing that this monster is a man of Yahweh, shows how twisted their thinking has become.

They are like rabbits caught in the head lights of a moving car, too fearful to get out of the way. They must overcome their fears of men and step up for Yahshua.

Anonymous said...

You know, what REALLY pisses me off is that Pack was still passed around to other church areas after a mass exodus in the
Buffalo/Syracuse due to his mania. He was sent to the NYC area to be reined in and that too proved disasterous. I would enter services by another door just to avoid him. When I became pregnant with my 5th baby, he asked me "how did you let this happen? My wife and I have never made a mistake!" Funny, I didn't think babies were a mistake. Thankfully, most of us knew long before about his reputation, so we gave him a wide berth. He did love to snuggle up with a couple of affluential members who didn't. No, most of them are not members anymore either. So disgusted he was allowed to wreak havoc instead of just giving him the boot. But then, the WCG would have had to admit their mistake.

Anonymous said...

This guy should be prescribed Ablixa!
No seriously he needs to get help!
And anyone associated with this nutjob need to open a can of cement, toughen up and not walk, but RUN the other way!!!
I swear he'll look great in your rearview mirror!!!

Corky said...

Sweeblood, I'm quite sure no one has "the holy spirit". I've never seen anybody perform an actual healing or actually speak in an unlearned language or any of the Biblical evidences for possessing the holy spirit.

I have, on the other hand, seen an awful lot of pretending and lying about it. A lot of people pretending to know things they don't know - that's the true definition of a church.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

Definitely Satan at work in this man and also Gerald Flurry and some of the Philadelphia Church of God ministers...namely Brian Davis for one. They are EVIL and are NO HELP in time of need. They are SICK BASTARDS!!

Anonymous said...

1Ti 4:1
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

1Ti 4:2
Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;