Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gerald Flurry Prefers To See PCG Members "ROT" From Sickness Than See A Doctor

Living Armstrongism has an entry up today from the Philadelphia Church of God cult based in Edmond, Oklahoma. It quotes from a letter that Gerald Flurry wrote in 2007 where he references another "book" that he wrote The Last Hour.  In that book and in the article Flurry attempts to expound on what it supposedly means to be a real "witness" is for HIS god. 

Like any good Armstrongite leader only HE has the answers because the rest of humanity/Christianity is too stupid to understand what a "witness" for God is.  That mind bent wreaks through in his very first paragraph:
Nobody in this world knows what it means to be a witness for God. Most of God’s people don’t even know!
Apparently Church of God members are stupid too.  In the eyes and minds of ALL the splinter group leaders this has ALWAYS been what the leadership has thought of its members.  The leadership really do believe that their members are all too stupid to understand anything, so therefore  THEY have to interpret scripture for these uneducated members.  God only works with THEM and not through any lower echelon members.

Armstrongism has always loved to use the threat of martyrdom at all of its members.  Only a true believer will die for their cause, or so they assume.

The end of John’s Gospel reads, “This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true” (John 21:24). The Apostle John gave true testimony.

The word testimony is translated from the Greek marturia, which comes from martus, meaning martyr. Sometimes the Christian life really is about dying for a cause. It is always about giving your life—about being a living sacrifice—for this cause. But being martyred is merely the end of a physical life. What follows is eternal life.
The word testifieth also means to witness, and is similar to the word testimony. John was a good witness. He was willing to be subjected to any trial—even death—in his testimony for Christ. This is the kind of witness Christ wants from all of us.
The words testify and witness reveal the depth of our commitment and love for Christ. The word witness is much stronger than the way it is commonly used today! We must understand what Christ means when he says “follow me,” or when we say we’re 100 percent behind God’s work.

What kind of a "witness" has the Church of God been to the world at large?  It is one of corruption, averse and vice for most of its entire lifespan.  The witness it has given is one of deep division that has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups all picking at and devouring each other.  Countless books have been written about the corruption and false doctrines.  The "positive" impact of the church is almost nonexistent.

For Flurry, it is all about "law and trials"  Law is vitally important to Flurry as that is all that keeps his people in line and obedient.  Without that obedience to Flurry his members CANNOT become Gods....his words, not mine. 

No writer in the Bible even comes close to emphasizing the word witness as John does. He uses this word eight times in his epistles and 21 times in his Gospel; the other Gospels use it a combined total of 18 times. The Anchor Bible says, “The verb martyrein, ‘to bear witness, testify,’ and the noun martyria, ‘witness, testimony,’ occur a total of 64 times in [the Gospel of] John and the epistles (verb 43 times; noun 21). The 33 uses of the verb in [the Gospel of] John may be contrasted with a total of two uses in the three synoptic Gospels, a contrast that indicates the extent to which the legal law and trial atmosphere dominates [John’s] thought.” John talked a lot about law and trials. Why? Because it is through keeping God’s law of love and rejoicing in our testing that we become God! That is how we love God and witness to mankind.
I don't know where Flurry gets off on claiming he is keeping "...God's law of love..." When has "love" EVER been used in the Philadelphia Church of God?  How is "love" being preached when families are ripped apart by deviate ministers prohibiting members from associated with loved ones not part of PCG?  Where is the "love" that lets a minister tell family members to kick their teenage child out on the streets and turn their backs on her?  This list could go on and on, but we have all heard the horror stories or experienced them first hand.

The COG and Flurry continues to look down upon members as lower than pig slop in the scheme of things. They are a "stench" in God's nostrils.   Just read the following:

Most of God’s people today are dying spiritually. You can’t smell the stench of people dying this way, but God can see it vividly! For a Father, watching His sons die because they don’t love Him is the most terrible thing He could possibly see. That’s the worst stench of all to our Father!

Later Flurry explains what "love" means in the Philadelphia Church of God.  It means only one thing...GIVING and SACRIFICING  for the work of Gerald Flurry.  Its not being agents of grace that are the hands of God in this world who are bringing into reality the kingdom of God, but being financial backers of Flurry and crew.  Love in the PCG cult is insular and only available for the true believers.

We are honorable witnesses when we love others as Christ loved us! God is love, and we must express God’s love as a way of life.

Our witness of love—giving and sacrificing for God’s work—is how we come out of this world. This is a witness you see only in God’s very elect.
Flurry foolishly believes his group is filled with love and joy though deep down he knows it is not.

Is the pcg full of joy? It should be. Because we are about to help Christ fill this world with joy. That is why we write this message in a booklet, so we can study and penetrate to the depth of God’s love. Christ is about to return!

Satan has full misery, and he wants to destroy our fellowship with God and the full joy it brings.

Our ministers must set an example of joy for the members—to be helpers of their joy (2 Corinthians 1:24).

If you lack that joy, stay on your knees until you get it!

When has a minister of the Philadelphia Church of God ever brought joy?  Will Cal Culpepper please tell us how he brings joy to those under him?  Please?

Because of the abusive ways of Flurry, Culpepper and others the following is a prime example of what members of the PCG have to endure:

This is REAL, ABUNDANT LIVINGEVEN IF WE ARE DYING PHYSICALLY! Over the years in my ministry, I have seen a few people physically rot right before my eyes and yet remain loyal to God every step of the way to the end! Though it must be one of the most grotesque sights to see, at the same time it is one of the MOST MAJESTICALLY NOBLE examples ever on Earth, from God’s point of view! If someone is being loyal in circumstances like that, he or she is BEARING WITNESS OF THE FATHER! What a precious, extraordinary beauty that is! I know I will see those people again, and they will live FOREVER AND EVER! When resurrected, they won’t remember that trial for very long. They will have ETERNAL LIFE!
Are you prepared to trust God to heal you, now or in the resurrection? Well done, good and faithful servant, He will say if we trust Him to the end. (Gerald Flurry, The Last Hour, 2004, 2007, Chapter 5, p. 54.)
While church members "rot" in their beds at home, Gerald Flurry, Culpepper and others are out going to doctors and being treated for all kinds of ailments.  Its the same hypocrisy that Herbert Armstrong used against church members decades ago.  He forbid members going to doctors, yet had personal physicians that treated him with countless pills and other treatments. At his death I was given a large suitcase filled with his medicines to take to the amphitheater on campus and burn.  They did not want it getting out that he was on so many medicines.

The Church of God is rotten to the core, especially in the four larger church groups of UCG, PCG, RCG, and LCG.  The "rot" has been ongoing since the mid 1990's.  How many more need to die at the hands of the church?


Byker Bob said...

One of the problems with Armstrongism is that fear was created in nearly every aspect of life! A few everyday examples: You might not qualify for the place of safety. God might not heal you in this lifetime. You could lose your salvation if you are not attentive to every little detail. Don't get comfortable because the Germans blew their gig in '72, they're still coming sometime during the next 3-5 years. Better not watch "Ghost Whisperer" or you might just get a demon, and stay away from senior citizens above all things! Kids, don't feel secure in your ACOG family like your worldly friends' families try to make them feel, because your parents may just leave you at the mall if they feel that you are holding back their spiritual growth! Members, be sure to stay on good terms with the other brethren, or only enter into superficial relationships with them, because if you get too close and they gossip about you to the minister, he will probably believe them and disfellowship you!

What I wonder, is where do they get all of this, well, just plain superstition? You just don't read about such irrational fear and manipulation in the New Testament church. Apparently, it was not a factor or a concern. The word was that perfect love cast out fear. And this was during a time when some of the Roman emperors prodigiously persecuted and martyred both sabbatarian and Sunday-keeping Christians.

Fear was HWA's marketing hook that brought people into Armstrongism, if everyone will be honest in this, and not go self-righteous on us. And, regular doses of fear were used in obtaining recommitment. This is not a positive form of motivation, it is very negative, causing depression and paranoia, and retarding any sort of authentic spiritual experience.

But, all of this was part of the special, insider, collection of unique shibboleths, the added gnosticism of Armstrongism. And, the more this unfortunate movement advances along its downward spiral, the more the cognitive dissonance will kick in, and the more the "leaders" will futilely hammer this stuff. It is all they know to do.


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for the mention, No2HWA.

It was quite revolting to see him describe the fatal illness of his followers as though it was something beautiful and majestic.

People deserve to know the truth on this matter.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Please don't leave out the CoGWA. In some ways they are more terrible than their cousins.

For exceptional claims, there must be exceptional evidence.

Before anything in the PCG begins, Gerald Flurry must absolutely prove that:

1) God exists (unfortunately the only proof is faith and that has to be given by God);

2) The Bible is absolutely the (one and only) true Word of God (provenance must be provided as well as that everything said and everything predicted has happened exactly as said);

3) Jesus existed and that if he did exist, he was actually savior of mankind (there's a decided lack of legitimate historians for this claim);

4) the Gospels are true (only 4 of the 40 have been 'ratified' by some questionable method by somewhat unqualified people);

5) books that are forged are legitimate -- you know, like II Peter;

6) he has any legitimate claim to being any kind of minister, apostle, prophet, guru (and since those of that ilk are to be blameless and have a good reputation of those without, his online DUI presents something of a challenge);

7) he is not a false prophet that's full of crap (good luck with that one, we've got proof he is and, as a result, if we believe Scripture, he has a death penalty declared upon him by God).

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to pay one whit of attention to him except to gather evidence for his prosecution if it can be found. He's full of it.

Moreover, his followers are breaking the New Covenant with God because they refuse to obey II Timothy 3 which describes him (and all his heretical cousins) where it says "from such turn away".

Since you Armstrongists won't obey God, you shouldn't be surprised when things don't work out for you -- you richly deserve everything you get because you simply won't obey God.

When Flurry gets sick and can't take care of himself, leave him at the mall. Someone will find him and take care of him. Hopefully, he'll be institutionalized.

Anonymous said...

Woe to those who call Flurry good, and good Flurry...

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry is rotten, and he loves it.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry, the spiritually rotten one at the top of the PCG heap, is causing all those under him to rot literally.

Anonymous said...

Be careful who you associate with, as you could become like them--thoroughly rotten.

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled by the PCG attitude toward medical care. Wouldn't they rather keep their tithe sources alive and kicking for as long as possible?

Anonymous said...

“I'm puzzled by the PCG attitude toward medical care. Wouldn't they rather keep their tithe sources alive and kicking for as long as possible?”

Satanic cults like the PCG tend to think short term (“end times,” “end of the end times,” “last hour,” etc.). They actually want people to die and leave everything to the cult in their will. The sooner people die, the better the PCG likes it. In fact, Satan's long term goal is to get everyone to die forever.

Remember, it is not just about the money. Satan loves to see people suffer and die--preferably die for all eternity for following and supporting cruel, twisted, false prophets like Gerald Flurry.

Sweetblood777 said...

If one cannot see how that Flurry is a demonic, then they have very little spiritual discernment.

I find it absolutely unchristian to use fear tactics in order to drain more money out of your supporters. Why is it that members of these groups not ask themselves why their leaders do not sacrifice as they are sacrificing? Why do these leaders live like kings when the apostles never did? Why must they continue to hound their members for money? One would think that if the Most High was using them, then would He not open doors and call many more to support the work?

Every where one looks when studying these groups, the leaders live the abundant life, while their sheep barely survive and are expected to always dig deeper into their pockets in order to purchase a grand life style for these con-men.

Its time people cast their organizations in the garbage where they belong and then start living as Yahshua demonstrated. He is the one that they should fear, not some ego driven coveting mad man, who shows over and over again, that they are demonic in their thinking, words, and actions.

Anonymous said...

Mister Flurry should rename his church as The Rotting Church of God, and put this picture on it's RCG website to show one of their happier members!

They certainly have been lacking an influx of new blood, and maybe such a picture will appeal to the zombie-loving youth demographic and bring in a few new members.

Anonymous said...

"If one cannot see how that Flurry is a demonic, then they have very little spiritual discernment. I find it absolutely unchristian to..."

I can't see how "Flurry is a demonic," unless of course this was intended in a purely poetic way.

Frankly, I have seen so many "christians" doing so many "unchristian" things, that the adjective "christian" has been redefined for me to me the polar opposite of that which is taught from pulpits (but is rarely practiced). In fact, the people doing the preaching, like Flurry, are often the worst practitioners out there. In my experience, the worst human beings with whom I have had the displeasure of personal contact with, have been "ordained" ministers. Does that mean they have a "demon"? No, it means the scum rises to the top. And the fact that by dictionary definition, a "minister" is a servant, but in practice is (once again) the polar opposite, a master who expects to be served, is par for the course.

Something I find curious is the way christians over-define human behavior.

Some humans display "pathological" behavior. This is not surprising. It's exactly what we should expect at the extremes of the spectrum of mental health. At the extremes of bodily health, people are also ill, but nobody thinks that means ill people have a demon anymore. And mentality is a product of the functioning (or misfunctioning) of the brain, which is just one more part of the body, and subject to illness.

And yet, christians insist that human behavior is not human behavior at all. All the good they do is centrally manufactured by their god, and distributed to each human being. Likewise, all the bad they do is also distributed from a central source, satan. All of human behavior is thus already accounted for. Yet they go on to continue to define it with concepts like "human nature," (totally ignoring the meaning of the word "nature," which for them, means created by god, but define it to mean something evil, which is totally at odds with the rest of their theology, but since when did christianity make sense?) And on top of that, they continue to overdefine it by supposing that christians still have libertarian free will. There's no more room left for christians to have free will according to their theology then there is room left on planet earth to discover an overlooked continent populated with prehistoric dinosaurs.

When will they just admit that gods, demons, and the "holy spirit" are hokum? Some christians are good people, some are sociopaths, and some are psychopaths. It's all explicable without having to invoke superstition.

James said...

9:24 wrote: 'Some christians are good people, some are sociopaths, and some are psychopaths. It's all explicable without having to invoke superstition.'
Just like America's politicians.