Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Living Church of God: Does It Have Any Ministers Above Reproach?

Here are the guidelines that ministers in the Living Church of God should be following when they dish out punishments on rebellious LCG members..

Guidelines for Exercising Church Discipline and Authority  (Handout 3.4) pg. 3-12

To exercise ecclesiastical authority properly and effectively, a minister:

  • Must be ABOVE REPROACH in his personal conduct.
  • Must have INSPIRED the flock to follow the RIGHT WAY by means of his personal           EXAMPLE and PREACHING.
  • Must be FAIR in judgment and in NO way a RESPECTER of persons.
  • Must be CONSISTENT in the use of authority and BALANCED in frequency of its use.
  • Must ensure that the degree of severity is suited to the seriousness of the infraction of God’s           Laws (1 Corinthians 5:1-4).

Notice #2 above.  Is there really such a thing for a minister in the Church of God to be ABOVE REPROACH?   Especially when you read things like this:

Why was there such an epidemic of adultery at LCG headquarters in Charlotte in the first place? I can count 6 people that I have sat in church with for years, ALL OF WHOM WORKED FOR THE HEADQUARTERS CHURCH who are now known adulterers.

Four were disfellowshipped, one was marked, one still has her job and is in good standing with the church solely because of her husband's position (friendship with Meredith does have its kickbacks)

Doesn't it seem like a disproportionate number when so few work in that building? I have worked in many "worldly" offices and none of them have had such rampant sexual escapades!

I'm just curios to see if there are any theories out there as to why it happened.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Maybe not above reproach.

Maybe should be under indictment.

Anonymous said...

More of that government from "on top" down that the COGs are famous for...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Meredith's obsession with sex is contagious.

Now that he's older, I wonder if RCM is still a total pervert or if he has simmered down.

Anonymous said...

"Must be CONSISTENT in the use of authority and BALANCED in frequency of its use. Must ensure that the degree of severity is suited to the seriousness of the infraction of God’s Laws"

Consistent??? Why were some put out for studying the Book of Enoch while others were not? Why were some adulterers put out while others were not? Why were some members having private Friday night Bible studies put out and others were not? Why were some who dared to disagree with the "upgrades" put out while others were not? Why are some punished for speaking negatively of ministry while others are not? LCG is FAR from consistent!

Balanced??? The degree of severity of punishment was extremely harsh related to the crimes (real or imaginary) for all the people disfellowshipped by the League/McNair dream team last fall.

One thing is for sure. God is consistent. God is balanced. God is fair. He will ultimately be the Equalizer. What the men at LCG headquarters have done to members out of vendetta and hardness will be returned to them. Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Above reproach? Did it appear to some of you that the higher up someone moved in the WCG the more reproachful they became? How about a quiz: Identify the leaders who were "above reproach"
Stanley Rader
Raymond F McNair
Ronald Dart
C Sherwin McMichael
Osamu Gotoh (really?)
Did the "corrupt" rise to the top leadership or did they become corrupt by being closer to HWA and GTA?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:37 No Meredith is still the same old pervert. There was a sermon he gave this winter in which he went off for about 10 minutes about how tempting it is to be around pretty 18 year olds, but that he had to or something along that line. I forget the name of the sermon off the top of my head, but as a younger woman it was extremely uncomfortable to sit thru it.

Anonymous said...

A couple of UCG leaders who are at or below the level of reproach, both having been caught in adultery:

Melvin Rhodes
Paul Kieffer

Where is your holy spirit that sets you above such human failings? Nowhere to be found. Certainly not to be found among the ranks of your "ministers." And if not there, then where? Nowhere at all. The result? Endless hypocrisy.