Monday, September 2, 2013

Michael Venish on the Insidious Man David C. Pack and His Lying Signs and Wonders

Michael Venish has produced an excellent 12 minute video on the insidious liar that is David C Pack.

Venish talks about how Ron Weinland sent Dave a letter a long time ago telling him that he was going to die and how Pack laughed at Ron.  Now Pack is using the exact same message of Weinland to delude his own people.

From Dave's belief that he is a type of Jesus to his outlandish claim that his god was going to kill three Church of God leaders.  

Venish says Pack uses sermons and articles to hook people in like a fisherman reeling a fish.  He wants to make you feel guilty about yourself and your relationship with God.  He wants you to come to him.  Venish says to think about what "spirit" that wants to draw you into him and away from God.

Venish correctly states that it's all about MONEY!

Best of all he pointed calls to task the "ministers" of Dave Pack who stand by and conceal the lies of Dave.  They continue to cover up for his lies.


Anonymous said...

Venish's problem is that he says everything in the context of Armstrongist churches, which presumes that they have any impact or meaning in the world.

There have been thousands of nice, dedicated people in the movement over the years. But the ultimate impact of that movement is practically nil. They produce professional television programs to impress themselves. Same with their magazines, their booklets, their websites, their summer camps, their schools -- you name it. Outside of Armstrongism, few know, or care.

So, in reality, Venish can keep his indignation to himself. It really doesn't matter, outside of perhaps helping more people avoid the COG trap, let along the Dave Pack trap.

Anonymous said...

you are correct in that the impact of the "movement" is practically nil right now....

we are not to change the world at this time, that comes later...

the purpose now is to gather those who will be in the 1st resurrection, so it's no wonder that the message falls largely on deaf ears....only those God is calling can hear.

the day is coming, however, when all will hear.....things will be different then.

Charlie said...

As far as Mr. Venish goes, I have gotten a lot of insight from him on the character of David Pack when I was searching information on the RCG. I am thankful for helping me see the truth of the man Pack. From there I searched and searched and realize now that David C. Pack on one hand is brilliant, but on the other hand he is delusional, mean spirited, self absorbed, power hungry and money hungry, self righteous to the enth degree, and has very little if any compassion and mercy for anyone. I could not imagine David Pack being in charge of ant city in the millennium, the people would not stand a chance if it were left up to him to rule his way, thankfully it won't be his way at all, he is a very scary individual who cares only for himself. That's not judgement, that's discernment.