Sunday, September 1, 2013

William Dankenbring: Keeping Racism Alive and Well In Armstrongism

Various Church of God folk love to claim that the COG was never racist in its teachings.  The Church, according to them, was one great racial melting-pot ShangriLa.  Yet, Flurry, Craig White, and others still promote the key racist ideology of Armstrongism that is British Israelism, as does William Dankenbring.  Dankenbring takes the silly teaching steps deeper into its true elements, that of racial superiority.   Dankenbring is still of the old-school WCG here it taught that in the end times blacks and women would rule over whites (the chosen race.)

I don't care what your thoughts are on Obama, Dankenbring's article is racist to the core, AND it is not an isolated case in the Church of God.

From:  Will the Antichrist Be Born of a Harlot?
Says Alexander Hislop,
 “Now Nimrod, as the son of Cush, was black, in other words, was a negro, ‘Can the Ethiopian change  his skin?’ is in the original, ‘Can the Cushite’ do so? Keeping this, then, in mind, it will be seen that in that figure disentombed from Nineveh . . . ‘the seed of the prophet Cush,’ and the real original of the black Adversary of mankind, with horns and hoofs” (p.34). 

Stanley Ann Dunham 

Now let us skip over to the present day and age – the end of this age of mankind. Today, we see another “Nimrod”—the name in Hebrew comes from a root marad, meaning “he rebelled”-bestriding the earth, the leader of  the world’s single last superpower, end-time “Babylon the Great.” He is also leading the world in rebellion against the God of heaven. 

He is also a black man. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. His white mother was Stanley Ann Dunham, a young teenager at the time of his conception. Was his mother, like that of the original Nimrod, also a “whore”? 

Lawyer Stephen Pidgeon, in his riveting book The Obama Error, states unequivocally: “Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, was the daughter of two members of the Communist party, and there is  reason to believe that her father had betrayed the US during WWII by selling B-29 plans to the Germans. The family hatedthe US, but lived here for the prosperity of it all. . . . 

“As a teen, Stanley Ann was a progressive  Marxist, who preferred men of color and men who were most certainly Muslim” (p.11). 

Pidgeon declares, “Stanley Ann was also  promiscuous. She posed nude for some cheap publisher of cheap pornography around 1959 (at the age of 16) and these photos have survived to this day. The photos are not relevant; the fact that she was willing to pose gives you some idea of her mindset at that time” (ibid.). 

Notice! Obama’s mother was a Marxist. She was promiscuous (another way of saying she was a “whore,” having many male companions. And she favored black men, and Muslim men!


Byker Bob said...

And of course Bill continues to rely on their beloved Alexander Hislop, whose research was based on ancient pagan mythologies of the region, coupled with speculation that Nimrod was actually Ninus. Hislop wrote in the period of time right before there emerged a better understanding of cuneiform writing, which resulted in a more complete and more accurate understanding of Babylonian and Assyrian history. No legitimate historian considers Hislop to be a reliable source of information. He has been totally debunked and discredited.

The usage of Hislop's "The Two Babylons" did much more damage in the WCG than simply justifying anti-Catholic, and anti-Black bigotry. His methodology was actually used as a blueprint or pattern for research. That influence is what tainted all of the pseudo-research compiled and used to support many major tenets of Armstrongism. It is just as unlikely that any of the splinters will acknowledge and correct this as it is that they will correct British Israelism.


Anonymous said...

Conservatism gets a bad rap on being racisist in nature. However I agree that the wcg was racist in that it did promote the idea that whites where suppirior to blacks. I believe that Mr. Obama is a bad president not because of his race but because his far left agenda is distroying this nations wealth and liberties. This is similar in some ways to what the wcg did to us.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I worked closely with Dankenbring and was pretty well acquainted with him. He's a strange kind of guy and quirky from my experiences. He obviously is still very mentally mixed up. I've visited his website a few times just out of curiosity. Nothing really surprising there. Just the same old deranged cultic approach many of us were lucky enough to be able to cast aside.

Anonymous said...

Fact is that the apostle John said in the book of Revelation chapter four that God has the appearance of a Jasper or Sardine (Carnelian) stone, and the only colors that they both have in common is reddish brown.

So God must look like a native american, or a person from India, or a negro.

Michael said...

Anonymous wrote:
"I agree that the wcg was racist"

Hard to argue with that especially with the iron-clad rules against "interracial marriage". The rationalization was that "God created the races to be separate", which is so much nonsense. Our species variety exists largely because of all kinds of interbreeding (and some indications of possible crossbreeding with Neanderthals). But the good stewards at Hall of Ad had their pigeonholes that had to be filled.
I remember at Pasadena, a very nice fellow student from Thailand, had a total of 2 coeds he was allowed to date. If you were defined from above as being "black", you had perhaps a dozen. (If you were mixed, a decision would be made from above based on how you looked to *them*, and your dating options would be defined accordingly.) For those poor souls from Sri Lanka, for example, whom the Administration could not easily pigeonhole as black or asian, you might have had at most one, or no options. This from a student body of hundreds of the opposite sex, mind you.
If that isn't racist, then racism has no meaning.

Lane Porcini said...

Yes, God could be a Commanche indian for all we know!

Alexander Hislop relied on ancient writings and the ancients were mentally disturbed at best and never got anything right. They worshiped many gods like xians do today, all that 3 in one oil stuff.
But yeah, modern man understands stuff the ancients just were clueless about.

Anonymous said...

BB (or anybody?) can you recommend any book(s) that totally debunks Hislop's 2 Babylons?

Anonymous said...

Are there any splinters of HWA's WCG that have come out and admitted that BI has been dis-proven?

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous 6:02:

As a basic primer, pertinent Wikipedia articles on Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, Nimrod, and Semiramis are a good start.

Then, I would recommend Ralph Woodrow's " The Babylon Connection?". Woodrow had once been a staunch proponent of Hislop's theories. In fact, his original book on the subject mirrored and expanded on them. Years later, he began to realize that they were based on myth rather than on solid history, and that Hislop's research methodology was deeply flawed. Unwarranted leaps, and in some cases, Hislop simply made things up.

As a general comment, I've found that most deeply embedded ACOG members can sometimes read anything which tends to counter their beliefs hostiley. Obviously, I am not familiar with your particular situation or frame of mind, but I would recommend to anybody that is reexamining topics such as this to shift their minds into a neutral, objective state. That can often be difficult.

Good reading!

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous 6:39:

To my knowledge, none of the splinters admit this. The closest I got to it was an admission from the GTA Evangelistic Association that "It is not necessary to believe in British Israelism to get into the Kingdom."

There seems to be an automatic rejection factor in many people's minds towards anything written on theology or beliefs by any author who "doesn't even keep the sabbath!" There is also a certain lack of trust in science.


RSK said...

Except for "Satan the devil", Nimrod got way more credit for things in WCG than probably anybody else :)

Anonymous said...

William Dankenbring and his followers are all for interracial marriage; what more do you freaks want?

Anonymous said...

BI is not nearly as racist as this blog lets on. Most COG people are not the slightest bit racist.

Byker Bob said...

Why don't you start by defining "freaks" there Anonymous?


Redfox712 said...

There is a deep stain of racism within Armstrongism. The fact that HWA banned inter-racial marriage is simply the most blatant example of it within the COGs, as he stated in Mystery of the Ages.

Just recently PCG's Joel Hilliker wrote an article claiming that "devastating racial violence" is "about to flood America".

His article was about just one African American extremist who happens to be employed by the government but he uses him to claim some sort of race war is about to come.

He made no mention of the historical injustices that African Americans have to live with or that a lot of racial violence is inflicted by white racists, even today.