Sunday, September 1, 2013

David C Pack: Seriously Thought He Was 100% Certain of the Names of the Three Shepherds That Were Supposed to Die

Bob Thiel, still reeling from the truth that Dave Pack did not name him as one of the three shepherds to die last month, has the following quote from a latter that one of Dave Pack's members sent him.

It is from a sermon Dave gave.  It is easy to see why Pack and Flurry do not want their tapes floating around, especially when they open their mouths and make asinine statements as follows.  Dave public claims he is not a prophet, yet in his sermon he says his message is a prophecy received directly from his god.  Dave should realize by now that his god lied to him!  What a buffoon!

The best part of it all is that Dave's impotent little god lied to him!  Not one single thing his god told him to write in the last 20 some letters to the members came true.  Dave has zero credibility now.

All Brethren United Soon Part 12
How could so many things happen in 24 hours?
Minute 26. Three men die- Elul 24, then everyone makes a decision that day.
Minute 29. Certain things about this prophesy is very complex, others are very simple.
Minute 30. No way everything could happen in one day.
Minute 32. Do you care most how the 3 Shephard’s die?  In their sleep, by fire?
Do you care who they are?
If God tells us then I want to know otherwise it doesn’t matter.
You are going to find out how they die and who they are.
Minute 33. I know their names 100% sure. Don’t want the names out yet. Now I’m certain I know.
Do you care where it happens? I don’t know where it will happen.
I know how they die and who they are. I’m certain.
Minute 34. How about when they die?  They die sooner then we thought.
Do they die together or separately. I know they die together.
Two culminating events. The death of these men is the first. The central point is God is going to bring his people back together/unify his people.


Byker Bob said...

Could this be attributed to a disorder of Dave's corpus callosum?

These quotes are pretty damning evidence! The fact that nothing he predicted, nothing he said he got from God actually happened is indicative of extreme delusion!

Before his timeline expired, one could give him about a 1% benefit of doubt. But, the cuckoo clock has now sounded! And, unlike the proverbial tree falling in the forest, we all heard it.


Head Usher said...

Probably not the corpus callosum. More likely a disorder of the limbic system causing the cingulate gyrus to misfire.

I never gave DCP a 1% chance of being right or any chance nearly so huge as that. I gave him a chance of being right about the size of 1 infinitesimal. As close as it is theoretically possible to be to 0% without actually being 0%.