Thursday, October 8, 2015

Living Church of God: Lil Jimmy Has A Great Feast In Hawaii (Again)

From a contributor:

Lil Jim Meredith really enjoyed his deluxe accommodations,  expensive meals and lots of pricey recreational activities such as ATVs, zip-lining and, his personal favorite, golfing on high-end golf courses with endless views at the Feast this year. Being the bosses kid and heir apparent does have its privileges! And it's so much easier to stomach the high prices in Hawaii when your trip is being fully funded by tithe-payers instead of coming out of your own pocket. Twenty bucks says Lil' Jimmy will be festival coordinator in Hawaii next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.... Can anyone imagine him at one of the smaller, less noted and far less luxurious sites? I don't think so!

Maybe one year LCG can have as many Feast-goers in Hawaii as UCG or COGWA. As for now, their numbers pale in comparison. Not that any of us really care, but numbers mean EVERYTHING to Meredith and his henchmen. They mean so much that they have no problem LYING about them to inflate their sense of importance and to prove that they are doing an amazing "work". Although it's not really "lying" if you accidentally count dead people, children or people who get married and change their names so they start receiving 2 of everything; or people who donate $5 once and are never heard from again. LCG counts it all as evidence of "growth".

Perhaps they learned this technique from that "How To Lie With Statistics" book that Living University uses to teach math (Living University Class On How to Lie).

It's really a shame that LCG doesn't have a congregation in Hawaii because maybe he could just move there permanently to "serve the people" but I guess it would be frowned upon for the next leader of LCG to be so far away from Charlotte. when the old man is so close to death.

Insiders say that Lil' Jim is now officially the department head of EVERY DEPARTMENT at LCG headquarters. He now heads departments with which he knows absolutely nothing about. Not that that is too shocking because none of them really know what they are doing in the 1st place. It's so much easier to train people to do what you want them to do instead of hiring educated professionals to do things the proper way. Lil' Jim now signs off on every employees time card and approves all requested time-off, but he's not in control, right? It's interesting that Lil' Jimmy has been made the head of every department and has his name on all the financials but THEY CONTINUE THE RUSE THAT JIM ISN'T TAKING OVER AFTER EMPORER ROD DIES ! He is most certainly going to be wizard behind the curtain despite the smoke and mirrors LCG uses to pander an alternate plan to their trusting members. Lies are okay in Meredith-land just so long as the ends justify the means.


Anonymous said...

I work in Charlotte office and have to say Jim is one of the more disliked people here. He's arrogant. He's not afraid of throwing around who his daddy is when people start to disagree with him. He has no qualms in spending the tithe money of widows and poor members to fund his lifestyle and elegant surroundings.

Thanks for posting this. You were the "secret" topic of the morning. Print outs of the post were shared by many because they were afraid to click to the site online.

Anonymous said...

Awwww come on guys, you know it upsets RCM when people talk unfavorably about his Lil' Jimmy!

Remember how he drove hundreds of members to this website after a tirade during one of his sermons referencing how unfair Banned was for pointing out that he and his wife live in an anything but humble 4500 square foot home in Charlotte all by themselves?

Anonymous said...

Rod McNair is probably rejoicing that this story is about Jim instead of himself for a change lol

Anonymous said...

"Print outs of the post were shared by many because they were afraid to click to the site online"

This is because of the super spy mentality at LCG. People know that their web searches, emails and all other computer time is monitored by the Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

The problem for lil' Jimmy is power is your ability to influence others. His father has it, because enough people believe that HWA had something special and that whatever that special something was, enough of it rubbed off onto Rod. When he abandoned Global, if he didn't have power, he would have found himself out of luck, but die-hard LCG people are so convinced he has something special that they'll follow him anywhere. That and they think he preaches "powerfully," having the balls to say the embarrassing things UCG are too, well, embarrassed to say!

But will they follow lil' Jimmy like that? It depends. How much do these die-hard LCG people value nepotism? How much of that special HWA something that rubbed off onto Rod has rubbed off onto lil' Jimmy? How "powerfully" can lil' Jimmy preach the downright embarrassing things that the ACOG die-hards really believe?

My guess is, even if he winds up with the reigns to LCG at first, and even if there are enough die-hards that will guess lil' Jimmy must be anointed by god to succeed Rod, he'll be sabotaged left and right by the rest of the LCG hierarchy that aren't afraid of an invisible man and knows LCG is just a business.

I don't think that lil' Jimmy is influential enough to hold the reigns to LCG for long. And that's assuming that the rest of the wolves running LCG aren't going to tear it to ribbons as soon as Rod dies.

Anonymous said...

In defense of Jim Meredith:

1) He never disses the other churches of God, unlike his father, who spews vile, hate-filled propaganda on a regular basis. At the feast, Jim regularly expressed concern for the UCG sites in the path of the hurricane (the Bahamas and Jekyll Island).

2) He and his wife did an outstanding job in coordinating the Kauai feast site. They worked very hard, and did not have all that much time for "play".

Anonymous said...

they who claim to be Christian and righteous, yet seek and acquire earthly pleasures at the expense of others have their reward, and it is not a Heavenly one...

Anonymous said...

Defender of Jim:

He and Sue would have to be beyond incompetent to NOT do an "outstanding job coordinating the Kauai feast site". His predecessor did all the work setting up the contracts and he has been there every year after doing the exact same thing.

How hard could it be?

It is commendable that he prayed for UCG although I question ulterior motives. He likely knows that many members in LCG would revolt if he openly took over. A merge with United (which is hemorrhaging members for being too liberal) would secure his power role at the top of the pyramid. I don't sense that he needs to be #1 to be satisfied - just inner circle with a nice title and most importantly a NICE PAYCHECK.

Anonymous said...

Jim's idea of preaching powerfully is well demonstrated in that atrocious youtube video wherein he condemns homosexuals on NCIS. It was painfully amusing to watch but not at all "powerful" (

Just because a minister states something that's not politically correct doesn't mean that the sermon is powerful. I've heard many "powerful" sermons and NCIS Jim has never given a single one of them. His sermons are typically very lackluster and ill prepared. When he tries to raise his voice all Armstrong-like to play act vehemence, it just looks contrived and practiced. A great speaker he is not.

Anonymous said...

Lil Jimmy is an absolute asshole! But, since the members of LCG are so shellshocked and/or brainwashed by his daddy and the splinterings and manipulations (as in, "in shock"), my guess is that fewer than half will leave when daddy dies and leaves the cult to Lil' Jimmy.
They'll follow, due to being the sheep that they are.
It's easier on the brain to follow a person in a position of power, than it is to admit you've been totally wrong in following and believing in assholes (like Lil' Jimmy or Big Daddy).

Anonymous said...

Claiming Jim Meredith preaches powerfully is comparable to claiming Rod Meredith preaches powerfully. Every sermon is the exact same. Just because Old Spanky copies HWA in the way he raises his voice during key words to say the same thing over and over again in Every Single Sermon does not make him powerful or even relevant. That's a huge part of why I quit LCG. Every sermon is the exact same. If you disagree you really need to start paying attention. Every semon Rod gives 1) he defends himself saying how much he loves everyone, 2) he tells stories of his youth and the early days of WCG 3) he talks about the "licktor" and Jesus on the cross cry out to daddy 4) he tells people that they need to wake up, especially the youngins. There's more repetitions but hopefully you get the point. And then after every single sermon the congregation all say how amazing it was. If that's amazing then I really don't belong there.

Byker Bob said...

Commendations for some of the things they may get right, or do right is always going to fall on deaf ears when the overall thrust of a person's life is consumed by teaching things that are verifiably false, inciting unnatural or unjustifiable fear, exploiting those who place themselves under their care, and projecting an elite and entitled personna. Really, folks, this is just like revisionist Germans saying Hitler loved Aryan children, and petted his dog! On the other hand, when you know an oveall good, kind, ethical person who makes a mistake, it becomes very easy to overlook that.

The ACOG teachers are the people who didn't correct their bogus theology when God failed to validate the major premise of their "gospel" message in 1975! If the Germans had come in '72, we probably would have had tremendous esprit d'ecor as we chilled in Petra for 3-1/2 years lauding HWA and his staff as having been true and good messengers from God. Like the people did for Moses!


Charlie Brown said...

You forgot one anon 12:21. Rod almost always talks about rolling in the Bermuda grass with Billy.
I'm not sure what was really going on there.

Minimalist said...

This is the best expose of LCG CORRUPTION I have seen, very alarming how the rich leaders like the Millionaire Meredith Family live very high lives on money from the poor.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Rod's obsession with how "God didn't make men's parts to go into men's parts or else they'd be able to procreate" which he mentions with regularity during his sermons. Always fun to hear when you're sitting there with your children and teens. It's bad enough for the adults but I can't even imagine what the kids are thinking when he goes of on his homosexual rants. He is vulgar and far to graphic.

Oh, and then there's the "loose bricks" sermon.

And the "if you don't understand our upgrades, maybe you aren't fully converted" sermon.

And the top two most popular Rod Meredith sermons (drum roll.......)

1. Obey the ministry because we represent Christ and for God's sake, 2. send more money so we can complete this powerful work!!!

He is so repetitive and boring. Completely uninspired and uninspiring. Anyone who thinks differently must have had a lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure LCG is reading this blog and I have a suggestion for them.

Maybe they should look into their member's tithe records and then meet with those that aren't tithing to suspend them from attending for "not supporting the Work of God".

Then when the members get sick of being suspended and missing all of their friends they will make large contributions to buy their way back into RCM's favor.

Get more cash and rule with fear! Two of RCM's favorite strategies rolled into one!

I know they already do this in Charlotte. Well maybe they could step it up to more congregations!

Sure some of the ministers will take issue with it at first but then they will just swallow hard and comply. LCG ministers have knowingly followed a mean spirited liar for over a decade. It's not likely they will demonstrate the courage to stand up for what is right any time soon!

Anonymous said...

RCM said in a recent sermon that some in the Charlotte congregation were not paying their tithes. He stated he even knew of some that worked at their HQ that were not paying their tithes as they should. I've heard in the past them say they didn't look into peoples tithe records. I guess they do after all.

Anonymous said...

cog leadership have not believed that the love of money is the root of all evil, and that the tithe system is designed so that the ministry can devote themselves to serving the flock and preach the gospel, not so that the ministry can enrich themselves;

if you have enough money to take an elaborate vacation it is only because you have not rather spent that excess cash on the needy amongst you, and i hope the Lord's Wrath be upon you because this kind of behavior has gone on too long...

Byker Bob said...

Well Hoeh! (insider shibboleth type joke there!). To all those Roddomites listening in on our wonderful underground dissident diaspora, you folks in Charlotte, have a wonderful opportunity this weekend! As some of our Southern friends might say, "NASCAR has came to Charlotte" Why not take some of that leftover non-biblical second tithe, and instead of turning it in to the false prophets, treat the wife and kids to a NASCAR weekend? It'll be more exciting and inspiring than any Feast of Tabernacles could possibly be, and you will be surrounded for the most part by patriotic people, the majority of whom still pray! I guarantee, the kids will remember the experience for the rest of their lives, and it could even be reparative therapy for the damages that all ACOGs do to families.

Imagine Uncle Roddy, or CSI Jim showing up to give the sermon, and finding that nobody is there for sabbath services because all the members are at the track! The only drawback I can see is that in the sermon next week, all the drivers, car owners, and officials will probably be accused of being homosexual.


Anonymous said...

Meredith is boring? Well, who was his mentor? I remember HWA coming down to the gymnasium for Friday night Bible study. Whenever he showed up I would roll my eyes. Another repetition of Gen 1 Bohu and tohu. How the work began, etc. What an embarrassment. They should have given him a nice title, Pastor General Emeritus, or something, and let him spend his days in his mansion on campus with a well stocked bar. RCM is probably ready for the same "retirement package."

Glenn said...

Some folks in Pasadena did try to get HWA to accept a retirement package before GTA was finally kicked out but he refused.

Anonymous said...

unless they have access to my tax records, how can they know if I'm tithing or not?

Anonymous said...

Meredith is a pathological liar.

Is anyone shocked that he would say "we don't look into tithe records" and then 5 minutes later say, "we looked into the tithe records and some of you are cheating God!"?

He lies so much, he can't even keep his lies together any more.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of kicking people out for not tithing enough and then forcing them to buy their way back into LCG! Maybe we can make enough money to buy NCIS Jim a jet.

I'm sure Rod will agree. I've heard of several people that this very thing has already happened to.

Anonymous said...

Bob, people in LCG don't have any "leftover 2nd tithe" because at the end of the Feast they announce for members to turn in all excess 2nd tithe (in addition to asking you to give them a tithe of a tithe at the beginning of the Feast).

Anonymous said...

unless they have access to my tax records, how can they know if I'm tithing or not?

If you work for LCG, they know your salary.

If you send them "tithe of the tithe" (10% of 10%), you are telling them your annual income.

If you send them something you call "a tithe of the tithe" but it isn't 1% of your income, you're just as much a liar as Meredith, in which case why is one liar so keen on sending money to another liar? If you aren't comfortable trusting LCG with knowledge of your annual income, why would you trust them with preaching the gospel, training your children at their camps, advising your children about marriage, etc.?

Of course, what really matters is that you are a "big donor" whether or not you are tithing. If a wealthy family sends $20,000 per year, and a poor family sends $800 per year, which family do you think Meredith will treat better? Even if the poor family is paying 10% and the wealthy family is paying just 5%, you know the answer -- LCG cares about big money even more than it cares about tithing.

Anonymous said...

6:32 they speculate on your income based on your clothes, house, car, etc. If it seems like you are doing well they will make assumptions and even interrogate you faces to face like they did with me.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Meredith for many, many years used to automatically deduct 10% from all of his employees paychecks.

I'm sure he wouldn't like that getting out but there are so many of us who can confirm that it is the absolute truth!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous 6:32 AM said, "unless they have access to my tax records, how can they know if I'm tithing or not?"

MY COMMENT - Your cancelled checks and/or receipts by the Church ARE your tax records. They know what they have received from you. What I think you are eluding to is what if someone is attending LCG but tithing to multiple Armstrongite churches along with LCG. In that scenario, LCG would not know how much someone is truly tithing without seeing the individuals tax return.


Anonymous said...

You're mention of sermons being too graphic reminds me of his frequent elaboration of 1. penis and cervical cancer being reduced by circumcision, 2. God has impregnated us with his "sperma", amd 3. How he yells, or rather snarls, "SEX" when bemoaning our culture, i.e. "Perverted SEX practices".

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 6:32,
do you have to show a tax receipt of some kind to claim on your taxes? If so where does the receipt come from? Unless you give tithes in cash and anonymously.

Connie Schmidt said...

ANON at 6:32 AM---

Because your name is on the check! Furthermore if they are sending you a receipt for tax records, obviously they know whether you are contributing or not.

So they do know that you are giving something or not. However, they could not know whether or not you are giving a full tithe unless they knew your exact income, which of course, as you pointed out, is only available on your tax record.

If you just put cash in the basket on Holy Days and have no need for a receipt for tax purposes (most people just take the standard deduction anyway, so the tax deductibility of donations have no impact there unless they are well above $10k in a year) then no one can ever know what you are giving or not.

Your response if asked?... I give all my contributions anonymously. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

If Lil Jim is being groomed to take over, this is a good thing. It means the total collapse of that organization is near, either via people jumping ship or splitting into even smaller groups. If the COGs keep dividing, they will eventually cease to exist outside of little groups meeting in members' living rooms. Even those will fall apart as individuals clamor for leadership and the disgusted members take their Bibles and go home. The "big names" of the past are getting old and there will be no one left to claim to have received HWA's mantle. New scams will have to emerge.

Byker Bob said...

One of the basic presumptions in ACOG membership is that if one of "God's" (their arbitrary, self-serving designation) ministers asks you a point blank question, you will answer truthfully and completely. You can't plead the Fifth Amendment, and if they do grill and interrogate you, and believe they have caught you in a lie, you will receive a misplaced lecture on Annanias and Saphira as they disfellowship or suspend you.

If you have come to realize that their understanding of tithing is incorrect, or if you object on moral and ethical grounds to the ways in which they spend the tithes and feel accountable to hold them accountable, really the only intelligent thing to do is leave. People get disfellowshipped from these orgs all the time based on suspicion of guilt. Things like due process, right of appeal, or exculpatory evidence, to them, are part and parcel of "man's government" and are considered to be patches for human imperfection in rulership. These yahoos believe that their every thought and word is inspired by God, meaning there is no logical place for man's patches.

If your conscience or current thought processes compel you to retain some of their doctrines, by all means, keep studying, but go independent, keeping whatever you think you need to in the privacy of your home. Remember, each of the leaders of these groups is going to tell you not to be confused by all the splinters, because he is the one and only. The only antidote to that is to get to know God on your own.


Anonymous said...

If a COG honcho drove a NASCAR car and it crashed, it would be wonderful!
NASCAR people LIVE for the crashes!
Imagine Lil Jim at Auto Club Speedway crashing.