Monday, September 16, 2013

The Mind Boggling, Global Girding Work of David Hulme, Eat Your Heart Out Dave Pack!

One would get the impression from looking at David Hulme's magazine VISION (which no one ever reads) and his really BAD church web site that he has lots and lots of members.

Hulme is like almost all the other COG's out there.  His group is small and insignificant even though it makes this claim that attempts to give the impression it is a huge church.
The Church of God, a nondenominational organization based in Pasadena, California, traces its antecedents to Sabbatarian communities in 17th-century Europe, and before that to the first-century apostolic Church at Jerusalem. Accordingly the Church endeavors to uphold the original practice and teachings of Jesus Christ and His followers. The Church of God has members all around the world and maintains offices in Australia, Germany, the Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

By their own admission they only have around 900 in the United states and about 600 internationally.  I do have to appreciate the fact that Hulme has more members than Dave Pack does!


Anonymous said...

The Churches of God oftentimes make the claim that they can trace their church right back to the Apostles. Even if they could, it is no proof of authenticity. Even in the time of the Apostles there were false teachers (Acts 20:28-30 and those teaching false doctrine (Titus 1:9), Alexander the metalworker (2 Tim 2:14) and of course there were those with big egos (III John 1:9) like Diotrophes.

Anonymous said...

"they only have around 900 in the United states and about 600 internationally"

On the link you gave I counted 910 internationally which did not include the 250 in the UK, plus there were 4 sites in USA with roughly 300 in each. So in total 2360 including about 200 children

Byker Bob said...

It is interesting to observe the differences amongst the various purveyors of Armstrongism. One indicator of pretentiousness can be making sure that someone puts up a Wikipedia page for you which is totally unwarranted based on your significance. Hulme has none. Another is the misappropriation of Biblical titles, such as "apostle" or "prophet". Hulme seems to have avoided that. Then there is the brashness element, the ridiculous and outrageous statements, which are also amongst the missing in his style.

Excepting the fact that he does preach Armstrongism, he seems a bit more balanced and non-self-centered in his approach than some of the other exemplars of that faith.


Corky said...

Just because they call themselves "churches of god" doesn't mean that they are the original churches of the bible. A registered corporate name means nothing...a trademark, perhaps, but nothing to prove what they say they are.

Besides, we all know that the WCG was nothing more than HWA getting booted from the "church of god 7th day" for teaching his blasphemous British Israelism nonsense.

As far back as the splinter groups can be dated is the Adventist movements of the pre-millennialists in the 18th century. That's it. If you go any further's split off from mainstream protestant churches which separated from the RCC.

The RCC of the 4th century cannot be connected to any of the first century Christians because, before then, Christianity was a religion so divided that no one has ever been able to make head or tail of.

Anonymous said...

Corky, I would classify the Armstrong-era WCG as a Protestant denomination.
(Although, it may be to the chagrin of adherents to HWA's interpretation of the Bible, and also those who would like to believe that Christianity is a cohesive entity.)

Anonymous said...