Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Restored Church of God's Jeffery Ambrose Sends Letter to Members Telling Them to Evangelize Passover Dave's 130 Point Sermon to the Lost Sheep in Splinter Groups

Below are excerpts from the Restored Church of God's letter tot eh membership after David Passover Pack's superfantabulous sermon that contained 130 "points" on why he is so much more magnificent than that Jesus Christ dude.

If you thought propaganda that the government uses to whitewash things over was mind-boggling, then get a load of this RCG's propaganda.

They start the letter off proclaiming that the RCG has been "galvanized" around the entire world with "enthusiastic agreement" with every single fact that Passover Dave presented.  Not one person in the entire world that is part of RCG had any doubts or questions.  Somehow Armstrongites always gloss over the fact that lying is part of the commandments they claim to uphold.  Jeffery Ambrose is a liar.

Dear brethren,

Greetings from Headquarters! We hope that your week has been as profitable as has been ours.

We are very happy and inspired to report that this past Sabbath’s sermon series has truly galvanized the whole Church around the world in a unique way. There has been an outpouring—by email, phone and word-of-mouth—of enthusiastic agreement, unified understanding and excitement. And to our knowledge, and to the dismay of our detractors, no one has left the Church due to an inability to accept the new understanding we have learned together!

This dynamic was described by Mr. Pack in an announcement posted last night for those in the splinters, along with the sermon series itself:

I have given a three-part sermon series unlike anything The Restored Church of God has posted. Titled “First a MOSES, Now ELIJAH—130 Proofs!”, it explains monumental prophecies with crystal clarity. It carries far-reaching implications for former members of the Worldwide Church of God and others in its offshoots.

These messages will not even be close to what you expect, nor what angry enemies will report about them. Do not “answer the matter before you hear it” (Prov. 18:13). After 15 minutes, you will not want to stop. And don’t let your minister stop you. He cannot give you eternal life!

 Among the most important prophecies in Scripture, Malachi 4:5-6 states that without the end-time Elijah’s arrival, God would “smite the earth with utter destruction”! Thousands with a Church background are waiting for Elijah (Matt. 17:11), believing this man to be one of the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11:3). Scripture makes clear this theory is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. But, if Herbert W. Armstrong was not the Elijah, who was he? The answer is crucial in ways only the sermon can show you, and must be understood before God reunifies His people.

 These are the most important messages I have ever given. Hundreds in The Restored Church of God have commented in just the last two days like this: “electrifying,” “exhilarating,” “amazing,” “gripping,” “game-changing,” “awesome,” “captivating,” “overwhelming,” “tremendously inspiring,” “profound,” “mind-blowing” and “emphatically irrefutable.” Great numbers said they understood the message in less than 10 proofs. Few even needed the LAST 100 PROOFS! And no one—NONE!—to our knowledge out of thousands who heard has disagreed, and we have heard from virtually every pastorate in the world!
Passover Dave somehow feels that his message is going to rip the other COG's asunder with the vast majority flocking to Passover Dave's gated cult compound.  The only thing I have seen on multiple sites run by the more conservative COG folk is derision directed towards Passover Dave. He is mocked and ridiculed.

These messages will eventually divide the splinters and slivers down the middle. There are two kinds of people. Those driven by EMOTION—and those led by the Holy Spirit who are driven by SCRIPTURE, TRUTH, FACTS, EVIDENCE, PROOF and SIMPLE LOGIC. Perhaps half the people you meet with will agree, and the other half will attack. THERE IS NO AVOIDING THIS. But, to reject their message, one must reject a host of IMPOSSIBLE TO MISUNDERSTAND Scriptures!

Listen to these sermons—and tell others about them. While the understanding they bring cannot be forced on unwilling minds, all should have opportunity to prove for themselves.

Visit this page regularly for more unprecedented postings and news! An important follow-up sermon will be posted on another subject in four to seven days.

You are receiving this special update because you previously ordered our Splinter Explanation Packet, which is for those with a background in the Worldwide Church of God and/or its offshoots.
Passover Dave now exhorts his dwindling membership to "evangelize" his "powerful" sermon to their friends and family members in other COG's.

A VERY IMPORTANT note, brethren: As you see above, Mr. Pack urged those who listen to the sermons to “tell others about them.” This also applies to us! We can have a part in helping reach those who need to hear these messages. Our goal is to make them known to as many as possible as soon as possible.
 Much like our goal is to expose the nitwits for the morons they truly are.

Passover Dave wants to make sure that his dwindling flock does not get too aggressive though. aggression will turn people off and cause them to look deeper in his comments causing them to realize what a liar he is.

However, we must be both wise and harmless in how we do this (Matt. 10:16). None of us should embark on a “crusade” to indict those in the splinters or “shake them awake.” That is Jesus Christ’s responsibility!

Passover Dave does not want his message going out to the unconverted riff-raff because it will alienate them to his message.

Understand that we must not speak or write to those outside the Church in the same way that we would fellow members of The Restored Church of God. This will alienate those we intend to help. Also, we cannot “shove the sermons down their throats.”

 To mention this sermon series in a positive, non-confrontational and natural way will have the greatest chance of success at helping our separated brethren.

 Also, as you do this, you will likely get some backlash. The messages are now being released among a large, fragmented group of people. The truth they contain will, as Mr. Pack mentions above, sunder those of two different minds.

Knowing that his members will get attacked for promoting Passover Dave's absurdities, he warns them to rejoice in their persecution.

Mr. Pack has described the sermons as his “introducing himself” to those in the splinters. As with any introduction, some will be ready to extend the right hand of fellowship (Gal. 2:9), others will not. If you strive to be diplomatic and edifying in making people aware—and you still get attacked—do not be discouraged, but rather rejoice (Matt. 5:10-12). It will be a sobering but instructive experience. And keep in mind that some who may initially be in disagreement, or even angry, will “come around” in time as they and others around them see the obvious proof of both Mr. Pack’s and Mr. Armstrong’s roles.
Finally, please do not apply this instruction to all of our materials—it is specific to this sermon series—and be especially careful with anything you post to social media, as any unwise or indiscreet words in that forum can travel fast and do much damage. Approach this opportunity carefully and prayerfully, and we can look forward to fruit borne as a result.
We anticipate thrilling, and (again) truly “game-changing” times ahead. Let’s do what we can to help these crucial messages spread around the globe!

 As always, you will be in our prayers.
In Christ’s service,
Jeffrey R. Ambrose
The only thing I see appropriate to conclude Ambrose silliness is the following quote from The Message Bible.  It's always about Passover Dave and never about Jesus Christ.  They know him not.

He was in the world, the world was there through him, and yet the world didn’t even notice. He came to his own people, but they didn’t want him. John 1:11 


Byker Bob said...

And, yet, we know for a fact that Darrel Waltrip has been doing more to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, more visibly than any of the ACOGs, and in the presence of President Obama, and the Dalai Lama.

RCG is nothing but a B.I.-based bad joke!


Black Ops Mikey said...

Galvanize means to coat with a layer of zinc. How does that help things?

There are 3 kinds of people:

1) Those driven by emotion;
2) Those driven by excuses trying to make Scripture mean what they say it means;
3) Those driven by facts, logic, science, evidence and proof.

Since David Pack and the RCG has rejected facts, logic, science, evidence and proof of such things as British Israelism is rubbish and since they don't seem that emotional (except the anger when they are confronted with facts, logic, science, evidence and proof), there's not much choice left:

They are kooks in a cult.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey "Goebbels" Ambrose is simply doing what he's told. I can't imagine working for Pack. Fear and trembling, and not the godly kind.

130 points? As the old saying goes, all emphasis is no emphasis. This over-the-top inclination does Pack no favors.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The Restored Church of God seems to have more success with the lost goats of the splinter groups.