Monday, September 23, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God Cult Asks Feast Goers "Is Your Body A 5-Star Resort or an Aging Run-down 2-Star Hotel

It should no longer be a surprise to read some of the mind-numbing stupidity coming out of the Philadelphia Church of God.  Most of this idiocy is written by "men" who were trained by Flurry at his cult college.  They have had no real college level education, have no "worldly" experience with interacting with the rest of humanity, and have never worked an honest days work in their entire short lives.  Yet, these are the morons writing the articles, counseling church members and instructing the sheeple on how to be "Christians."

One of Flurry's acolytes, Brad McDonald in his article, "Lessons From Your Tabernacle" has this to say in relation to "temporary dwellings" that COG members are supposed to be in at their "feast."

Lesson 30 of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course (1986) noted this point. “[Our] physical bodies—with all their imperfections, their natural desires, their weaknesses, aches and pains—are meant to last only long enough for them to learn to serve God in this life.” Our physical bodies are simply temporary dwelling places.

The Apostle Peter, nearing the end of his life, said, “shortly I must put off this my tabernacle“—or his physical body (2 Peter 1:14).

“By staying in temporary dwellings each year during the Feast of Tabernacles, God’s people are reminded of this important knowledge. They understand that … they are merely pilgrims in this present life, waiting to inherit the Kingdom of God!” (ibid).

Our bodies are like the hotel rooms we stay in during the Feast. Some people’s bodies could be likened to a five-star resort hotel off the Pacific Coast. Others are more run-down and aged, like a two-star hotel room some might stay in during the Feast.

By staying in temporary booths during the Feast, we are reminded that it doesn’t matter how strong and beautiful, or aged and worn out, our bodies might be: Both are just as temporary!

McDonald then wants to make it clear that you can have a profitable "feast" while staying in a 2-star hotel.

First, our human bodies are not the deciding factor of spiritual success. It is entirely possible to stay in a five-star resort during the Feast and not have a spiritually productive Feast. On the other hand, a person can stay in a leaky tent and still have his or her best Feast ever.

The clueless fools that write this drivel fail to realize that MOST PCG members cannot stay in 5-Star resorts because they are COMMANDED to give most of their income to Gerald Flurry.  The only people staying in these resorts are the elite of Flurrydumb, the 1% of the chruch members and employees.

He contnues with his strange analogy stating that it is what goes on "INSIDE" the aging hotel room (and your body) which is more important.  HOWEVER, if you are fit and healthy chruch member you are MUCH MORE in tune with "godly" things than the sick and poor members.

What goes on inside is what matters. Anyone who has been to the Feast of Tabernacles knows it is the heartfelt prayer, the digestion of the God-inspired messages, the deep meditation, the commitment to serving the other brethren, and the joyous and bonding fellowship that make the Feast successful.

The temporary dwellings we live in during the Feast certainly can facilitate these things, but they do not make it the best Feast ever.

Our human tabernacles can be run-down and beset with all kinds of ailments and pains. Our visage can be like that of a worn-out old tent. But we can still have a powerfully productive and rewarding spiritual life. We could literally be dying physically and still have a spiritual life of the highest quality. It is what is going on mentally and spiritually that determines our spiritual success!

The Apostle Paul said that even though the “outward man,” or physical body, might be perishing, “the inward man is renewed day by day” (2 Corinthians 4:16).

Remember, however, that a fit and healthy body will facilitate a strong and more vibrant relationship with God. Our attitude toward our bodies does indeed reflect our spiritual mindset.


Anonymous said...

Do you think any of the PCG readers will notice that Paul's discussion of his temporary tabernacle DISPROVES the false Armstrongite teaching about the soul?

Corky said...

Anonymous said...

Do you think any of the PCG readers will notice that Paul's discussion of his temporary tabernacle DISPROVES the false Armstrongite teaching about the soul?

No, they won't notice that at all.

Personally, I don't believe in souls and/or disembodied spirits or any spirit beings at all but the Bible definitely says there are.

It doesn't say the soul is immortal though - and it does say that the soul can die and/or be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

My next to last feast spent in Edmond was at a hotel next to a truck stop known in OKC for being a hot bed of 'professional services'. Watching the hookers navigate the hotel parking lot in four inch heels was not exactly my idea of 'millennial'.

I am happy to report that this year is, in fact, my 'best feast ever'. Why? Because I'm not at the feast.

RSK said...

Telling ya, one could compose a very useful (and hilarious) glossary of Armstrongist terminology:

THE WORLD, WORLDLY : Those uninterested/unaware/better educated outside the group. Often pronounced as "the WORRRRRRRRRLD" to enhance the negative connotation.

BELIEVE YOUR BIBLE NOT MEN: Please look up the single scriptures we provide in our literature and agree with us based on those and only those. And if you don't understand the bible at all, refer to HWAs literature to straighten you out.

GET BACK ON TRACK: A command issued to any former or current group member committing the sin of thinking for themselves.

SATAN THE DEVIL: A nefarious entity who gets all the credit for just about anything you may experience or hear of. Sometimes shares credit with NIMROD, occasionally with JOSEPH W. TKACH.

THE TRUTH: Is what we say it is. Not synonymous with FACT.

GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER: Employed shortly before offeratories in hopes of somebody digging out that last ten dollar bill.

LAODICEANS: Used in similar manner to "THE WORLD", but refers to church members of the WCG parent group (GCI) or any splinter group except our own.

JESUS: Oh, ugh.

(There are many more)

Anonymous said...

Some RCG members are staying at Destin, Fl(Hilton Sandestin Beach a golf Resort & Spa). For what purpose? I don't think this is how it's supposed to be.

Byker Bob said...

While I was at Ambassador College, each year we had an evening in the student center where the five star experience was simulated. As various foods and beverages were served, Dibar Apartian gave a running commentary as to how to observe proper etiquette. I guess he was AC's version of Henry Higgins, and the idea was to impart a sense of culture to each of us, such that we could literally dine with kings and other dignitaries, transparently, as if we too belonged within their circle.

I have to be honest here. Of all the cultural situations that have presented themselves over the years since, I most enjoyed the Laughlin Harley run, with lots of bikers, chili, beer, and rock n roll. I have nothing against the wealthy and the privileged, but when it comes right down to it, all of this high culture is a real chore. Make mine with the common man. If someone thinks less of me for using the wrong fork for the particular meal course, I'm probably not going to be able to relate to them anyway.


Britain W. Stevenson said...

All I ever noticed at the PCG Feast of Tabernacles were a bunch of goofballs run-a-muck. This was the time of year they all let loose and showed their true colors.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

I was always on the verge of poverty after Brian Davis, a Regional Director, screwed my divorce up and I was paying my X child support but my child was living with me. How stupid can it get. Reeeeeeely stupider, leave it up to those compound shut-in asshole ministers at >"headquarters".

Britain W. Stevenson said...

I want all my tithes and offerings back, thank ya!

Byker Bob said...

Doesn't sound as if there are many MENSA members amongst Flurry's ministry there, Britain.

Hope you are recovering from the costly divorce. I bet if you were still attending, they'd expect all of your tithes right off the top.


Britain W. Stevenson said...

HA1 Here's a story... About a year before I was disfellowshipped for the FINAL TIME. This was after I was suspended but before that "secretly disfellowshipped", (but later was told I was not by an attorney), by a so called Regional Director BRIAN DAVIS of the PCG Clan...anyway, I believe it was the feast of trumpets. We had to drive to Waco or somewhere. Anywho, in the first place I was STILL trying to recoup after all the horrors I went through during my divorce. Well, in the first place, I really didn't have the gas to get there, nor the offering I was suppose to so freely and cheerfully give...joke), Second place...I was saved by the bell, I guess you could call it...My left side of my face became swollen because I had gotten a tooth infection because I was such an idiot and was giving my money to > "the church". So I called my local minister and told him I wouldn't be there. He sounded disappointed...not because of my health situation,of course... but this is what he told me..."Well, you still have an obligation!"...meaning I still needed to turn in my tithe money. He and a few others in our congregation were always worried everyone else were not giving as much as them...hilarious!!THE END.

EX PCG said...

The PCG is keeping the Feast in Ponte Vedra Beach,FL this year.

This is the first "real" beach site that I know of in their nearly 24 year history.

They are staying at the Marriott at Sawgrass (three diamonds)resort. Very pricey! Those who can't afford it are probably at the Pink Pussycat motel in Jax.