Tuesday, September 3, 2013

James Malm Set To Reveal Never Before Known Secret Knowledge At Feast This Year

James Malm, Armstrongism's greatest peddler of legalistic bullshit, has announced that he will reveal never before heard new knowledge at his Feast of Tabernacles in Oregon. 

Why is it that almost every single splinter cult leader of Armstrongism has to be the recipient of some "new" hidden knowledge that their god supposedly revealed to them?

 There is not a single thing that Malm has to offer that has not been discussed  and argued over for centuries.  The people that follow Malm as just as stupid as those that follow the liar David C. Pack.  They all deserve each other.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I have been working on the Feast of Trumpets sermon and I can announce that God has revealed much new information about this Feast.   This Feast of Trumpets will be a big advance in understanding from the COG teachings and also from my past presentations.


Head Usher said...

From HWA on down to every other HWA wannabe, they always claim to have access to information that you don't. And it's always stuff you already knew packaged up as though it were something you didn't know and everything else has ALWAYS turned out to be bullshit. HWA was a clown, and Malm is just another clown trying to impersonate that clown.

They promise you a 5-star meal with all the trimmings, and they deliver candy corn.

Mm-mm! I can hardly wait.

And then it's "Send me money so I can keep lying to you!"

Anonymous said...

What Feast???

All the splinters of the WCOG pretend to keep the "Feast", but none do.

The "FOT", as UCG and other splinters keep it is nothing but laughable hogwash, made up by their guru HWA.

Maybe one day these splinterfied folks will read their Bible without a "Herbie in their heads" giving them mindfuck happiness.

Byker Bob said...

Gnosticism. Plain and simple. Good luck getting saved by that!