Monday, February 16, 2015

First Hand Account On Life In The Restored Church of God Cult

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Mark Wolfe said...

At the Feast of Tabernacles the members of the headquarters congregation were clearly trying to act happy----but it came across as contrived and phony. To me, it was a very shallow joy that they were attempting----because "God commands you are to attend the feast with joy" (this is what a minister told me when I asked for counsel during my first year and did not have the funds to go).

And worse, the elders or older members of the HQ staff, acted as policemen to this "joy". Any person who exhibited slight uneasiness to it were subjected to inquiry.

To those who come in to the church "from the world" normally have problems with or are questioning the way the world or religion, in particular, are operating. Generally, you are a person who questions authority or are uncomfortable with how people exercise authority.

Then you come into this church and your independent thinking is to completely stop. That is what HWA's two tree analogy was all about. "Revealing" to people that human nature is the devil's nature and that is defined as thinking for yourself. God's Spirit, represented by the Tree of Life is subjugating yourself to God's will----or the will of God's representatives.

There is no possible way that using fear can produce happiness. It is an impossible spiritual leap to make without destroying yourself.