Sunday, June 29, 2014

David C Pack's Epic Failure of 2013 Now Being Predicted to Happen August 2014

David C Pack made a complete fool of himself last October when he publicly declared that tens of thousands of current and former members would suddenly come to his personality cult and be joined as one body in the ONLY true Church of God ever to exist in 1,900 years.

Because of that incredibly HUGE embarrassment Pack has been hiding away in Wadsworth trying to restore his bruised and sullied ego.  Try as he might, that huge embarrassment continues to hang over his head.  He gathered around him his loyal 16 and agonized over why his prophecy failed and where he had made a  mistake.

In typical Pack fashion he never made a mistake.  God just changed the time table.

Now word is leaking out that Dave has set his sights on August 2014 as the time of the great reunification.  It had better happen this time because Dave has over extended himself with all his new buildings and projects that the money flow cannot keep up with the demand.

A letter sent to Exit and Support had this to say about the new date:

David Pack Still Predicting a Huge Inrush of Members:
June 26, 2014
I want to let you know that David Pack is still predicting a huge "inrush" of members, when his "unprophecy" about three splinter leaders dying together in fire is fulfilled. All eyes are now on this August, since it didn't happen last year on schedule. August is also when the ministry will gather for their yearly conference. I wonder what "new understanding" will be revealed this year? Will any of the members come back to reality, when the "prophecy which is not really a prophecy" fails again? I'm not holding my breath. --[name withheld]


Byker Bob said...

Well, if he had an ounce if integrity, he would send out a letter saying, "Brethren, I am an asshole, a mofo, and a greedy false prophet. I made up all of that Haggai crap last summer to see if maybe we could get a self-fullfilling prophecy going so we could pay for some of this land and these buildings. This is my letter of repentance, but I fully realize that I have completely disqualified myself from God's ministry. Although I deserve to be thrown into the Lake of Fire, please pray that I be granted mercy."

The problem is, he will not back off or backpedal on this. He will hit it hard as August approaches, and his congregation, just as Weinland's has multiple times already, will suffer another depressing letdown. Train wreck ahead, but happily, more survivors will exit and become free of Armstrongism!


Anonymous said...

The original prophetic scenario that David C. Pack read out of (or maybe just into) Haggai/Zechariah came with an original date guess of August 30/31, 2013.

There were supposedly 24 given reasons + 32 not given reasons = 56 total reasons for that date. However, it turned out that none of these 56 reasons were good enough to make it actually happen.

In his original Special Announcement #28 dated Friday October 11, 2013, David C. Pack explained what had gone wrong with the original date guess. David C. Pack explained that, "In retrospect, it is obvious that God used HIS calendar for Zechariah and the PERSIAN calendar in Haggai to keep the prophecy hidden in code--harder to be understood before its time to be revealed had come" (emphasis his). David C. Pack went on to write that, “This means the temple in Haggai 1:1 is referencing an event in the spring of the year, not late summer or fall. This is the FIRST proof that the prophecy applies to the spring, not the fall. This does not mean we know the exact timing of the prophecy's fulfillment—either the exact day (or the year) in the spring. But there are THREE more powerful PROOFS/INDICATORS that the prophecy is fulfilled in the spring not the fall” (emphasis his).

Of course, if 56 reasons were not enough to make it happen in the fall of 2013, how could a measly four (4!!!!) “powerful PROOFS/INDICATORS” make it happen in the spring of 2014, especially when David C. Pack was careful this time around to say that we do not know “the exact day (or the year).” Of course, it does not appear to have happened in the spring of 2014 either.

The June 26, 2014 letter at the Exit And Support Network claimed that “All eyes are now on this [2014] August, since it didn't happen last year on schedule.”

Now my question is, Why has the prophecy apparently shifted back to a fall fulfillment? I thought that the spring fulfillment scenario sounded better. People should come out of slavery to sin at the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread. Then everyone can have enough time to prepare to observe the Feast of Tabernacles together in the fall.

It would be nice if David C. Pack really were a good guy teaching the truth of God, but, unfortunately, I am personally aware of recent indications that his mind and behavior are taking a seriously bad turn for the worse.

Anonymous said...

You would think there would be a visceral and angry reaction following the failure of these so-called ministers' false prophecy. But there isn't a whimper. Members give them a pass.

I remember back in about 1981, coming back from the motorcycle races down in Mexico, a weekend of hot spicy foods, deviled eggs, shrimp, and Tres Equis beer, my buddy, loudly, angrily and blasphemously demanding to know if I had farted, as in frenzied motions and with missionary zeal he poured industrial deodorant over the dashboard of his truck, all over a little "test fart" gone horribly wrong. My point is, that level of reaction, one would think, would be at the very beginning of the anger scale for reactions to false prophecy, but there isn't even that! Has to be the Stockholm Syndrome, that's about all you can say! They just come back next year for more.

~Miguel de la Rodente

Minimalist said...

Now it makes sense, the present multi-million dollar Building Boom was planned & budgeted before the Prophecy Failure!

Now it's time to pay the bills and interest on the loans!

Can't see how this can survive financially given the actual negative growth - membership attrition.

Minimalist said...

According to this,, HQ staff have been recruited to finish Dave's Grand-Propaganda-Ambassador-like-Gardens-and Landscaping!

If they had adequate funds, one would think they would hire contractors to do this!?

Anonymous said...

I remember when Dave began his prophecy. It was all about how God was directing him and showing him these wonderful nuggets of prophecy wisdom. Then when nothing happened it changed to "we" got it wrong. As if the 16 yes men that surround him can say anything accept we agree 100% Mr. Pack.

Byker Bob said...

In Pasadena, the full time landscape crew often did to the grounds what normally would be contracted out by most large companies. That's probably the model Pack is following.

And, boy! People who want to administer church sanctioned beatings and stonings to their children probably just can't wait for August so they can leave their own splinter and go with Dave! I mean, what Philadelphian ACOGger wouldn't aspire to such lofty, timeless paragons of godly parenting???


old EXPCG hag said...

...hiding away in Wadsworth



Anonymous said...

Many things will happen in August of 2014-
The most memorable will be...
1) After finally taking off his ubertight shorts and noticing there's just a tiny wart where his dick used to be, Davey writes the lead article for The Real Truth, entitled, The Plain Truth about Missing Dimensions in Penises.

2) Davey's weekly video, The World to Come is renamed as, Somebody, Anybody, Please give me your penis! Satan took mine! I have cash and will meet you anywhere! (Must be on ice for transplant.)

3) Davey’s bi-monthly magazine for members, The Pillar, is renamed, My Missing Pillar- Mr Armstrong wants you to kill yourself and donate your penis to me!

4) Davey's bi-monthly magazine for RCG's teenagers, Ambassador Youth, features an article entitled, Visit Your Ambassador Camp Councillor to Determine your Dick's Possible Packification Status.

Anonymous said...

RCG members, I prophesy to you that nothing is going to happen this August either! Maybe Pack is the one to die in a fire. Your government is not of God above, His government/kingdom is not of this world. Why would we need the Savior to come at all and rule? We are to have the Savior as our foundation, but you do not. Your foundation is a man with a pack of lies. Committing adultery, coveting all that his idol had, including his people. Wake up before too late!

Connie Schmidt said...


When you buy into ONE FALSE PROPHECY...


you will get a SECOND FALSE PROPHECY absolutely FOR FREE!... (just add a tithe for handling)


Corky said...

Remember all the reasons why 1972-1975 would be the years of "the Great Tribulation" ending with the return of Jesus, er, I mean Christ in 1975?

We all believed it, right? RIGHT? Okay, so why? It wasn't because it was true though, was it? Believing it didn't make it true either, did it?

Remember what happened after that? They told us that they NEVER set a date like was just because the "world" was speculating about 1975 in magazines and papers. Yeah, NO, they had it figured out from the book of Daniel and so-called prophetic years - 2520 years from the first year of Nebuchadnezzar etc etc. Yeah, they lied! When they said they never said it - THEY LIED!

People actually sat there and listened to this lie at the FoT in 1975 and AGREED with it. Me? Well, I packed up my tent and belongings and family and headed for home on "The Last Great Day" and never went back.

David C Pack's epic failure isn't even a pimple on the ass of HWA's epic failure. And, just to think, that people still believe that crap spewing out of the mouths of the CoG preacher's...unbelievable.

Minimalist said...

Byker Bob said...
In Pasadena, the full time landscape crew often did to the grounds

But what I'm getting from his latest newsflash is the office staff have been drafted to emergency garden labor. Seems highly unusual, maybe work is slow in office (the world is ignoring his advertising?)

Read captions on pictures here

Byker Bob said...

Minimalist: Yeah. That puts a different complexion on things for sure. Hopefully, August 31, 2014 will be the final dustoff of RCG.

Corky: The good news is that HWA lost, and we won. We did not allow him to continue to screw us after 1975, lived and enjoyed our lives in accordance with more accurate paradigms, and we will outlive his prophecy scenario.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a prophet, so I can't tell you what's going to happen in August. But it doesn't take the gift of prophecy to tell you one thing that is NOT going to happen in August! LOL

Minimalist said...

If the "Office Staff" have nothing to do but work on the MASSIVE (Madness) landscaping, , then how busy are the not yet occupied Mail Processing Center [LOL] and Media Center going to be? I think we are already seeing symptoms of corporate implosion, financial insolvency.

Minimalist said...

Artist's concept here indicates Pack is planning a big HWA-clone Auditorium!

We'll be watching (but not paying for) this Erection.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey. Methinks Dave's ego is just about to write some checks against his follower's bank balances that are guaranteed to bounce.

It's either shameful or shameless the way Armstrongist "apostles" all seem to think that other people exist merely to furnish their every desire.

Minimalist said...

Will it be as Opulent as Flurry's Jewell Box on the plains?

Anonymous said...

DCP/Joshua/apostle of satan says: "What you have in your savings account, if you are called into the church (pack's church), essentially belongs to god (me) and you have to turn it over..." "If you want to be in the kingdom of god".

Just where is this in the bible?

You can hear him on "Peril in Following a Man" by Mr. Venish 6/3/14.