Thursday, July 24, 2014

Doubly Blessed Arrogant Elijah Wanna-a-be Talks Down To His Listeners

Gods most highly favored and doubly blessed apostle, self-appointed prophet and modern day Elijah is back telling people what they should and should not eat.  Over one hours worth of drivel as he slovenly sits there with his arm thrown arrogantly over his chair back while talking down to all the ignorant viewers that he might have.     Christians and Unclean Meats

Guess it is time to go and make a salad:

Bob those bookcases are STILL crooked!


Anonymous said...

BT needs to be a bit more concerned about his unclean speaking and ideas about himself than unclean meats.

On so many topics he is full of baloney.

Connie Schmidt said...

I do want to compliment Bob on his much improved "MAKE UP" use and application. Much more subtle than what he used to do, and much more natural.

However, Bob should understand that "makeup" does contain oils and greases from "unclean animals" especially found in an ingredient called "Cetyl Alcohol" which is derived from animal fats.

Rendering companies pickup the used grease used in fryers at restaurants around the country, as well as the trimmed fat from a wide variety of meat packing and processing companies. This is processed and used in cosmetics, and hair conditioners and all manner of creams and lotions.

Thus Thiel's "MARVELOUS" make up job can have UNCLEAN PORK GREASE to be thanked for it!

Byker Bob said...

He ought to sign up as a beatnik Buddhist. Then he could claim that his crooked book cases were abstract chic.


Anonymous said...

"Bob those bookcases are STILL crooked!" And so are his hermeneutics..

Come on, Dr. Boob- you might want to read your Bible before you attempt to teach it rather than just parroting HWA's crap.

Start with Acts 15 and Colossians 2. Good luck with that!


old EXPCG hag said...


...too much emphasis on the physical and not the spiritual Dr. Bob.

Anonymous said...

Ever at the Feast of Tabernacles, with a big group at a restaurant, and some idiot among you decides that the waitress needs to know "what we can't eat?" This might have been followed by what amounted to an INTERVIEW with the poor lady with one repeated question, "Does this have any [insert 'unclean' meat] in it?"

She's only interested in the super-big tip she'd been hearing these strange CoG people tend to give. This might not have happened because she just wasn't "understanding" about our dietary restrictions.

Hey, Bob, you dolt, ever read Matthew 15:10-12?

Leave us alone! And stop bothering that poor waitress and ORDER something, will ya?

Anonymous said...

I like how The Boobinator smears pig grease all over his face.


Pigs: 1
The Boobinator: 0