Friday, September 13, 2013

David C. Pack: My god Is Going To Completely DESTROY the Splinters Leaving NOTHING Remaining

Davey's loving god is getting really pissed.  He is gathering his armies to utterly destroy the remnant Churches of God that refuse to come over to Dave's side.

The COG members in the splinter groups are in bondage.  Only by coming to Dave's cult can they gain eternal life.

Next understand that—time and again—by God’s design (don’t miss this in the growing parallel!), God refused to allow Pharaoh to let His people go. God wanted their release to come on His timing, and to show His power. Today, God is not just going to deliver spiritual Israel from the “Egyptian” leaders under whom they serve. He wants to completely destroy the Egypt around them—to eliminate the place of bondage that now holds them. Yes, God will bring His people out of the splinters, but at the same time He will destroy the splinter organizations around them, leaving nothing remaining. The reader would do well to study the entire book of Exodus to examine the whole process at work for parallels, remembering that God in Haggai points you to this book.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Dave is fearing a mass exodus due to his failed prophecies (for which the bible says he deserves to die) and he wants to keep people in line by scaring them from going to another COG.

Byker Bob said...

This is just plain Orwellian! One reason people remained in their splinters is the relative freedom they now enjoy, as compared to the bondage experienced by typical RCG members! People are where they are in the various splinters as a result of some serious thinking. They know Dave's reputation and find him unacceptable as a leader. That he says they are under bondage is unbelievable.

Dave claimed that the Holy Spirit would be stirring up people's hearts, a parallel to what happened in Haggai, to inspire them to flock to RCG on August 31. It never happened! There is no evidence that anyone even considered switching to RCG, although lookie loos fascinated with an obvious train wreck did cause a minor spike on his website. Since there was no stirring, all of Dave's threats and interpretations are meaningless. Nobody needs to fear, believe, or worry about anything the man says coming to pass. The only spontaneous combustion was when his pants caught fire.


Anonymous said...

ain't skeered.

Joe Moeller said...

When we were kids and you were fighting with some other kid, you often heard this "Just you wait, Im going to get my BIG BROTHER and he is going to kick your rear end".

Dave sounds just as mature as those childhood boys in the neighborhood with his ramblings of "my big brother God is going to kick your splinter rear end".

Usually when a kid said such a thing, the guys would usually punch him and say "Well , he aint here now PUSSY!".

Dave, just fess up now... Like most bullies, and you are indeed a bully... YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A BIG PUSSY!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY