Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beware of Exploding Trucks and Vans Says COG Prophet

God's greatest prophet alive, and NO it is not David C. Pack, has declared that there will be a truck or van that will explode.  Given that this is almost a daily occurrence in Iraq and Afghanistan, this prophecy is sure to hit the mark sooner or later.

That prophet is E. W. King.  He relates how he had another nightmare last week that all TRUE Christians must be on the lookout for exploding trucks and vans.  Gasoline was also involved so beware of stray gas cans, gas stations and tanker trucks.

Truck or van blows up?

Mr. E.W King had a dream [on Oct 20,2013] that a van or truck had blown up and there was a short notice before it happened. The dream had many people running. Be careful out there. It appeared to involve gasoline. In the dream there was people running telling others to run.


Corky said...

I dreamed a dream of days gone by...

Oh yeah, dreams mean something prophetic...always. You know, like in the book of Daniel where poor ole Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a big statue...that is, after Daniel told him that was what he dreamed. Who'd a thought it, ole Neb didn't even know what he dreamed until Daniel told him.

And, of course, it only makes good sense that a gentile king have the prophetic dream instead of a prophet like Daniel. Especially if the book was written in about 164 BCE instead of during the time of the Babylonian exile. Yep, that establishes that Daniel lived during the time of the dreamer, ole Neb, and accurately prophesied the death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 164 BCE.

I'm sure most believers won't get that it was impossible for the book of Daniel to have been written any earlier but that's the way it is in fantasyland.

Prophesy is prophecy, right? And, if it doesn't come to pass when it should have it eventually will and the law of prophecy is thwarted and the prophet doesn't have to be killed when it doesn't.

Byker Bob said...

Problem is, the explosion taking place is the method by which you find out that you are in the presence of an exploding van. King should go to the Middle East to interview people who deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis. All he is doing is scaring people, because there are no preventative measures Joe Citizen can take. Last week, a couple lit a candle in their home several miles from my neighborhood, and their house exploded. Apparently, they failed to realize that they had a natural gas leak resulting from some ongoing home repairs. They survived, but were badly burned. I just hope they will be OK, because this did not happen to them as a result of trying to hurt others.


Anonymous said...

I have prophesied that the sun will rise in the morning. I have been doing this for 10 years. There are 365 days in a year. I have been right 3650 times in a row. NEVER A MISS.

I AM so amazing that I declare myself to be God and you, puny earthling, must worship me!!!

Anonymous said...

Does E.W King have a following?
Or a church with real people who attend, and if so, what's it's name?
Not that I'd want to join! I am curious, though, and the posts I read about him here indicate he's extremely delusional.

Anonymous said...

Last night, I dreamed I was getting it on with a captivating young blond. I therefore predict that a young blond somewhere in North America will have sex in the NEXT 24 HOURS!!

Me = 100% accurate prophet. Message me for an address to send your tithes!