Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did Satan Kill Elvis In Order To Divert Attention Away From Herbert Armstrong's Resurrection

Only in Armstrongism can someone be this incredibly abusrd................

About a year before,on 16 August 1977 Herbert W Armstrong temporarily died  due to heart failure--but was resuscitated.  Dr Roy McCarthy (an experienced medical doctor, former mayor, and sometime Regional Director of the WCG in Holland and South Africa) told Gerald Waterhouse that there was no medical record of anyone as old recovering to the extent Mr Armstrong did. In other words, this was a miracle. Satan also tried to hide the significance of what God did this day.

It was the day of the huge media blitz announcing the death of Elvis Presley (“the King”), which preoccupied the attention of the world.  The subsequent reported sightings of Elvis being still alive, or back from the dead, seem to be a surreal counterfeit of what actually happened to the descendant of Royal King David, --the endtime Elijah, Herbert W Armstrong--on the same day.

Geoff Neislon


Redfox712 said...

Roderick C. Meredith said pretty much the same thing regarding a gun massacre on April 27, 1979, in which two women were murdered.

He said:

"Probably you have all read about the gunman who shot two women [Amelia Castillo and Ida Dollard], injured fifty people ... back in San Antonio -- right near the site of our campaign this Friday night! [May 4.] It almost appear that Satan is up to his old tricks again -- trying to discourage people or hinder them from wanting to come out for such a meeting!" (Pastor's Report, April 30, 1979, p. 2.)

You can read all about it here:


Byker Bob said...

What happens in medical journals has a longer shelf-life, and greater implications than what happens in the life of an iconic pop star. Had there been anything special, anything miraculous and beneficial to humanity about the medical experiences of HWA (which according to his own doctrines show that at the end of his life he was actually trusting "sorcerers"), it would have kept until after the furor and frenzy of Elvis's death.

The levels on which this Neilson speculation are ridiculous are simply overwhelming.