Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Emasculated, Gutless, Impoverished Wimps In the Restored Church of God "Ministry"

A reader here commented on the thread about David C Pack the other day.

He makes a valid point:

That DCP's August 31, 2013 prophetic guess totally failed and none of the deceived, robbed, impoverished, gutless, emasculated wimps in the RCG dares to call him on it is kind of appalling too.

These "16" that David C Pack constantly talks about as his loyal group of ministers who are helping forge the "Great Reunification" know for a fact that Dave lied to them by the end of October of 2013.  Yet these impoverished men still fornicate with Dave's so called ministry.  They have literally whored themselves out to a false prophet and documented liar.  Its more important to start an agricultural program or get a pay check than it is to have a set of balls and to take a stand against one of the sickest and most abusive Armstrongite splinter groups yet.

How these men can justify sitting there week after week watching the members being treated they way they are and do nothing about it is disgusting.  They truly are EMASCULATED, GUTLESS, and IMPOVERISHED WIMPS!


Anonymous said...

I would also question why the emasculated, gutless wimps in all the other COG's never publicly denounce this moron! Why they keep covering up for the guy I do not understand.

Anonymous said...

"The Emasculated, Gutless, Impoverished Wimps In the Restored Church of God 'Ministry'"

Some bars require patrons to leave their guns at home.

Some cults require members to cut off their balls and leave them at home.

EX RCG said...

The "ministers" in RCG probably got raises to keep them quiet.