Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dennis noticing some Waggle in the Wiggle

This ain't Rocket Science Folks...Oops, This is Rocket Science Folks
Space Today Online - Delta 4 and Atlas 5 space rockets
David C Pack's Pre-August 31, 2013 Comments on the simplicity and non-complicated nature of the Haggai Prophecy about Himself and RCG

"God Reveals Secrets

Before continuing we must also grasp something repeated from before. I am neither a prophet nor have I any self-prescribed authority to bring any prophecies. What will be shown is entirely GOD’S prophecy—from HIS WORD—explained and conveyed through the only office He ever uses to bring biblical truth to His Church (Acts 2:42; Eph. 2:20). The Bible warns that “no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation” (II Pet. 1:20). But God does work through His chosen servants. In fact, He never reveals His Plan through anyone else. The many sermons I have given, including much of what you have read and will read, bring GOD’S interpretation of phrases, symbols and terms that He uses, not my private opinions. The reader will find that a crucial part of Zechariah holds powerful keys, but was written in code. But nothing within it is complicated. Each verse has a clear explanation if we just allow the Bible—meaning GOD!—to interpret the meaning through other scriptures. The “code” it is written in becomes easily unlocked."


David C Packs Post August 31, 2013 comments on the complicated and puzzling nature of a the same highly complicated Haggai Prophecy about himself and RCG

"Mr. Armstrong puzzled and puzzled and puzzled over certain much less complicated prophecies. He often said that things he learned came over time—not all right away, or even close in some cases. There are points we learned “late” in what is an enormously complex prophecy. We knew from early on in our pursuit of the truth that this prophecy did not carry with it the kind of time that Mr. Armstrong always had to properly sort through prophecies—ones that, however great in magnitude as we know some are, were simpler to understand."


Byker Bob said...

Since the "problem" can't be God, one would have to conclude that HWA and Dave are not reliable messengers, and that it is not safe to base one's life and salvation on what they say. It is as simple as that.


Douglas Becker said...

God reveals secrets, just not to Armstrongists.