Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rod Meredith and LCG: Are Issues With Church Government and Demons Plaguing Charlotte?

The ONLY True Power Structure

The quote below is from the start of Rod Meredith's latest letter to the ministry of LCG.  They are required to play a new "Must Play" tape from Rod that supersedes all the other 'Must Play" tapes.  This is serious MEN!  Your salvation and pay check depends on it!

Dear Fellow Ministers and Video Recipients,

You will soon be receiving a special Must Play sermon that should take priority over any other Must Play sermon. Please be sure to play and make a special issue of encouraging the brethren in your congregations to listen to the special sermon I gave on Church government entitled "Righteous Judgment" (given August 2, 2014 in Charlotte, NC).

As you know, the issue of demonism has come up from time to time and seems to be increasing. I sincerely feel God has guided me in bringing up this matter in the recent co-worker letter.
Is there dissension in the ranks of the ministers?  Has the dissension in the membership reached a new boiling point? 

For a church that claims to be the most highly favored of all Christians on earth, the COG seems to have a tremendous fear of Satan.  They have given the guy more power over them than he ever thought imaginable.  Most believers understand that Jesus fought the battle and won and now follower needs to fear anymore.  That is what the "rest in Christ" is all about, but hell what does the Church of God know about Jesus?

Things aren't kosher in paradise!


Connie Schmidt said...

Is it possible for Meredith to go two years without some kind of crisis?

For that matter, the old WCG couldn't go two years without some kind of "major crisis" as well. There is something wrong with a system that is perpetually going from one drama to another.

On the other hand, since many COGs prefer that their membership simply be spectators, and "pay per view" customers, then perhaps all of this drama is somewhat deliberate in that it creates storyline, excitement, and "heroes and villains".

World Wrestling Federation knowns the routine well. Is WWF all that different than WCG?

Redfox712 said...

I well remember when I saw that picture. I was studying what happened in WCG while Meredith was head of the ministry (January-August 1979) during the turmoil of the Schism of the Armstrongs and the receivership crisis. It was then I saw that picture. I was utterly disgusted seeing such an idolatrous picture being used to glorify HWA as though he was some sort of demi-god who stood in the place of God acting as though he was God. That is a terrible picture and more people need to see it in order to learn what shameful idolatry HWA's WCG actually promoted and indoctrinated upon WCG members.

This picture is disgusting.

Byker Bob said...

Some aspiring artist in the early '70s expressed his displeasure with this type of abusive authority by creating a spoof of that chart. It was remade into a multi-story outhouse, with HWA at the top.


Glenn said...

I remember the first time I saw that stupid org chart. Made me feel embarrassed for the whole church. I was close to out of the church at that time.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The picture of the org chart only puts down on paper what was constantly preached from WCG pulpits. The line of authority was God, Christ and then HWA.

I guess for some it took seeing it in black and white on paper for them to realize what was being preached routinely from the pulpit.