Sunday, January 5, 2014

David Hulme Says Demons Behind His Current Church Problems

David Hulme has been quick to accuse Satan and the demons for causing the current massive upheaval in his splinter group.  That is the standard fallback to label anyone with who dares to question standard procedures.

Here is the letter from the new splinter group from Dave's chruch, who met recently here in Pasadena to chart a new path away from the authoritarian dominion of Davie Hulme.

Day 3: January 3, 2014 - Conference Conclusion


Dear David,

This letter is being presented to you in all sincerity.

Following our meeting on Tuesday, December 24th, you suggested some additional time for each of us to see what God would have us do in order to move forward. Since you had not initially accepted two vital issues we presented to you to begin the process of reconciliation—the marriage/family model of God’s government and a ministerial conference—we felt it necessary to explore both aspects to ascertain if God's will was with either or both.

To this end, an Acts 15-style conference was convened for pastors who embraced these components and wanted to “test the spirits” (1 John 4:1). You indicated that a different spirit was the motivation for those not in agreement with you and we wanted to know if that was the case.

The conference, held over four days, was inspiring and humbling. All present felt that God’s Spirit inspired an amazing oneness and unity. It truly was an Acts 15 experience. Our initial doubts were quickly allayed as we witnessed the positive lead of God’s Spirit. It provided a real learning experience for all of us.

We regret that you were not able to attend and be part of the process—though we did make the request for you to attend. So, in the continuation of the spirit of reconciliation, we present this report to you for your earnest consideration. We believe it represents a way forward that is godly and will receive God’s blessing.

As you know, we requested a follow-up session to our December 24th meeting for this coming Sunday, January 5th. Our request still stands for such a meeting to explore reconciliation as well as to review the results of the conference.

We implore you to let us join together in caring for God’s people and preparing the way ahead of Christ’s return. No doubt you will agree that the members of God’s family deserve no less than our best efforts toward reconciliation and seeking the Father’s will.

Brian Orchard
Ted Budge


Byker Bob said...

We get to watch and listen to yet another version of the same stereotype. Gotta feel sorry for the little people, because this is uprooting their entire worlds.


Michael said...

This is indeed uprooting their entire world (for the nth time, of course).

and you always find this: "The conference, held over four days, was inspiring and humbling. All present felt that God’s Spirit inspired an amazing oneness and unity."

Yes, of course, the outgoing rebels are going to be in "oneness and unity", about the need to leave. Then give it a few years, and once the common enemy is gone, people will have their own ideas about how to run things, and this is how we get yet another split. And the cycle continues...

Only problem is, it's a shrinking pie, so unlike dividing cells, each successive split becomes smaller and smaller...

Anonymous said...

there has been a lot of twisting, misrepresentation, and deciet coming from them.

it has been a bizarre experience talking with some of those involved in the split, ministers who were once greatly respected.

they were either very good actors, or something has popped in their heads.

COGAIC will be a much stronger organization now.

I feel great sadness for the ones who were overcome by the confusion created by those splitting away, and followed them. I hope they see through it soon.