Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Craig Winters and Cal Culpepper Gets All Crummy Over Some Cookies

The absurdities of the Philadelphia Church of God continue to march onward leaving a trail of destruction in its path.

Exit and Support has the following story up from an exPCG member.

March 17, 2015

I’d like to tell you just how controlling and obsessed the ministry of the PCG really is.

A couple years after my wife died I decided to take my boys on a little vacation. The South East region of the PCG was having a 4th of July family camp out. I decided to attend with my boys. I signed up and got an email from the event coordinator. The email told me what I should bring and reminded me to bring a few dozen cookies. Well, I had just lost a lot of weight and had health problems so I suggested that perhaps all those cookies would not be the healthiest thing for me to bring. A few days later I got a call from my minister Aaron Eagle. He got onto me for saying what I did about cookies and told me not to bring it up again. I was shocked!

This is what struck me about this. If the man I made the comment to did not like what I said he should have said something to me but what did he do? He called his local minister who called Craig Winters the Southeastern director who called Cal Culpepper the Northeastern director, who called Aaron Eagle my local minister, who then called me. Two ministers and two regional directors had to get involved over a cookie comment.

I am so grateful that I am free from all the obsessed, controlling ministers of the PCG.

Thank you for your website. --Dan Moffett, KY


Black Ops Mikey said...

Much ado about cookies. When I saw the headline, I surmised it might be about browser cookies, which really are a problem once you get hooked into the Dave Pack website.

It should be so clear: Every year that goes by, the Armstrongist leaders keep gaining an even more sound mind through the Spirit of love -- soon, we should expect all the Churches of God to be near utopia, attracting millions, if not billions of people, to a loving society leading the masses to redemption, all speaking the same thing in love.

Connie Schmidt said...

What a bunch of KOOKIES!

Anonymous said...

“Craig Winters and Cal Culpepper Gets All Crummy Over Some Cookies”

This reminds me of that recent Chinese saying by Sum Ting Wong about the way things are done in the PCG: “That's the way the kookies grumble.”

Byker Bob said...

Four words: Exlax Chocolate Chip Cookies


Anonymous said...

Is it an unwritten rule in PCG or something that ministers like cookies and are to be served free cookies by the members at regular intervals?

And here's the thing. Assuming Dan has represented the situation fairly, after all that hullaballo over a simple honest statement about personal preferences, Dan's "comment" remains *completely* defensible.

The event coordinator doesn't have any room to justifiably "not like" what someone has to say when they're talking about themselves. If he were weighing in on Sixpack's drinking problem, that would be a different story. What would have happened if Dan said he was allergic to wheat and under no circumstances can ever eat cookies? Would he have been disfellowshiped?

If anything it's rude to insist that someone bring something to a potluck affair they can't eat. Are people not allowed to have personal preferences or health concerns in PCG? Talk about controlling!

What would have happened if he had just decided to bring a vegetable platter instead, without saying anything? Would all hell have broken loose? Would a whisper campaign have begun against him? It sounds like one already did!

One word here: priorities. This is food. There's a lot of options. People have legitimate health concerns and needs. Nobody is going to die without friggin cookies. These are the sorts of battles PCG feels they need to pick? Ridiculous.

I know if it had been me, I would be inclined to cancel, and take the boys somewhere else instead. And I'd think twice about signing up for anything else. And once you're in that position, you really have to ask yourself why you're hanging out with this group at all.

Latest minister to be ordained in PCG.

Anonymous said...

How about sending in some cookies to HQ, made from a 'special end-times recipe' loaded with lots of pepper?
The Holy Ghost suggests cookies made with big chunks of either Ghost Peppers or Habanero Peppers in them.

That should shut their stupid yaps for a while.

Anonymous said...

Once, while working in fast food, I was sweeping and mopping the dining room. I had all the dirt in a couple of piles, but had left the dustpan at the other end.

Meantime, one manager came out, saw my dirt piles, and landed on me about leaving them there (this was true for a few minutes or so).

In thinking about this later, I realized that this "manager" didn't think they were "managing" unless they jumped all over ANY little thing that they saw as making the place they were responsible for "imperfect" somehow.

A later thought: this person went into management because it was an opportunity to "be someone." Their entire worth as a human being derived from their no longer "being just crew." This was someone who obtained personal worth (as they saw it) solely from the position they held; those still at the level the person came FROM -- well, they were of no worth.

Some managers I have worked with (in fast food and since) were mature, laid back, reasonable, understanding people, but others . . . .

Comment if you think I'm wrong to see a parallel to what's being discussed here.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Cookie monster?

Redfox712 said...

This only shows once again how there seems to be no accountability to keep PCG's ministers responsible to anyone who can penalize them if something goes wrong.

Only ministers above them can correct a minister. The members are for the most part helpless. Such a situation is a sure fire recipe for abuse to occur and thrive.

No wonder PCG has such a bad reputation.