Sunday, September 8, 2013

James Malm: Malmite Women Must Cover Their Hair Even When Studying the Bible

James Malm, Armstrongism's greatest Pharisee and promoter of legalistic bullshit has laid down the law for women in his small personality cult.  Any woman attending the feast in Oregon this year with him will need to cover their heads anytime they are in church, when prayers are said and when studying the Bible.

What is praying and prophesying?

I think we all know what prayer is; and that men are to remove their hats out of respect when someone is praying.  When a woman is praying or is in a service where prayer is being made, she should have her hair and head covered.

A woman can certainly pray without her head covered in emergencies or unexpected situations; but that should be the exception and not the rule.  Further a woman should cover her hair in any planned and formal prayer; such as services and bible studies.   

Malmite women also need to go their husbands for scriptural answers if asked a question by another.  Since the man is all powerful and knowledgeable, the Malmite women must be in submission.  The next thing Malm will ask his women to do is genuflect in front of there husbands and walk three steps behind them.


Head Usher said...

Why does anyone think James Malm's interpretation of scripture is any better than their own? He doesn't claim to be hearing voices from god (yet). Just because he's a squeaky wheel, people are willing to yield their own (better) judgment to this buffoon? Especially when his doctrines are so ludicrous, extreme, and just plain contrary to common sense? I do not understand why ANY woman would pay any heed to this nut after he comes out with such misogynistic dictums.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

James Malm said, "A woman can certainly pray without her head covered in emergencies or unexpected situations; but that should be the exception and not the rule. Further a woman should cover her hair in any planned and formal prayer; such as services and bible studies."

MY COMMENT - What kind of idiots are following this James Malm? He can't be serious, can he?


Douglas Becker said...

Let me guess -- this is 1961, Anthony Fremont has isolated his whole rural community and anyone who disagrees with him is sent off to the corn field, calling the whole thing, "It's a Good Life".

The stuff of nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to become convinced that Malm has departed "Armstrongism" completely and his has completely morphed into something altogether different.

"Malmism" seems to be an extreme form of Pseudo-Judaism covenant-form religion, minus animal sacrifice. Head coverings, new moons, different holy day dates, practices, it's one of the most intense forms of burdening "law-keeping" yet to come out of an Armstrong environment. Sadly, the more he tries at being so good at the law, the more he fails.

Just my personal opinion - It sounds like he's just beginning too, and I don't know how far he'll go with this obsession with Old Testament Law Observance. There's a lot of things in the Torah that go far beyond these things. What will happen when those harder tenets of law are adopted, if they will be adopted?

Anonymous said...

And we all know that it's just a little tweak from saying this to saying, "Any woman who is ZEALOUS for god will cover her head at all times, just on the off chance that an emergency or unexpected situation could arise. God refuses to hear the prayers of a woman whose head isn't covered, even in an emergency!"

Byker Bob said...

These "leaders" are not the types of people we would normally think of as being capable, intelligent, and charismatic and able to be successful in virtually any field of their choosing. They are very limited and could only thrive and succeed in an environment where people's minds have been preconditioned by Armstrongism, or something similar.

Somehow, that never seems to bother them or the people they attract. There is a profile consisting of unusual people who deliberately surround themselves with other unusual people just so they themselves will feel normal. Could well be the case here.


Anonymous said...

Armstrongism people are only "Somebody" people in Armstrongism. Put them out in the real world, or in an environment outside of their box, and an Armstrongite quickly realizes how utterly insignificant he is. Which is one of the things that keeps them in, I think, member and minister alike, even when a false prophet or two lurks around.

Anonymous said...

Malm gained his fame during the COGWA-UCG split. He was the unwitting mouthpiece for the COGWA propaganda effort against UCG and had thousands of readers at one time. He sees himself as some kind of insider, but nearly everything he posts against any of the churches rarely has a shred of evidence. His "fame" has gone to his head, and he now thinks more highly of himself than he ought. But, we can all relax. It is not of God; it will come to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Despite what James Malm teaches, I still have malm, rather qualm that this teacher together with his followers are among the greatest Sabbath as well as clean meat law violators. There should be no fire kindled on the Sabbath Day and absolutely, not even the kitchen and dining utensils should have touched any unclean meat. Either they totally isolate themselves from this present world by buying a remote island somewhere in Iceland or live in one of the inhabited but habitable Pacific Ocean islands assuming there are no cannibalistic bears in Iceland or no cannibalistic ethnic tribes in the Pacific. They should keep themselves from having electricity because tell me, even if you don't kindle fire or open the lights and tv on Sabbath day, the electricity is still running on ref. Maybe they should put off the main electric switch. Then I will be convinced of their sincerity to obey the Bible. Of course, I am still not convinced to join their folly.

Joe Moeller said...

Malm needs a head covering too...

A piece of "Duct Tape" over his mouth!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

I've coined a new expression to describe what James Malm is doing: The bronzing of the New Covenant. Just as Moslems are stuck in the iron age, Malm is constantly attempting to yank everything back into the bronze age.