Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Philadelphia Church of God Cult Sells Home, Personal Belongings and Car Of Member Who Was Hospitalized

The Philadelphia Church of God continues to sink lower and lower into the pig slop they are so comfortable living in.  What is described below is elder abuse and is prosecutable.  Its only a matter of time to till some PCG member has enough of Flurry's degenerate teaching and they sues the pants off him and his cult.

The following excerpt is from a letter on the Exit and Support site:

I became a member of this destructive group in August of 2003, but started attending in January of 2003. I, like many others, thought I had found the "true" church. I had known of Herbert Armstrong since the 1960s. But shortly after becoming a member, things started to bother me.

I had not been a member long when the no-contact rule1 started to emerge. This ruling states that anyone in a splinter group is Laodicean. Then they had some members cut off their own grown children if they were raised in the PCG and didn't come into the PCG [become a member]. From what I can gather from what I have experienced and seen and heard, it has nothing to do with "Laodiceans," only control. They are afraid of what can be found out from others that have exited and how cruel and deceitful the ministers can be.

Members in PCG are not above lying to get information. They try to turn one member against another. I was very dissatisfied with the PCG for years but stayed for the most part to help an elderly person that had been treated like a dog by the "church" and some of the members at the direction of the ministry. This person became very ill and was hospitalized for about 3 months. During that time they made a member their power of attorney. When this person came out of the hospital, they had no home, no car, and all of their personal possessions were gone. They did have some money from the sale of the home but certainly not enough to purchase another and ended up in senior housing. Things were given away or sold for far less than what they were worth. I could not believe how uncaring these people were. When this person talked to the ministry about it, they were told to "let it go."
This cult has no love in it except for the love of money and power! The ministry knows they are losing control and will stop at nothing to retain it. Keeping these people from contact of others that have exited by telling them that "the devil has gotten to these people that exit" is keeping them from the truth so the ministry can continue to lie to them. Deceit in the PCG is doctrine to them as far as I'm concerned. Like I have told others in the PCG, if God was as slow to forgive as the ministry, we would all be in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately abuse like this is likely to get worse as armstrongite ministers compete for a shrinking pool of members and the money these tithe slaves bring in. Even the UCG likely to become more abusive as it looses more of its tithe slaves.

Connie Schmidt said...

Elder Abuse National Hotline:

Byker Bob said...

I can't imagine the priests in Old Covenant times treating the Israelites in such a cruel and calloused way, nor can I fathom James and the Jerusalem Council abusing the early Christians in such a manner. PCG is not even acting according to any example from the Pharisees. This is more like the thieving behavior of the Roman influenced and licensed tax collectors of early Christian times.

There is a TV show called Leverage in which a team of specialists goes after powerful people who defraud the common man. Oddly enough, some of the episodes were filmed partially on the AC 'dena campus. Too bad they are fictional and can't go after the corrupt ACOG leaders.

It makes sense that a church that teaches heresy, and corrupt and lying doctrines would abuse its members.


Anonymous said...

And somewhere there's a low level PCG official, or maybe two, who have not for a moment thought ANYTHING at all WRONG was done here!

And a PCG higher-up who told the first guy he was right for putting the well-being of Flurry and his staff -- er, I mean, the "church" first, even over the life of a sick old woman.

'Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.' 1 Tim. 4:2. (NIV)

old EXPCG hag said...

I'm sure this is totally true. I was there. I experienced the abuse. An elderly friend of mine experienced abuse. I knew of others.

Those ministers and others at the top care less what happens to you and your family.. There is NO OPEN DOOR to Gerald Flurry, like he has always told members. I know, I tried to call him, e mail him and write him...no response.

The ministry just hates it when they and theirs have to suffer by doing without (which most have NEVER done). This is what it's about. Gerald Flurry didn't want to live in a lifestyle he wasn't accustomed to, so he came up with the perfect plan...just copy HWA. Find scriptures that fit with the plan...such as Who Is That Prophet?, Prophesy Again! (even though Herbert W Armstrong always said he fulfilled that scripture, Rev. 10:11).

They even call up your family and slander you and say you owe them money. This is what they did to me.

I probably wouldn't be on this site if I had not experienced it for myself..I haven't seen anything that was written on this blog about the Philadelphia Church of god, Edmond, OK. that wasn't true.

signed, Satan.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Perhaps this can become a part of the NoMore.org project.

Black Ops Mikey said...

We'd all like Gerald Flurry to appear on Dr. Phil and explain this to the world. He could be on a segment just after Yisrael Hawkins who has been the topic of several of Dr. Phil episodes.

Or maybe he should be on the Jerry Springer Show where the audience shouts, You suck! You suck! You suck!

Byker Bob said...

Let us pray that Flurry, Pack, or someone of their ilk accidentally chooses an elderly person who has a grandson or granddaughter who is a hacker to victimize! Oh, the sweet damage that could be done in retaliation!

I've wondered for a long time how none of these groups have ever experienced massive viruses, looting of funds, or exposure of secret proprietary information.


Anonymous said...

BB maybe some of these things have already occurred. Churches are like banks they don't usually publicize embezzlement, insider theft or other mischief, because it tends to make people lose confidence when sending their money.

I myself know of 2 cases of embezzelment that occurred in the 70's. The first which occurred in Pasadena was hushed up, the second the police were called in but only people in the area in question heard about it. Both were done by employees who lost belief and felt justified to live like an evangelist. They went on for a long time before exposure, I wonder how many things like this were never found out about?

E.H. said...

If one PCG minister visits..Happy Day If 2 PCG ministers visit ?? If 3 PCG ministers visit...You are done for.....
I refused to let them have the house(or 1/2 of it)...they told me to kick my wife and son & daughter out of the house & live under a bridge.........................................................if you want to find the true church ...you just have to search diligently for it..it is out there...they even wouldn't let me read the Trumpet Magazine....
Thank God...I was then free to begin the final search..realizing that the PCG was actually a Laodicean church(somethings right & some things wrong)............A multitude of leaders have taken titles that belong to none other than Jesus Christ!(Blasphemy) All are required to believe in these man-given titles..i.e.the king,the branch,the breaker,etc..these belong to Jesus Christ(therefore believing in these titles for a man is idolotry)..I hope that many will repent and make it into God's Kingdom....I repented and left that church...E.H....