Friday, November 13, 2015

Garner Ted Armstrong Auction

It's been several years since Garner Ted Armstrong died.  Now you have a chance to own many of Ted's personal belongings.  How about a mounted deer or antelope head that was killed on your tithe money's dime.  Ted would go on yearly hunting trips all paid for by tithe payers.

The ultimate knife in the back is that the auction is being held on a Saturday.

Check out the auction here.


Chuckles said...

Most of his stuff looks like leftovers from a garage sale, not much value once the guns are gone, looks like everything's been picked over and this is what's left.

Floyd 1944 said...

They are going to auction GTA's crap? Reminds me of a nicely framed photo of Joe Tkach Sr that was on EBay a few years ago. Bid was 50 cents which was way too high.

Connie Schmidt said...

Interestingly enough, there is a portrait of Loma Armstrong, and no evidence of his father in the estate. Also one cannot help but feel that the house was a wee bit "over masculine" in its tenor, not that Im against strong men, but it appears to be somewhat overcompensating IMHO.

Ted was a complex and mixed up guy, with lots of internal conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Did nobody tell them that if they held the auction on a Sunday, they would fare better because the prices would get run up by Armstrongist relic hunters? Depth of demand is the life-blood of an auction and you want as much of that as you can get.

Lane Bronczewski said...

It seems the Armstrongs did not live too extravagantly at home. The furniture is 50's early 60's. Some of it nice leather but nothing outlandish and the furniture was not updated with modern things.
Hate the poor stuffed animal circus. Sad to think people hunt for the 'fun' of killing.
Gives you pause about a person that can do that.

The chapman tools will sell anyway.
This is nothing compared to his father's grandiose auction.

Also interesting that the CoG's never understood that to be clean/kosher, meat must be killed properly. Deuteronomy 21: you shall kill it "as I have instructed you."
This means shechita, or shechting the animal with a round tipped knife just to drain all of its blood at one nick. You cannot delay, pause, dig deeply into the neck, or in any way cause the animal distress or pain. It must be quick, clean and peacefully done or it is not a kosher kill and inedible.

Hunted meat is not fit to eat according to the law which CoG seems to love so much.
Hunted meat dies with the blood inside therefore: unfit for use.And it dies violently.
But, the love of killing defenseless things runs deep in some CoG men so it will not stop.

Anonymous said...

when i see such excesses i think back to the days of my childhood and how my father tithed to these people: i can testify that there are people in wwcg who were literally going hungry while the armstrongs accumulated what essentially is worthless carnal valued junk...

today we get reports that the merediths are doing similar carnal minded things, although not on quite the same grand scale...

this is precisely why none of the cogs can have any meaningful significance: hypocrisy, greed and the absense of the Loving Nature of Christ means you simply cannot grow physically, not to mention spiritually...

as long as you stand upon the backs of the poor while you preach the Kingdom of God, using tithe money to accumulate that what even the demons dont even value, you will not be Blessed of God, yea rather you will be cursed, and continually exposed as hypocrits and profaners of the Holy Reputation of God...

Anonymous said...

"Ted was a complex and mixed up guy, with lots of internal conflicts. " Indeed. Even as a middle aged adult he had no real authority. Rader controlled the money; HWA made all of the decisions. He was an adult, being treated like a child with his toys (his microphone and Falcon jet). Maybe he was a womanizer because his father emasculated him.

Allen Dexter said...

Ted was a born showman and actor who would have rivaled someone like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra if he hadn't been waylaid and sabotaged by religion and the dominance of his father. His singing was superb, and he did have a good sense of humor. It's sad what the curse of religion does to people in this world. We've seen a good dose of it in Paris this week. I rejoice to finally be free of that curse and abhor the day I first picked up my mother's Bible and started reading it.

Byker Bob said...

You could spend your entire life trying to figure Garner Ted out, and probably not know any more about him than when you started. Like many very public and talented people who were required to be "on" at all times, he may have been filled with the type of anxieties for which there is no relief.

I consider him to be just as much HWA's victim as we all were, possibly even moreso. But in the end, his immediate family was intact, and they loved him. That, to me, says a lot. He also never managed to completely walk away from his father's religious system, although he did make some minor modifications to the basic framework, some saying that his brand of Armstrongism was kinder and gentler. Tragically, even having his own church group did not help him control the same appetites which had gotten him into trouble throughout his life. Sex often figures into the power quotient when we are considering performers and magnates, but is not supposed to be one of the ingredients of a powerful Christian ministry. Quite the opposite, it is usually the penultimate disqualifier..

I didn't see anything amongst the bid items that would have matched my own interests. I do wonder what ever became of the restored Model A Ford he once owned. Celebrity owned vehicles are always popular at Barrett-Jackson.

Armstrongism, and the Armstrong empire never were vindicated, validated, or victorious. Instead, the best that you can say is that all of us were group participants in a useless, needless tragedy. It is hard to work up any sense of nostalgia about that!


Allen Dexter said...

Here's what I wrote on Facebook this evening:

"There's a piece on Banned by HWA today outlining the things on auction that belonged to Garner Ted Armstrong, Included a menagerie of stuffed animal heads from his trophy hunting. It was one of the rich boy outlets he had under the dominance of his ruthless father who never allowed him any true power or real individual sense of accomplishment. Such it is in all dictatorships. Only one despot can shine.
I always liked Ted and bear him no personal malice. I know about his moral failings and I don't excuse them, but I wasn't born with his particular mental quirks and compulsions. Nor, did I have the same kind of upbringing and influences that came to bear upon him. Some people have overwhelming weaknesses and never seem to get on top of them. Ted was like that. At heart, I think he always meant well, but there were compulsions he just could not get a handle on. I remember him telling us how he sat for hours staring at a pistol contemplating putting it to his head and pulling the trigger. At the time, it was a mystery to me how he could be that conflicted. Now I understand.
I'm not Ted's judge. Really, nobody is, including that fictional god some ignorant Middle Eastern goat herders dreamed up. He's dead and gone now, and it's an exercise in futility to try to pass any kind of judgment on him. In the long history of this world, his life is just another we can draw some example and counsel from."

R.L. said...

They had the auction on Sabbath morning?!?! Remarkable!

It screams the question of why the family allowed that - or whether the family had anything to do with it. Tell us more, please....

Chuckles said...

All of the items here to be auctioned off are only what's left that nobody really wanted anyway. The pricey items and quality stuff has long been picked over or sold by family, just look at the items here, all junk. The Armstrongs lived high on the hog, especially Herbert, they had good stuff in today's greedy world of stuff, it's all gone now and here are the leftovers.

Byker Bob said...

It's possible also that GTA had been forced into a somewhat diminished lifestyle after having been banished from his father's church. None of Herbert's executives ever enjoyed the level of tithe plunder that Herbert himself had accumulated. I suspect that GTA's sons and their families received their inheritances when Shirl died, and what we see being auctioned is essentially what they did not want, or could not use.

The auction company is obviously third party, and most likely not of the Armstrongite persuasion, so would not be bounded by anybody's understanding of the sabbath. Armstrongites have a tradition of seeing outsiders as working on the sabbath anyway, so therefore, able to be used in a manner similar to restauranteurs, the public utilities, or service station employees.

It's difficult to fault them for sabbath issues anyway, considering all of the information that has come out about the lunar-based sabbaths, and the way the sabbath was kept in the era before there were fixed calendars. Armstrongism made a Pharisaic fetish over the sabbath, but like most of Mosaic Law, they always had it wrong or incomplete in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Yep-per!, GTA was a victim of his father.

I used to think that at some point in growing up, a person becomes responsible for his own actions.

Should we negate that idea, and add an extra generation to it, so only his sons Mark, David and Matthew be subject to normal human accountability, before we call the "wambulance"?

Will someone please call the "wambulance" for Mark?
It's not 'hammertime' any more, sweet lil' Mark! Move on, Mark, and quit reminding us of why salesmen are so hated. Maybe get a real job at a McDonalds or something, you abhorrent ignorant leach.

Anonymous said...

I apologize, Mr. Mark Armstrong, for the people who are against you. I'm sure that Jesus will deal with them in due time.

Yea, though your ministry may lack 21st century oomph, look no further than this blog for tools capable of oomphing your ministry!

You'll find plenty of biblical certainty and even conspiracy theories here which may invigorate your flaccid ministry!

I look forward to seeing your flaccid ministry experience a new heyday after being infused with the codswallop of conspiracy theories and 'stupidity-derived' biblical certainty easily available here.

The sheep await you. Go forth, and deliver ye codswallop unto them!

Anonymous said...

Mark Armstrong running a church his dad started after getting kicked out of the church he started after getting kicked out of the church his dad started is, quite possibly, the definition of pathetic.

"Intercontinental" Church of God. Please.

Anonymous said...

To learn more about Garner Ted Armstrong, read THE PROFLIGATE SON by Al Carrozzo, as published in Ambassador Report:

Anonymous said...

Anders Breivik quoted Garner Ted Armstrong (quote 69) in his manifesto trying to explain why he went on his spree on Utoya. I was examinining this Manifesto as the bodies were still lying on the island. A bit like the former Ambassador professors assisting the FBI during the Waco siege. Of course the brainwashed will dismiss my contribution as codswallop conspiracy theories. Just continue to ridicule me and I will continue flooding you with factual information, that is the deal.


Anonymous said...

"Intercontinental" Church of God. Please.

Ha! What hubris. An impressive name for a thoroughly unimpressive "church"

I've sort of been waiting for Eric King to come up with the name, Intergalactic Church of God.

Byker Bob said...

The interesting thing is, if Armstrongism didn't "eat its own", and if GTA and Mark didn't both at one point rebel, and reject its tenets, Mark would probably be sitting where Joe Jr. is right now, and the WCG would probably still bear more resemblance to Adventism than it does mainstream Christianity.

You could say many things about Mark, but it is refreshing to see someone involved in Armstrongism who is pretty darned self-effacing. The GTAEA website is pretty much a tribute site to his father. Obviously, I take umbrage with their theology, and world view, but there seems to be much less ego there than you find on practically any of the splinter sites. Nobody in the entire decayed empire has come forward with GTA-style presence. So, that combined with the time and date stamp Armstrongism had from its very genesis means that none of the groups are going anywhere. There is no reason for all of the ego, chauvinism, and narcissim you see in all the other groups.


whatmeworry said...

So, where have all these "artifacts" been hiding all these years? Sad and pathetic, and the last act of desperation. Someone should buy it all up for $14.99 and have a bonfire at Samhain.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob said, "The interesting thing is, if Armstrongism didn't "eat its own", and if GTA and Mark didn't both at one point rebel, and reject its tenets, Mark would probably be sitting where Joe Jr. is right now, and the WCG would probably still bear more resemblance to Adventism than it does mainstream Christianity".

MY COMMENT - Good point BB. Personally, I believe that had the Armstrong succession occurred as you point out, the outcome would be: 1) Worldwide Church of God denomination would have survived plateauing at 150,000 members albeit reformed from the extreme doctrines and teachings but keeping the distinctive doctrines such as the Sabbath and Feast Days; 2) Ambassador University would still be in existence today approaching its 70th anniversary - the shrinking 13,000 alumni today would be added to every year and the alumni would still have an alma mater to return to; 3) Dennis Diehl would have a retirement; 4) Families whose parents made extreme financial sacrifices in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s would at least have the satisfaction to see that their tithes and offerings made under threat of eternal damnation built a Church organization and a University that were still in existence today - that it wasn't all in vain; and 5) Little Joey Tkach wouldn't have become a multi millionaire by changing the doctrines, shrinking the Church and stealing the assets.

Although I left the Church in the 1970s and suffered some estrangement with my family that remained, there is a side of me that feels that the WCG reformed should have gone on intact to be its own denomination like its grand parents - Seventh Day Adventism.


Anonymous said...

"I've sort of been waiting for Eric King to come up with the name, Intergalactic Church of God."

How about The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Church of God: ICBM-COG!

Then again, The Incontinent Church of God may be more appropriate for GTA...


Anonymous said...


What's your purpose in posting here? Are you trying to endear people here to yourself for some future purpose?
Whatever the case, please just state what your purpose is.

You wrote, "Just continue to ridicule me and I will continue flooding you with factual information, that is the deal."

What a deal!

That sounds like another flaccid threat. Instead of flooding us, why not take the time to write something comprehensive of what you consider to be the relevant "factual information" that you believe we need to hear. Write your complete stuff. Link to it. Put an ad in The Journal. And for God's sake, please stop screwing around here.
Please be like The Little Engine That Could.

Top Secret CIA Cowgirl

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing for us that the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association died before Dancing With The Stars came out. Otherwise America may have been shocked by seeing GTA reprising his dancing around naked while playing with his penis and trying to have sex with a woman who wasn't his wife.
It was bad enough seeing it the first time on Geraldo.

Byker Bob said...

nck ~ Du nevnte Anders Breivik. Er du Norsk?


Anonymous said...


On this board are mentionings of incest that may be true, but will not stand in court.
There is other fun here on gta dancing around naked. I consider that funny postings.

When I however mention factual information, relevant to a gta posting I'm being considered the nutcase here.

Since you are right to the wcg deserving of comprehensive publication I am answering politely.
To some it was a church, to others it was a belief system, for others it was a cult, to others it was a social experiment for different groups it was an information system to aid the 9th powerful economy in the world. (state of california during the seventies). So I choose not to be comprehensive since I'm a busy person too. So it is rather impossible to state a purpose since the church was so many things to so many people, so I stick to facts.

Chuckles said...

Hey nck, that's what we are here for, some factual information, why else, what is your point if it's not to give us any. I for one don't think you have much info to offer. So far you are almost begging us to ridicule you with what you say, so I for one do ridicule you because I want to hear these factual truths you say you have, you said that's the deal so how about keeping your word, I'll be waiting and checking to hear all about it, I just hope it's helpfull info we can all gain from.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Chuckles?
Are you saying the point on Breivik is not of interest to you or others or are you saying it is not a fact?
See I am learning. Instead of stating only facts I am asking now! Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

"On this board are mentionings of incest that may be true, but will not stand in court."

Larry Gott, Beverly's sone and HWA's grandson, and Deborah Armstrong, Dwight's daughter and HWA's niece, have both gone on the record testifying that the incest allegations are facts and was always common knowledge within the closed circle of the Armstrong family. I suppose you're here to call both them liars.

Larry Gott's testimony

Deborah Armstrong's testimony

"There is other fun here on gta dancing around naked. I consider that funny postings."

I suppose you're also here to call SueRae Robertson a liar, that GTA did not sexually harass her, or attempt to rape her, and to say that the security camera video footage is forged or something to that effect in order to keep your fantasies about the Armstrong clan alive?

SueRae Robertson's testimony and excerpts from her security camera

"When I however mention factual information, relevant to a gta posting I'm being considered the nutcase here."

Except that you don't mention factual information. You deal in wild speculation and conspiracy theories for which there can be no evidence. When asked to produce a source, what you cite turns out not to be a source at all since what it says contradicts you.

Yes, you are the nutcase here, and it's abundantly obvious to everyone except you.

Anonymous said...


For all with an education you have shown yourself to be a fraud.

I know both persons you mention personally. I said it is probably true. I said it would not stand in court. Your answer to me is thus ridiculous.

I found the posting on gta dancing very funny. That is what I said. I find many things here amusing, intentionally and unintentionally. All of SueRae's testimony is true so what a stupid answer by you again.

Your last comment is beyond stupidity. What is not true about what I said?
I asked specifically. Is it not true on Breivik or do you not find it interesting?
I need to know so I can adjust according to the answer.

Anonymous said...

What source contradicts me. Did you actually read the sources I cited on the kkk thread?

Do you have an AC education that you are so bad at actually reading what a source says?


Anonymous said...


What exactly is funny about GTA's sexual assaults on women?

Feminism Fannie

PS: I realize that Anders Breivik was strongly anti-feminist, saying feminism was a cause for his mass-murder spree.

Anonymous said...

"For all with an education you have shown yourself to be a fraud."

...says the nutcase spouting CIA-HWA conspiracy theories...

Funny postings! rotflmfao

Anonymous said...

"What exactly is funny about GTA's sexual assaults on women?"

There is nothing more laughable than a charismatic televangelist who can't keep his pants up... I still can't stop laughing over Jimmy Swaggart! This is far more epic than Presidential stains on a cocktail dress...


Anonymous said...


It occurs to me that one can dribble utter pseudo psycho nonsense here on gta being hwa's victim unanswered. (perhaps this resonates more with some) When I however offer exact and concise information on FBI being assisted by (former) AC people on profiling the Waco people on their response on certain input, Breivik quoting gta, the Oregon 1921 Constitution (both legal and pertaining to its demographics, the wagons are circled, yeehaa.

Interesting response!

Are you the same people complaining about the bad bad banks while at the same time taking a loan that would be hard to repay?

Now Fannie, Ronco 8:20 here answered your question directed to me. My remark that 11:05 was funny was a compliment, because this person and Ronco here are clearly more talented than I am to mix fun and facts.


And 5:55, NO, I will not spoon feed you with "verses" so that you can "believe". That has been perpetrated on you already. I give you facts. And if interested, nowadays it takes a minute to verify.(whereas in the past it took half a years study in a portland library) If not interested, that is fine, I am not here to prosetelyze.