Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gerald Flurry's Disgusting "No Contact" Edict That Has Destroyed Families

Below is the official statement by Gerald Flurry, leader of the Philadelphia Church of God cult.
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Connie Schmidt said...

You will notice in Flurry's missive that it is ok to keep working for a "Laodicean" employer, while you should immediately FLUSH close family members should they be "Laodicean".

YEP- dont do anything that might interrupt that CASH FLOW!

Anonymous said...

"Don't you see? We've got to keep you under our CONTROL, and this is one way our "God" has given to do so!"

Over and above the top-to-bottom absurdity of all this, and the number of times he says one thing and then says the opposite (how many times is it? -- I couldn't count them), this drivel does not serve anyone well by using HWA and his daughter as an example of a family relationship.

Oops, Jerry!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Click here for the David Robinson Letter to Herbert Armstrong (contained in the appendix of "Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web").

David Robinson calls for Herbert Armstrong to disfellowship himself.

Gerald Flurry has also had failed prophecies, idolatry and has his DUI online. He is no less culpable than Herbert Armstrong.

Therefore, the judgment is that as of this moment, Gerald Flurry is disfellowshipped to be turned over to Satan the Devil.

No one is to have any contact with him at all and no one is to read or listen to anything he says or writes.

Furthermore, because he has done abominations he is not a minister of any kind nor will he ever be allowed to be in this lifetime for Christians.

There is an absolute "No Contact" rule and anyone who has any contact with Gerald Flurry in any way is in danger of hell (and maybe fire).

Though the tares gaily wave their heads in the fields of grain and continue growing, there is to be an end of these things at the harvest and the tares will be burned and the wheat shall be spared. Just because judgment is not executed speedily does not mean that it will never be executed. You may scoff but you are in real danger.

You have been warned.

This assumes that karma exists (and it does seem to work out).

Byker Bob said...

Sweet. "Mr." Armstrong believed his daughter was unconverted! Isn't that like the associates of a pedophile priest wondering why some of the kids in a Catholic boys choir don't seem to be going to confession, or taking communion any more?

Flurry has got to be kidding, even commenting on this!


Redfox712 said...

How tragic that so many PCG members seem to really believe that Gerald Flurry is doing this for their own good.

I cannot help but wonder if he made this no contact policy partly because he is jealous of the higher ups in HWA's WCG who did not choose to join him in PCG and submit to him. I have often read him alluding to the fact that none of the main leaders of HWA's WCG chose to go with him.

"And yet, Mr. Meredith boasts that he sat at Mr. Armstrong’s feet, which I didn’t have the opportunity to do." (Gerald Flurry, God's Family Government, 1993, 2001, p. 40.)

That booklet was written in response to Meredith founding the Global Church of God. Flurry must have been very angry to see Meredith setting up another COG group that very quickly became larger then PCG. Flurry must have hated that so many potential tithes payers joined Meredith.

"This is so similar to the PCG today. The well-known ministers are not with us! The outstanding, well-known families are not with us. But just as in Ezra’s time, God is using people with common names to do an uncommon job!" (Gerald Flurry and Dennis Leap, Ezra and Nehemiah: Building God's Temple, 1997, 2005, Chapter 4, p. 38.)

But instead of being pleased with himself that he was able to get that far instead he orders his followers to shun people all because he wants more.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yes, this brings up the question...WHO DIS-FELLOWSHIPS "THAT PROPHET?" one...I thought so.

Black Ops Mikey said...

old EXPCG hag said...
Yes, this brings up the question...WHO DIS-FELLOWSHIPS "THAT PROPHET?"

I did (see above at July 30, 2014 at 5:48 PM):

Therefore, the judgment is that as of this moment, Gerald Flurry is disfellowshipped to be turned over to Satan the Devil

What authority do I have to do so?

About the same as his (maybe more). At least a fellow minister in the Universal Life Church accepted me as an Apostle (the whole thing was done as a joke and Ron actually had the ULC issue him a certificate certifying he is an Apostle -- so there it is, Flurry's only a prophet, I'm an Apostle and I disfellowshipped him. So there!).

Repent, Flurry, or it's the Lake of Fire. And even if you do repent, you can never qualify as a minister (unless you want ULC certification -- go for it!).

Christians have standards as to who can be their minister. Look it up. It's in Scripture.

old EXPCG hag said...

Black Ops Mikey said...

old EXPCG hag said...
Yes, this brings up the question...WHO DIS-FELLOWSHIPS "THAT PROPHET?"

I did (see above at July 30, 2014 at 5:48 PM):

HA! I didn't read all the comments, but good for you!

Anonymous said...

Can someone in a disfellowshipping mood please also disfellowship Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and also Joyce Meyer and her $23,000 toilet?

Byker Bob said...

"Christians have standards as to who can be their minister."

Sadly, Douglas, for these groups, the life and example of Jesus, from whom they take their name, has never made a difference. It is as if He never lived. The Jews, at the time of what is commonly called the second temple, were waiting for the Messiah to come and to straighten out the oppression and mess sorrounding their domination by the pagan Romans.

And, this is basically the plight of Armstrongites today. They do not attribute the historic basic goodness and sense of justice of America to Jesus, or anything that came out of the Protestant Reformation. While we live in the most advanced and enlightened civilization ever to exist on the planet, they, instead, just see a cursed and pagan influenced mess for which we all must wait for the Messiah to bring relief. They've redefined all of the goodness out of and away from everything. Their ministers are largely whitened sepulchres, as were the Pharisees before them.

One cannot reach or reason with such people, or expect any sort of magnanimity from them. Some have said smother them in love. But, when people even interpret such love as "Laodecean" love, or pagan, feel good love, there is nothing we can presently do except to allow their no-fellowship rule to be a mirror. No sincere person should have to endure being thought of as insincere, Laodecean, in the bonds of Satan, or deceived. In a sense, Flurry and. much of Armstrongism has placed a brick wall in front of all of us in this regard. Change, leading to restored relationships can only originate in their members' minds, and that can only come if they succumb to Alzheimer's, or leave their various groups. This example of suicide is not the first, and it is far from the last.