Monday, May 11, 2015

Living "University" Class on "How To Lie With Statistics"

Living Church of God could not have picked a more appropriate title for a book to use at their so-called "university."  The Church of God has had a horrible reputation of using statistics to falsely present an over inflated "God inspired" work.  As one director of the Accounting Department once said, "We can make any figures mean any thing we want them to mean."  That is what the COG did for decades whether it was talking about PT subscribers, members, or income.  That is ghat the present day splinter personality cults do too, especially Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, United Church of God and Rod Meredith.  Pack and Flurry are hands down the biggest liars out there, closely followed by LCG and UCG.


NO2HWA said...

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Anonymous said...

I doubt they're really teaching students how to lie. However, this does show that Living University (and Living Church of God) leaders think "lying" is something to joke about, rather than the subject of a commandment.

Would LU use a textbook entitled "How to Rape With Rohypnol" in a chemistry class? Would LU use a textbook entitled "How to Steal With the Tax Code" in an accounting class? Those are morally the equivalent of that "How to Lie" textbook. You might think a Church of God would know better than to make a joke out of a commandment.

Anonymous said...

And yet the LCG members swallow it whole, never questioning any of their kookie numbers, because if Meredith says it then it's just like the Lord said it!

In addition to exaggerating their income, they also completely inflate their feast attendance numbers every year. Ironically, it has bitten them in the ass more than once because the idiots use their own fake numbers to plan for the next year's feast causing them to over-promise rooms, food and beverage to the venders; in turn causing LCG to pay huge attrition penalties.


Anonymous said...

Isn't exagerating = to lying = to going into the Lske of Fire???

Byker Bob said...

What I had said was that this is exactly what you would expect to find within a movement that was started by someone with a background strong or heavy in the advertising field. It was yet another polluting ingredient of the toxicity.


Anonymous said...

This book has been used at other colleges because it gives examples of how people (intentionally or unintentionally) draw incorrect conclusions from data. It's a book that's worth reading.

The only conclusion I would draw from the fact that they are using this book is this is not going to be a rigorous class.

Anonymous said...


[This is largely Flurryite drivel, which they never seem to tire of repeating.]

When Herbert was alive, his TV show was on more than 400 stations.

The magazine had a circulation of over 8 million (more than Time and Newsweek TOGETHER!).

The work increased 30% each year for . . .


Yecch! So glad I figured out otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I check out the Living FB page. Recently there has been a new series of posts about "LCG Stats". They twist the truth and the sheeple lap it up.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates has included this book in his list of summer reads:

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