Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tom Munson Comments About His Letter To David C Pack

I wrote that letter in September of 2000. I must give Dave Pack some of the credit for the fact that I no longer hold on to what was then sincerely held beliefs. One benefit from my experiences with Pack is that my children have been spared having to be raised in a fear inducing religion. They are happy, intelligent, law abiding, caring individuals who have empathy for others. I am proud of them!

I have never in my life encountered someone as despicable as Pack. Hopefully never will again. He takes sincere people and uses them up, and spits them out, without a shred of concern about how he destroys peoples lives. I feel sorry for those he has convinced to liquidate their savings and pull big triggers and send it all in to him. He is all about money, always has been, always will be. Money appears to be his God.

It is very telling that he demands that his contributors have absolutely no say in how he spends their money. I would bet that it is safe to say that he still uses only a fraction of third tithe he collects from trusting contributors in a manner that they would approve of!

I have since recovered from my interactions with him, and rarely give him much thought. I am sure he thinks of me a hundred times more than I ever think of him. Looking at his web site I see he mentions me without naming me, and tries to defame me through innuendo. He apparently can't help himself. He is too egotistical.

I see how he has declared himself an Apostle, and see the failed prophesy that he made last fall. He can add false Apostle and false prophet to his resume now! I wonder what entertaining wackiness his mind will come up with next?

Thomas Munson


James said...

Are you involved in armstrongism in any way?

Tell us just a few thing's that have changed since you left the grand poobahs cult.

Byker Bob said...

Thanks, Tom. Without a doubt, your posting of this information will accomplish some good.

Do you know what ever might have happened to the other party involved in this, Don Tiger?


Anonymous said...

"(That Mr. Armstrong's long-time, professed-to-be-loyal assistant leads UCG's charade and no one calls him on it is appalling. But none can confront when they are pushing from behind.)"--From DCP's JAN. 16, 2014 letter

That DCP's August 31, 2013 prophetic guess totally failed and none of the deceived, robbed, impoverished, gutless, emasculated wimps in the RCG dares to call him on it is kind of appalling too.

But no RCG victims can question it at all when they fear that DCP might start to yell and spit and rage at them.

Anonymous said...

Q: Are you involved in armstrongism in any way?

A: Yes, yes I am. I am the self appointed Apostle, Pastor General, Prophet and CEO of the Garden Of Eden... I mean Garden Of Nudists Church Of God! The fruit here is absolutely amazing, delicious too, and will cause you to gyrate in your seats, towels are mandatory, of course.

I am not making a prediction at all, but Jesus, I mean Christ has revealed that the timing is NOW for everyone to be reunited at The Garden of Nudists Church of God compound located here in sunny Florida. It is where God has placed his name and all that.

In God we trust, all others must pay their three tithes in cash. Actually, sell everything, and just send it all in. You really won't need it once you die anyway, and we are needing it now. We have plans to expand our gardens and our volleyball courts too.

I know that there are those who are unconverted out there who will mock our Church and how we live in harmony as God intended, but that is because they are lukewarm at best. If they were here with us on the sunny beach they would definitely be hot! Some get so hot for the Church that we must send them into the shade for some ice cold lemonade. But never lukewarm lemonade, that would be Laodicean.

We have had documented incredible growth of hits on the net. Just yesterday, volleyballs hitting the net increased by a whopping 5o% over the previous day. Don't get me wrong, massive increases like that tend to level out the next day at about 30% before we see another massive increase in hits again. Proof that God is pleased with the work, and the play that we do here at the Garden of Nudists Church of God!

There is so many more inspiring statistics that I could share, but won't. I will just promise you that I will share them sometime in the future, and hope that you will forget about it eventually.

Until next time...

Thomas Munson

Anonymous said...

Q: Do you know what ever might have happened to the other party involved in this, Don Tiger?

A: No, but I wish him well in whatever he is doing. He too was conned by Pack. I knew him as a sincere person dedicated to what he believed in.

Thomas Munson

Anonymous said...

Lol, Tom!
A friend I grew up with went to AC Pasadena and quit in less than one week, and got naked and now lives in Hawaii.

The crazy thing is, he was so gung-ho on "the church" and all it represented, but it apparently only took a few days at Ambassador College's Pasadena campus to majorly "un-gung-ho" him.

Anonymous said...

"I'm movin to Florida!"

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Tom Munson,

As Pastor General, Apostle and Grand Pooh Bah of The Lake of Fire Church of God, I would like to extend an invitation to you and the Garden Of Nudists Church Of God to come fellowship with us in a combined Super Sabbath Services. Our combined Church services would be red hot and we would hear spiritual meat in due season preaching the bare plain truth. We might even show the Garner Ted Armstrong/Sue Robertson massage parlor sex video tape to get the bare facts about today's news in bible prophecy, and the prophecies on the wonderful naked World of Tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


as a genuine nudist in the COG I can't catch my breath from laughing.

this is great!