Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rod Meredith: LCG Is On The Verge "Something Really Big In Growth" Because Satan Is Unhappy With Us

Despite the fact that Rod Meredith believes that Satan is making their lives a pure hell the LCG will soon be experiencing massive growth and notoriety.  Dave Pack predicted massive growth last year and that failed.  Bob Thiel thinks he has massive growth and he is a failure.  Flurry has had no growth either.  Yet, Meredith thinks God is soon going to start sending scores of people to him so that LCG's coffers can be refilled and the final push can happen.  Satan knows this and is pissed!  I mean PISSED!

Satan does seem to be trying to attack us at this time as world events are speeding up and as it appears that we are on the verge of something really big in growth and the impact of God's Work. Satan knows this, he does not like it, and he will always come after us, and when he sees that we may be growing or having increased impact on the world, which is still HIS world, as he looks at it. So let us all pray for our brethren, pray for one another, and ask God to fight our battles, and help us do our part in dealing with this situation.

So now its a "situation?"  Is there more going on in Charlotte than Meredith is letting on?

Meredith ends with this:

I will appreciate your personal prayers for me to be able to have the strength and the energy to face these problems and other issues I have to face in my older age and at this point.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard Rod Meredith say, "I apologize. I was wrong. This is my fault." No. The blame is always somewhere else... Larry Salyer, Norbert Link, Charles Bryce, Harold Way, Bob Thiel... and most of all "Satan". If Rod Meredith had followed God instead of engaging in politics (re: Ben Faulkner, Don Davis, Raymond McNair), LCG might actually have grown by now. And this tired old use of saying "Satan is attacking us" as a means to gain credibility with the members has long since worn thin.

Anonymous said...

The words of Meredith are exactly the same words Armstrong spoke for years. Same old same old, it doesn't change just said in different ways but it always the same.

Byker Bob said...

Well, if expectations have been lowered to the point that they consider bare subsistence survival to be something really great in growth, then there will certainly be no disappointment. This pronouncement is about as fake as most economic stimulus.

It appears that they are falsely laying normal atrophy, attrition, and frustration at the feet of the devil, in a similar fashion to the ways in which they might spiritualize a hurricane or regional drought.

Smoke and mirrors to rally the troops!


Black Ops Mikey said...

It's so amazing that the words of James Russell ring so true: "We haven't learned anything new for the past 40 years".

His testosterone soaked ego makes Rod Meredith so dense.

As crafty as he is, it doesn't seem that his I.Q. measures up to the job at hand.

Has his brain shrunk do you suppose?

Sweetblood777 said...

Church income must be down. Ron is probably thinking that its time again for a fear induced sermon.

These people never give up.

James said...

Why would Satan attack his own church?

Redfox712 said...

Meredith has claimed some sort of great revival of LCG was just around the corner. He has done this for years.

Take a look at chapter 8 of his booklet, Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ's Return:

"“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation” (v. 9). The coming Great Tribulation will affect the Church as well as national Israel. “And [they will] kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.” This verse is quite significant because it says, in effect, that God’s true Church and Work will be known by all nations. People will not hate it unless they know about it, will they? ... Every nation on earth, not just a few, will hear about this as a “witness,” not to convert them, but as a testimony of God’s future intentions."

I can well remember reading that booklet when I was an Armstrongite. I believed him and thought that in just a few years LCG would expand in power and boldly deliver its message in a wondrous way that would stun the world and I got to be a part of that great "work".

What deceptive madness! There's not going to be any growth in LCG or any of the other offshoots with the way they are behaving. Meredith is misinforming LCG members telling them that great growth and increase in importance awaits them. It's not.

Redfox712 said...

Also recently Meredith made an article ("Is Our Lord Delaying His Coming?" Living Church News, July-August 2014, in which he makes excuses as to why COG leaders such as himself have so spectacularly failed to predict when Christ would return. He even claims that they merely "hoped" that Christ would return.

They did not "hope" this, they passionately insisted that Christ had to return in 1975. They passionately insisted Christ would soon return using the strongest assurances and the most emotive language to insist that they had discovered fabulous truths that had eluded everyone else in the entire world.

What a load of manipulative nonsense! What a pack of lies! What scoundrels these sociopathic so-called leaders are.

Anonymous said...

If there is a god, and if there is a satan, and if there is a "the church," and if it is being attacked by satan, then leaders like HWA and Meredith are the form in which the attack comes.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else know what Anonymous 11:46 means by Harold Way? What happened to him?