Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thin Skinned Bob Strikes Back (Video Back)

Poor Bob Thiel.  He cannot take criticism from anyone without having to publicly correct it.  Every time he does so he makes himself look nore foolish.

For several years now James Malm has been pointing out to his readers that Theil's enormous preoccupation with "pagan" and Catholic prophecies is taking priority over getting the "gospel" out.  Thiel's entire message is based upon his Mayan prophecies and those of the Catholics.  He has written several books on these topics.

With in the first 40 seconds of the following video Thiel has to whine about James Malm picking on him. 

Bob, I think you need to stop attending the Steven Gilbreath School of hand waving. It's really distracting from your message.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Who is the prophet of the Tardis era!


James said...

I can see Bob is a fan of yours. The video has been removed