Monday, February 10, 2014

James Malm: Is It Wrong For Married Couples To Remain Clothed at Home?

James says:

Let us think a little here! Ask yourself if it s natural for a married couple to cover themselves when alone together?  Is it not more likely that they are quick to try and uncover and make naked their lover?  

Eve and Adam were not ashamed of seeing each other; does not carnal man love to see the nakedness of others?  They were already one flesh and “knew” one another fully. 


Anonymous said...

To even begin consider questions such as this, you have to have way too much time on your hands. Perhaps he should get a part time job.

Head Usher said...

"Let us think a little here!"

Translation: "Let us think a little about what I direct you to think about (although, NEVER about anything else!)"

And WHY, when he directs people to think, does he direct them to consider such a topic as this? There are so many examples of rigid fundies like Ted Haggard getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar of forbidden fruitcake. Is Malm signaling to us something of what's rattling around in his cookie jar?

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Malm's entire ministry is really directed first and foremost at his own personal demons; that it's a monumental effort to attempt to control his own perverted instincts. Not one bit. The people who accuse the most and preach it from the rooftops the loudest are often the people with the biggest problems.

Joe Moeller said...

Im mailing the latest edition of "Victoria's Secret" to Malm for review.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"Is It Wrong For Married Couples To Remain Clothed at Home?"

Thanks, that question got me laughing first thing this morning!

Is wearing a Snuggie an abomination?
Or, is it OK to wear a Snuggie if it has little images of HWA printed all over it, or does Malm think it's better to have little images of HWA tattooed all over our naked bodies?

Anonymous said...

since when does naked = sexual activity?

does he not know the relaxing joy of sitting in the sunshine nude on a beautiful spring morning enjoying the singing birds and calm morning air? we have wonderful conversations doing just that.

does he feel a need to have sex with his wife every time they are alone???

Anonymous said...

It's below zero degrees Fahrenheit again here outside today, so we have the heat set at 67 degrees indoors to save energy and heating costs.

What does Malm want from us?
That we be naked when we cook a big pot of chicken soup tonight?

I have saggy man-boobs, and my wife has saggy woman-boobs. If we cook while naked they may get burnt in the top of the big pot of chicken soup cooking on the stove!

Will Malm pay for emergency room visits if we follow his advice? Or, will he just tell us to stay away from doctors and to rub some butter or an anointed cloth on our distressed nipples?

Anonymous said...

"does he feel a need to have sex with his wife every time they are alone???"

His actual wife left him. But yes, he probably does feel compelled to make sweet sweet love to his inflatable wife every time they are alone.

Anonymous said...

His actual wife left him.

And he feels qualified and compelled to give unsolicited marriage advice?