Friday, October 11, 2013

David C Pack: Will The Great COG Reunification Happen On April 1?

Dave writes:

The next four dates are all mentioned in Haggai, and are according to the civil Persian calendar based on Darius’ reign. The reader will have to recall all that has been explained about the crucial meanings of each of these dates. For now, we are merely clarifying when they would be in our calendar—the general time of year that God had in mind.

Haggai 1:1 records the third overall date—the first day of the sixth month. This would be early March our time.

The fourth date is in Haggai 1:15—the 24th day of the sixth month. It describes the people coming to work in God’s House. Again, this would be about April 1 in our calendar.

The fifth date is in Haggai 2:1—the 21st day of the seventh month—and would be late in April. We originally thought this was the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, but it would be more like right after Passover.

The sixth date is in Haggai 2:10—the 24th day of the ninth month—and continues through Haggai 2. This would be the equivalent of late July.

How convenient.  The great reunification is an April Fool's joke!

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Anonymous said...

All his dates are incorrect. Any future dates that he promotes will also be incorrect. Pack is grasping at straws hoping people will forget his great disappointment. He is a false prophet and a false apostle and a false minister.

Nemesis of Pack