Friday, May 15, 2015

Why We And Others Call Out Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and UCG Calling Them Abusive Liars

From: Mind Games of Abusers: When Words Have No Meaning
The problem, of course, is that most cult leaders claim that the Bible is their authority. But they also say that they alone interpret it correctly. They say that everyone else in the world is wrong—all unbelievers, of course, but also most other professing believers—because only he or she, the cult leader, has accurately divided the word of truth. He will claim that his odd definitions are correct because they are “spiritual,” “heavenly wisdom,” “truths expressed by the Spirit,” or some such appeal to biblical language which is actually a smokescreen for his own narcissism and pride.

You can’t win an argument against such a person.

He is insane.

He has stepped outside the boundaries of reality and your use of logic and reason will never reach him. Your cow will never become his monkey wrench.

But you might reach some of his followers. So feel free to restate what the leader has told you and compare it with actual events:
  • When a cult leader calls criticism of his group “slander,” he is only using the word correctly if the statements about his group are untrue and are being said in order to defame the group. If they are true, no one has committed slander. Instead, the cult leader is a liar.
  • When a cult leader calls outrage over his heinous behavior “persecution,” he is mistaken. He is not being persecuted; he is being called to account. This is justice.
  • When a cult leader says that people can only be saved by moving to his church, repenting of all known sin, and doing works of righteousness, he is defining “salvation” in ways that the Bible never does. He can claim anything he wants, but the Bible says something entirely different. He is preaching a false gospel.
  • If a cult leader lets a baby die by withholding medical help, or if he ignores allegations of sexual abuse and then tries to cover it up, and if he then says that he acted in faith and that he is a loving and kind person who can be trusted with other people’s children, he is a liar. His actions do not fit the biblical definition of love, nor any definition of the word used by sane people.


Anonymous said...

What another load of garbage you keep posting. You cant be serious! You keep thinking the GOG people are in a "cult", thats just a word people like yourselves throw around to degrade others in the hope of achieving something sinister. That would make any person who goes to any church or part of a political system or sports team for that matter, part of a cult, how simple minded are you.

The real reason you keep this rubbish up is because you once understood the truth, you had the sword the sheild the breastplate and the belt, but you couldnt continue the fight, why? I'll tell you why; because you have a big yellow streak running down your backs thats why!

To know the truth and then throw your talent away instead of building on it is as cowardly as you can get! You are not the type of people anyone would want in any army. You would throw your arms up in the air and say, "oh this is too hard, I want to get back into the lust of the world it's a lot easier there", and then complain about those who fight on.

To justify yourselves you complain about and try to bring down COG people who are out there continuing the fight to defeat satans lies and deceptions by preaching the gospel of the coming kingdom.

When will you get over the fact that we dont follow any man but Christ. All you do is twist the truth like satan himself. Why dont you complain about the apostle Paul how he persecuted the church prior to his conversion, could you imagine if all you perfect souls that comment on this site were around then, what Paul would have to deal with on top of his other persecutions.

Why dont you offer any other solutions if you think your so right. You dont because you dont have any thats why. Its a lot easier pointing the finger at others instead.

You people hound others because they believe in the truth while justifying yourselves because you are spiritually yellow right the way through! It's hard enough to know the truth but to ridicule it the way you do after you once believed is the biggest act of cowardice!

What you need to do is stop thinking your helping people and wake up! Yes it's easier not to tithe or develop or grow in grace and knowledge but we choose to and nothing you or your regular scoffers can say or do will ever stop this powerful work from going from strength to strength.

Thats what you're so sore about isnt it, really, knowing more people are hearing the truth and applying it to their lives while you wander around aimlessly. You dont like being a minority. If you think you know the truth then lets hear it so we can check up on you, but you wont do that because you dont have anything but whining and complaining to offer. Like i said before, the color I see is yellow all over this site.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12:43 You have free will. If you don't like this site, don't visit it!

I believe the same things you do. I keep the Commandments (including the Sabbath), keep the Holy Days and attend an ACOG. The difference between us is that my rose colored zombie glasses have been removed. The abuses and frightfully un-Christian behaviors being committed by Flurry, Pack and Meredith are very real. The stories shared on this website ARE evil but not in the way you suggest. The very fact that these church leaders, who profess to be led by Christ, do these things to members is evil. Reporting the news is not. People have a right to expose tyranny. I have first hand experience as an LCG member and know the stories posted here are true. Just because you don't like them, or they don't fit in with your idolized perception of these ego-driven, vindictive men doesn't make them any less real or truthful! If LCG or other COGs want to stop seeing these kinds of things on the internet, maybe they should focus on THEIR behavior instead of getting mad a people for exposing the atrocities they commit on the brethren. Instead of blaming and name calling ("evil") the people with the COURAGE to expose it maybe they could take a stab at being beyond reproach.

Miller Jones said...

Anonymous 5/16 @ 12:43 - How many new people have been added over the last two years to the "powerful work" in which you are participating? And isn't it a little rich that someone posting as "Anonymous" is accusing the named folks who post and comment on this blog of cowardice?

James said...

12:43 wrote:
'The real reason you keep this rubbish up is because you once understood the truth, you had the sword the sheild the breastplate and the belt, but you couldnt continue the fight, why? I'll tell you why; because you have a big yellow streak running down your backs thats why!'

The truth be known it is not cowardice but facts that we did not ignore. We pulled our heads out of the sand and stood firm in truth. That truth is that the COG's are a fraud, BI is a fraud, the leaders are uneducated morons and false prophets, and that HWA screwed his daughter. That alone disqualified the old man from a position of authority or a man of God.
'What you need to do is stop thinking your helping people and wake up! Yes it's easier not to tithe or develop or grow in grace and knowledge but we choose to and nothing you or your regular scoffers can say or do will ever stop this powerful work from going from strength to strength.'

The so called work is dying. Interest in Armstrongism is wanning and the death of the movement is imminent.

Anonymous said...

" once understood 'the TROOTH™'..."

Understood the what? The indoctrination? Oh, yes, I understood the indoctrination...

"...I want to get back into 'the lust of the world'..."

Yep, keep telling yourselves that. You got us aaaalllll figured out, now doncha? Ever have an original thought of your own? Or do you just pollyparrot?

"...we don't follow any man but 'christ'..."

Yep, keep telling yourselves that.

"...You people hound others because they believe in 'the TROOTH™'..."

Yep, that's why we do it. Dammit, you guys know us SOOO well. It's almost like you're MINDREADERS or somethin'!

"...nothing you or your regular scoffers can say or do will ever stop this powerful work from going from 'strength' to 'strength.'"

Going from what? To what? Yep, keep telling yourselves that.

"...Thats what you're so sore about isnt it, really, knowing more people are hearing 'the TROOTH™' and applying it to their lives..."

Hearing the what? The indoctrination? And what's that you say? Applying it??? LOL!!! Applying what exactly? Olde Testament Jewish rituals? An enlightened moral code not so much, that's for sure. Yep, that's what we're so "sore" about...

You use words in such funny ways:

"the TROOTH™" = fables, lies, and Jewish rituals
"christ" = HWA
"the lust of the world" = rejecting HWA and his demonstrably false doctrines
"strength" = declining into abject obscurity
"applying ['the TROOTH™'] to our lives" = despising, denigrating, and treating people like shit

One of the few babble verses with any merit is, "by their fruits you shall know them," and boy do the fruits of Armstrongism stink!

Homer said...

Anon @ 12:43 AM said, “The real reason you keep this rubbish up is because you once understood the truth, you had the sword the sheild the breastplate and the belt, but you couldnt continue the fight, why? I'll tell you why; because you have a big yellow streak running down your backs thats why!”

I can’t speak for others, but as for me, I once believed what I was told was “truth” because I didn’t understand enough about the Bible to challenge those who put themselves in positions of authority. Once I began to really understand what words mean rather than accept what I was told, my understanding began to change. I began to question the traditions of the ACOG, not to be difficult, but to gain better understanding. You may say those who do this “. . . have a big yellow streak running down . . .” our backs. However, one could say it takes courage to question and look at reason and logic for answers rather than just do as one COG preacher has said, “ We have men who have studied all these things [in the Bible]. Just believe what we tell you.” Sorry Anon @ 12:43 AM, those days are over!

Byker Bob said...

Well, 12:43, As I came to the end of your entry, I expected to see a word, in caps, with exclamation points. That word is: NOT!!!!

I literally thought you were indulging in mimicry for the purpose of satire, and would come clean at the end, but it appears that you actually are a physical and mental embodiment of precisely what Gary posted.

There is one really good thing about Armstongism. It is a self-punishing offense, and its own reward. It appears that you are thoroughly enjoying at least the gloating aspect of serving your sentence. For the present, it would seem that the mind games have you totally locked up, and you are beyond help.

BTW, Armstrongism is not just the every day, benign, garden snake variety of cult. It is both toxic, and venomous. To live in it, members must become as Rappaccini's daughter.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand what the connection is between being yellow and cowardly, and knowing the truth? Anon 12:43 seems to be obsessed with both of these ideas. Just because you believe a fantasy is the truth doesn't mean you are brave. One could also say a person is brave if they are willing to admit they don't know the answers, and to be willing to step into the mass of humanity who really don't know everything about why we are here and whether there is a huge purpose to it all.

There is some kind of warrior/army mentality evident in this post (12:43). Sorry I didn't sign up for the marines.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:43, while i disagree with this site on many things, you need to also understand that there are some legitimate grievances and concerns that sites like these have.

sure such sites tend to be self serving and hyperbolic, and frankly there are some outright lies being told, but the hypocrisy, self righteousness, mean spiritedness, racial bigotry, lack of charity, abuse of tithes, and the like in these church of God organizations is precisely why the work is absolutely NOT POWERFUL,

and the failure to recognize and acknowledge these things ensures it will indeed remain stunted in its growth...

Monnie said...

Is this letter from Anon a parody from one of the brilliant minds at Banned, or a real one from a COG zombie?

Ed said...

The general message I got from the " anon 12:43 " post is that this blog and others like it are trying to trip-up the true believers. That we who contribute to this blog are going to lose are salvation and are trying to bring others down with us.

Actually the opposite is true. We are just trying to help people see Armstrongism for what it is so that people can free themselves from this and other forms of religious slavery.

I suspect that " anon 12:43 " is a member of one of the more extreme COG's. There are members of the less extreme groups that are more open to some of the criticism expressed on this blog. I guess there is more hope for those then the die-hard members such as "anon 12:43.

Martha said...

I know that a lot of COG members visit this site on Saturday, and I do not want to let this ignorant, inflammatory comment left un-challenged for those members who are reading and truly seeking answers.

I was raised in WCG and came out of the COG system only relatively recently. Growing up, I was repeatedly told that people called WCG and its splinters a cult because we did not believe in the trinity, among other similar reasons.

As I began my journey out of the COGs, I was shocked to find specific reasons that we were labelled a cult that had little to do with the trinity. The primary reason, of course, is that we followed the extra-biblical teachings of Herbert W Armstrong whom, upon further reading, was undeniably a cult leader and a false apostle/prophet. HWA has been dead for decades, so it's easy for those in the modern-day COGs to lose sight of this fact, but Armstrong created and fostered a cult environment that is largely intact today, more predominantly in some groups than others. Somehow the COGs rightly label groups such as Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientologists as cultists but excuse all the identifying markers in their own religion.

For those truly seeking a better understanding of what makes a group a cult, feel free to anonymously search sites like Christianity Today or, or consult the book The Kingdom of the Cults.

And for anyone who believes that people like us are just "yellow," I would challenge you to consider just how much courage it takes to leave behind all the interpretations and traditions you've known your entire life, once you learn it was a lie, knowing the decision will cost you your family and friends. We can be accused of a lot of things, but we certainly are not cowards.

Take heart, questioners and seekers. The answers are out there. It's not easy, but it's the best decision you will ever make.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse at May 16, 2015 at 12:43 AM said...

“To justify yourselves you complain about and try to bring down COG people who are out there continuing the fight to defeat satans lies and deceptions by preaching the gospel of the coming kingdom.”

It appears that you simply do not know or realise what is happening on the Church of God scene these days. Satan is using many false religious leaders to diabolically oppose everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught. Perhaps you sent this part of your comment to this Blog by mistake. Perhaps you really meant to send it to Gerald R. Flurry, the spiritually rotten leader of the PCG impostor cult.

Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in his Autobiography, and in his last book called Mystery of the Ages, that preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God was “the very purpose of the church.”

However, in a book called Malachi's Message, Gerald Flurry wrote the following TO DO AWAY WITH the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of God in his own PCG impostor cult (The CAPITALIZATION below for emphasis is Gerald Flurry's.):


Here is what Gerald Flurry wrote in his Malachi's Message book to REPLACE the “great commission” to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God to the whole world with a NEW commission for his own PCG impostor cult:

“The PCG has been commissioned by God to warn the Laodiceans about their sins. The whole book of Malachi is about this commission.”

One cannot help thinking about the apostle Paul's DOUBLE CURSE on anyone who would try to pervert the gospel or preach any other gospel. Like Flurry's “new commission,” they are often, as the apostle Paul said so eloquently, “really no gospel at all.”

In conclusion, I hope you do not mistakenly complain about those who paid attention in the past, remember what was taught, and fight on for it against spiritually rotten false prophets like Gerald Flurry.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43: All I can say is WOW!

Wait! Maybe I can say a little more.

Did anyone ever teach you the difference between "your" and "you're"? Apparently not.

But to your point, a bit defensive aren't we?

Why don't you tell us which "powerful work" you belong to that keeps "going from strength to strength". It must be one that isn't regularly ridiculed on this site because they are all crumbling from inside. And why don't you tell us how many baptisms your "powerful work" has had during the past year so we can stand in awe?

The truth that you want us to post is that the COGs, including yours (which one is it again?) are abusive organizations that have brainwashed their members into believing that they alone have all truth. You are the poster boy (or girl) for this truth.

As long as there are commenters like you, I predict a long life for this site.

Anonymous said...

"When will you get over the fact that we dont follow any man but Christ."

Given that the entire excerpt was in fact about the behaviors of men, your tantrum in text makes it plain: you may mouth that slogan, but you are actually concerned heavily with attempting to defend men.

You poor baby.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I've offered solutions, but the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia have not been listening: Stop with the false prophecies, stop supporting false prophets, stop committing idolatry by worshipping the man who founded a new cult at the time he was committing incest with his daughter, admit that church history is crap and the Waldensians were neither Sabbath keepers nor kept the Feast, admit the United States is not a lost tribe of Israel and expunge it from your belief system, give up obvious superstition, stop lying, stop ripping people off, stop practicing deception, stop stealing (taking 'tithes' that belong to the extinct Levitical priesthood is stealing): In short, repent and follow II Timothy 3 where it says of your Armstrongist leaders so aptly described in the first few verses, "from such turn away".

It is also necessary to do a reality check: The Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia is dying slowly by slipping into entropy -- there are no significant numbers of new members, there isn't any growth physically or spiritually, the membership is 50 shades of gray and dying off -- in short, God is NOT blessing you.

It is doubtful that Jesus will tell the Armstrongist ministerial leaders "I never knew you" when he returns; instead, I suspect, he will say, "I never wanted to know you".

The bottom line: Armstrongists are supporting a society of sociopathic leaders that don't even act like viable humans and a society heavily populated with alcoholic boozers determined that they are going to hold the whole dysfunctional codependent addicts together as a group.

Not impressed.

At least if you attended the Church of God Seventh Day instead, you'd be marginally better off, if you didn't bring your bad habits with you to subvert the group. I'm not recommending it, because frankly the mental state of Armstrongists has so deteriorated that some of them can't even begin to realize that their leader who was prosecuted for felony income tax evasion has been prosecuted, not persecuted. But then, false prophets are so addictive....

Anonymous said...

Most excellent response I've ever seen on this sit! BRAVO!!!!

Byker Bob said...

It's funny. After realizing that 12:43's missive was intended to be taken seriously, my next guess was Kitchen??? But the Kitchens know about apostrophes for contractions, are aware of the differences in and proper selection of homonyms, and don't generally use run on sentences. They usually do sign their posts, and wasn't one of anonymous's major themes cowardice, or being yellow?

Whoever 12:43 is also apparently doesn't feel guilty for sending tithes to people who then use those tithes to spread the horrible lie of British Israelism. That can't be pleasing to God!

Ah well! In the long term scheme of things, there generally is an attitude adjustment right about the time that the irrational disfellowshippers come 'a knocking at your door!


Anonymous said...

HWA said, "Don't believe me, believe your Bible". I sat "at his feet' at AC. After a few years I was better able to distinguish between the indoctrination I received at AC and what the Bible really says. The writer speaks of those who left as cowards. Those who refuse to test their views by reading material from outside the WCG are the real cowards. I have been communicating with someone from the LCG letter answering department. When I ask him clear and pointed questions, he dodges them. Why can't he point out to me in the church era a commandment to observe the Sabbath or Holy Days? I find only nine of the ten Commandments in the church age, not one for the Sabbath. Why did Paul not use the word "tithe" or refer to the OT law to encourage giving? Why are "Israel" and "Judah" used interchangeably? So many questions are ignored. Why? Because they don't really have answers. Twenty years after graduating from AC I graduated from Emmaus Bible College, where instructors were really trained in Theology and we able to admit, "I don't know the answer to that question." The hypocrisy and arrogance of the WCGs are the most disturbing traits of these groups. Those long time members have invested too much of themselves into it to walk away. They will continue to use confirmation bias to tell themselves that the Bible supports their views, when, perhaps in the back of their minds, they have doubts. But they are too scared to pursue them.

Anonymous said...

Dude you are following a man, not Christ.

Christ would NEVER treat people like Rod Meredith and Rod McNair treat people. Unrelenting, hateful, vindictive, spiteful persecutors of brethren. Meredith strikes like a cobra in an attempt to annihilate. Christ would walk 100 miles to try to help a lost sheep who goes astray. Meredith demands respect and obedience. Christ led by example and earned respect through his behavior.90% of the Charlotte LCG congregation SAYS they don't approve of how the recent purge victims were treated by the ministry but they are 100% unwilling to stand up for what's right and do something about it. Now THAT'S cowardice. THAT is following a man, not Christ.

Do any of you really think Christ would do what Meredith did to these people?

Someone once said, "all you need for evil to prevail is for good people to stand by and do nothing". Well that is exactly what is going on. People complain in hushed whispers but lack the courage to do anything because they are AFRAID of the ministry. Wake up people; if you are afraid of retaliation from you minister, your minister IS NOT FOLLOWING CHRIST!

Annon 12:48 many of us believe the "truth" of which you speak. Many of us have zero complaint about the LCG statement of beliefs or the work they are doing. What we do have a problem with is the hateful behavior of the men in power.

Charlie Brown said...

I think 12:43 is an LCGer. In the last paragraph they use the phrase " so we can check up on you." That's classic Meredith.

Mark Wolfe said...

Ten warning signs of a potentially dangerous cult leader:

1. Absolute authority without meaningful accountability.
2. No tolerance or questions or critical inquiry is allowed.
3. No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budgets and expenses. No independent financial statement is ever put forth.
4. Unreasonable fear about the outside world, including, impending catastrophies, evil conspiracies and persecution.
5. There is no legitimate reason to ever leave.
6. Former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.
7. Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.
8. The media has documented the abuses of the group or leader.
9. Followers feel they can never be good enough.
10.The group or leader is always correct. Through the leader is the exclusive means of knowing the truth or receiving validation. No other process of discovery is credible or acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out if 12:43 is one of the blind or the one-eyed man.

Anonymous said...

Davy Crockett did a short stint as LCG business manager. He is widely respected by everyone in the COG world. Does anyone know why he left Charlotte? Was he disgusted by what he saw? Did they force him out? Or did he just want to go home and retire?

Byker Bob said...

I would like to applaud something that seems to be an emerging trend. Up until a couple of months ago, if we saw any comments from ACOG members, here and in the other usual places, they were very similar to those posted by Anonymous 12:43.

However, there seems to be a trend of new openness, and mutual respect in the exchanges amongst ourselves and visitors from the LCG and other ACOG groups. As a result, we are getting a much more accurate perspectve with regard to how the members of today view their leaders, and the concepts of church authority and social justice. Clearly, many of the contemporary members are thinking for themselves, are asking the right questions, and would like to see more accountability from their leaders.

Speaking purely for myself, although there are probably others who will agree, It really doesn't bother me if people believe that they need to keep the sabbath and holy days, and abstain from eating unclean meats. I value the friendships which I have enjoyed with Jewish and Seventh Day Adventist people, and really have no problem getting along with them in spite of differences in belief. But, what I would hope for our ACOG visitors would be that they would be able to escape from the special exploitations which always result from unique "doctrines" which HWA brought to the party in his attache case full of extrabiblical theories, very questionable prophecies, and incompassionate managerial style. These extras are what make Armstrongism appear to be cloistered and cultic.

Anyhoo, it is always nice to praise good when you see it, and I just couldn't help giving a little praise where it is clearly due!


Anonymous said...

I am nearly certain that annon is cut from the LCG cloth. Likely a minister. They have no clue how to deal with this site or how to start working on damage control. They monitor it constantlyand are in Banned crisis mode. They try to pretend their members don't look at this site but all one has to do is to look at the map to see that many of their members look at this site - ALOT

Most LCG members and ministers alike know the stories coming out are true. All HQ can do is to keep preaching on the importance of obedience to God's ministry and about how important it is to keep looking at the big picture and not getting tripped up on the little things (like watching ministry falsely accuse brethren or abuse power in other ways or using tithes eg gir fancy trips to Hawaii or 100 other things). They have to keep reminding us that we might mot understand why they do the things they do, but it's not for us to understand. It's our jobs to trust that they are led by Christ and to follow what they say if we want to make it as first fruits.

Anonymous said...

The cog's have either greatly resisted or outright ignored (if not rejected) the principles found in the following verses: 1 Corinthians 6:4, 1 Corinthians 9:12, 1 Corinthians 12:23-26, 1 Corinthians 13, 1 Peter 5:2-3, and logically they in effect do limit their appeal...

Anonymous said...

Hello to the first responder(12:43 AM)-

OMG, I'm speechless!
Your comment was like a softball lobbed so softly and smackable that a person could hit it whichever way they wanted.

With each paragraph of yours that I read, there was another point which could be easily refuted.

I will be kind and simply wish the best for you and those who are also brainwashed by HWA's nutty Armstrongism.

~Tacos Dorados

Homer said...

In total agreement from here with BB's latest comment.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...Davy Crockett did a short stint as LCG business manager. He is widely respected by everyone in the COG world. Does anyone know why he left Charlotte? Was he disgusted by what he saw? Did they force him out? Or did he just want to go home and retire?"

He was pushed out. He refused or declined going back into the field so into retirement he went.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at May 16, 2015 at 12:43 AM said...

“Like i said before, the color I see is yellow all over this site.”

I agree with you that one should not forsake God or the Bible or the laws of God.

However, the situation on the church scene these days is pretty bad. After all, according to HWA's church eras theory, we are now in the Laodicean era, the era that needs to, and fully deserves to, go into a Great Tribulation.

Have you ever seen anyone like Gerald Flurry, who uses HWA's name and photograph all the time to attract followers while always perverting in the most satanic way the major things that HWA had taught? If you really want to see yellow-bellied cowards, look at the people in the PCG, afraid that a little old drunken runt will kick them out and cut off all contact between them and their fake PCG friends and even their own crazy PCG family members. It was pointed out years ago that the PCG turns men into cowards. One could ask great philosophical questions like, Just how many demons can you fit into a little runt? The answer: Too many.

Have you ever seen anyone like David Pack, who uses HWA's name all the time to justify his reign of terror and plunder? If you really want to see yellow-bellied cowards, look at the poor, deceived, robbed, plundered, and emasculated victims of raging Dave Pack of lies. Can you even read fast enough to keep up with his major doctrinal changes as he deletes his old booklets so he can come up with totally different ideas? Have you ever gone looking for precision of doctrine but just found even more craziness than usual? If you have not done this yet, and think you want to, be sure to check out David Pack.

Have you ever seen anyone like Ronald Weinland, who writes works of fiction to get people's money? If you really want to see yellow-bellied cowards, look at those people who are mentally and physically trapped in this fantasy world and actually fear mere fiction books written by a mere writer of fiction like Ronald the clown. Imagine fearing someone who is currently in prison for his tax evasion, when sharing some of the money with “good” accountants and “good” lawyers could have enabled him to carry on his plundering without going to jail.

Have you ever seen all the little kooks running wild all over the COG scene today? If you really want to see yellow-bellied cowards, look at anyone who is stupid enough to follow the numerous kooks like Bob Thiel, or James Malm, or Eric King, or any of the other little nobodies out there who make up whatever they want to off the top of their head and expect others to believe it and support it, even though they always contradict what HWA had taught, and often do not even attempt to hide their disagreement.

Anonymous said...

Spiritual abuse is not a blessing!

~Miguel de la Rodente