Thursday, October 10, 2013

J. R. R. Tolkien Books and Disney Are An Abomination and Should Not Be Touched!

Dingy Malm now hates Tolkien and The Lord of Rings.  If you go to see the new Lord of the Rings this December you will be cavorting with demons and committing an abomination.  Even touching the books will bring demonic possession, so DON'T TOUCH!

The fact that an acolyte felt the need to ask such a ridiculous question shows the extend these people have prostituted themselves to the mindless rantings of Malm and his perverted take on the law.

An acolyte asks:
20:27 A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.

James, what is your opinion on JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit” series? There are many fans of this series within the COG’s. The themes throughout are admittedly of high moral value and Christian symbolism/allegory. I even know at one WFW a few years ago, a minister did a seminar on the LOTR and the lessons we can gain from it. Good and evil are clearly defined by Tolkein, and all things immoral are condemned. But unfortunately, one of the main characters is a wizard. There are also many “magical” elements to the stories. I personally have wondered about this, and with the new Hobbit film coming out in December, I know many COG members are planning to go see it. Are you familiar with this series, and do you think it is acceptable for converted Christians to read the books and watch the films?
 Debbie Downer then repsondsL
Disney and others have filled the modern media with grotesque evil, presented in an entertaining and interesting exciting manner. Tolkien like harry potter makes evil to appear good and attractive, by adding it to elements of good; to create a mix that makes the evil look good. This is a great deception and a great evil; it is evil clothed as something good. 

This is an abomination to God and should be avoided and not touched. The COG Groups today are so far divorced from sound doctrine and so immersed in such evil that they cannot discern between good and evil the clean and unclean, the holy and the profane.

This is witchcraft pure and simple and should be avoided for the evil it is.

These things and those involved and taking them into their minds are an abomination to God and should immediately repent. James


Anonymous said...

Going by the pictures posted earlier, I'm quite relieved that this lunatic's followers all appear way too old to have children.

Anonymous said...

Good and evil are clearly defined by Tolkein, and all things immoral are condemned. But unfortunately, one of the main characters is a wizard.

I hope nobody in Malm's group learned any of their science from television's Mr. Wizard!

Mr. Wizard at work

Byker Bob said...

Uh, Mr. Malm??? Shouldn't you be off somewhere worshipping a moon???

Somebody ought to do a TV show similar to "Monk", only centered on an obsessive-compulsive, grace-challenged dude in San Francisco acting as a spiritual consultant while attempting to be reinstated as a minister. Obviously, it would have to be called "Malm". We should call the Crouches to see if they are interested in a sitcom about someone living in New Covenant times, but finding himself miserable because he was born in the wrong era.


Anonymous said...

(shrug) Its as insane as usual. But why did someone even ask him? I mean, of all pressing things...

Head Usher said...

I am sure that in Malm's dank, twisted, poisoned little mind there is no media production from network & cable television to PBS to BBC, from documentary to Hollywood movie that is not "contaminated" with satan's fingerprints everywhere. I am sure there is nothing to listen to on the radio either. Everything from classical to country to rock'n'roll to talk radio is all contaminated too. There's nothing to read either. There's no website you can visit. It's all contaminated by satan! SATAN! He's EVERYWHERE! Do you hear me? He's f*****g EVERYWHERE! OMG!!! There's nothing to do! There's nowhere to run! We're all trapped like rats in a haunted barn, with nothing to do but eat pears and Edam cheese and try to stay hidden all the time! OMFG!!!

If HWA had one thing right, it was the bit from 2 Timothy 1:17 about not being afraid of everything, but having a sound mind. Not that HWA actually helped anyone to have a sound mind, but at least he paid it lipservice. Everything Chairman Malm says encourages all to cower in fear of the all-pervasive dominion of the Dark Lord. If I didn't know better, I'd say Malm is getting more and more Gollum-like, and perhaps he has a ring of power in his possession that's been poisoning his mind. Hopefully it doesn't give him unnatural long life.

James said...

is an abomination to God and should be avoided and not touched."

I agree!

Anonymous said...

By the sounds of it this Malm fellow would've made a terrific Torquemada! He'd probably burn everyone at the stake that was associated in some measure or form with this movie!