Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Living Church of God Shuts Down Hawaiian Feast Site: Jim Meredith Left Devastated

For a quite some time now we have been receiving information about Jimmy Meredith's intense fascination with Hawaii.  He had been spending many vacations in Hawaii at his own expense, but once he talked his daddy into making him a festival coordinator, he quickly assigned himself to handle the Feast site in Hawaii. Of course thus was all done at tithe payers expense. First class hotels beckoned to Jimmy as he spent countless days checking out their amenities in order to give LCG members a full report.

LCG members have been complaining for a long time now about Jimmy's lavish spending and escapades in Hawaii while on LCG's payroll.  As members struggled to pay their hotel room rates in lesser quality accommodations, Jimmy was staying in $300.00 plus resort rooms.

Those days are now gone.  As LCG's income continues to decline, what's Lil'Jimmy gonna do??????
A surprising omission from LCG’s list is Hawaii, organized by Roderick Meredith’s son, James. Neither has James been allocated another site, and in August his job as his father’s assistant will come to an end, when Gerald Weston takes over the rulership of LCG. He will then be left with only the winter festival to organize.
Not only did Living Church of God pulling out of Hawaii; COGWA and UCG are too.
COGWA has also pulled out of Hawaii, and its venue, the $300+ per night Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, has been taken over by UCG - who will require on registration a non-refundable deposit of $325 plus $8 online processing fee per room. UCG will not be hosting a festival site in Hawaii next year. Church of God News
These three groups must preparing to join Davey Pack in Wadsworth for the next Feast.  Davey has prophesied that, so it HAS to be happening.


Anonymous said...

Does Pack have a feast site in Hawaii? If so, I'm in! I don't care what he teaches (as with most of his members). I'll just go a long for the ride!!!!

Connie Schmidt said...

When will they have FRESNO again as a Feast Site!??

The Fly and Lettuce Museum, along with the Hwy 99 agriculture tour are great highlights!

Any other nominations for WORST FOT SITE EVER??

Anonymous said...

Lil Jimmy will still assign himself to the best site. He took a couple tithe payer funded trips to Israel for the Feast on years Hawaii wasn't offered in the past. I haven't look at the list of LCG the sites for 2016 but I'm sure that if I did, I'd be able to pick which one Lil Jimmy will be at. He loves to ski! Are there any luxury Colorado ski resorts on the list? The feast is late enough this year that there might be snow.

No matter where he goes, I'll just bet he stays at least a week before and the week after on the backs of the brethren's tithe money.

Such ahumble servant.

Anonymous said...

Should we start a Go Fund Me page to send poor Lil Jimmie to Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake. Weston is not "taking over". He will be an employee of the Meredith's in the same way that the owners of millions of businesses world-wide hire people to run them while maintaining financial and legal control over them.

LCG belongs to the Meredith's.

Lil' Jimmy isn't going anywhere. He controls everything from payroll to decorating decisions to Feast sites.

Spanky just had the foresight to know that he needed someone smarter and of less obvious poor character so he picked Weston who has been around for a lot longer than Lil Jimmy and has paid his dues in some respect.

The money trail will always be deposited into a bank account that it ultimately controlled by Meredith.

DennisCDiehl said...

Worst Feast site on earth = Dayton, Ohio

Anonymous said...

I flew home from the feast one year and ran into church members at the airport also returning home. I immediately started a conversation with them. A man standing next to me who was also waiting for his luggage asked how I knew the people I met at the airport. I explained that they where members of my local congregation and that they where also returning from the feast of tabernacles. The next thing he said was, "The feast of what?". What a different world we lived in. This conversation about the Hawaiian feast site of the LCG would seem very strange to anyone other then members or ex-members of an Armstrongite church.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that when ppl get into trouble, they won't get exiled to Hawai'i anymore?

Those were the halcyon days, weren't they?

Byker Bob said...

Random items:

1) Gee, I'm wondering if LCG senior management isn't using this blog as a sort of "focus" group. Hard to see this cancellation as being random, especially when so many LCG members expressed their displeasure following the first expose several months ago.

2) Pat Robertson has mentioned the Feast of Tabernacles on his program, and Perry Stone teaches that there are blessings for keeping the Jewish holy days. Those are the well known names with whom the F/T is associated these days. Very few people even remember HWA's name, or what he taught.

3). My favorite feast site was Jekyll Island.


Anonymous said...

Lowell Mass.

Redfox712 said...

After reading these words from Richard Ames it seems that LCG members are expected to pay for Living University with as added donations apart from regular tithes and offerings.

"God is clearly showing His support for Living University, and with His on-going guidance we will continue working hard to provide better quality and more meaningful spiritual education to an ever-greater number of His people. Your tax-deductible donations to Living University, in addition to your regular tithes and offerings to the Church, are much appreciated!" (Richard Ames, co-worker letter, February 15, 2013.)

So three tithes and extra offerings are not enough for LCG's 1%? They want extra money to fund Living University?

Anonymous said...


In 1980, and only that year, Detroit was a Feast site. The best time I had that week was when I went to the Art Museum BY MYSELF. I had just plunged into being an Armstrong slave, and had that trauma of the dismay of family and co-workers, who believed I had gone a bit insane (which I had). One of the memories that makes me wince is a warning from a co-worker that, if I used all that vacation in October, I wouldn't be able to go home for Christmas. Damn but the they-just-don't-understand smugness I allowed myself, then, seems so stupid, stupid, stupid now. That one had special Pain.

I do, though, endorse your selection of Dayton as BAD. Must've gone there ten times. Dayton was the Midwest Feast Site for Poor Slobs Who Couldn't Afford More or for Poor Deprived People Who Can't Do World Travel -- who couldn't take 3 weeks vacation all at once. I see now we were being spun with the lie that We Could Have a Great Feast, Too. But when you come back with memories of CHURCH-organized activity instead of the Sights You Saw, and maybe just a few pictures of friends you made and did things with as against ALBUMS full . . . . Those other people could boast of "being blessed" more than you could -- same stupid comparing yourself to others and wondering why "God" didn't love you as much. Life under Herbert.

And the talk was always about what you saw and where and how far you went, and never anything about the sermons or anything "spiritual." Just another exercise in feeling inferior because, somehow, that TITHE amount was easier for them to pay and accumulate than you. ISN'T there about anything Armstrong that doesn't end up at MONEY?

And to Connie -- does any of this parallel the Fresno you remember?


Anonymous said...

"God is clearly showing His support for Living University, and with His on-going guidance we will continue working hard to provide better quality and more meaningful spiritual education to an ever-greater number of His people. Your tax-deductible donations to Living University, in addition to your regular tithes and offerings to the Church, are much appreciated!" (Richard Ames, co-worker letter, February 15, 2013.)

I'm curious in what ways this god of theirs is "clearly" showing his "support." Is he sending money too?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a NASCAR event where the latest and greatest splinter groups can have their Feasts in tents (yes- in "temporary dwellings" as the Bible commands) in the parking lots?

Maybe at the the NASCAR Hollywood Casino 400 race?

Wouldn't it be awesome to see Jimmie Johnson's car with "Philadelphia Church of God" emblazoned on it's hood, battling it out with Joey Logano's car with "Living Church of God" emblazoned on it's hood, battling it out with Dale Earnhardt Jr's car that has "Restored Church of God" emblazoned on it's hood?

The UCG and the COGAWA groups will have cows ridden by Jelly and his muppet-ish counterpart trotting out to the track and getting T-Boned by high performance racecars.

(Sorry, I forgot the name of the COGAWA's version of Jelly.)
Marmalade Mushmallow?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Hmmm. What do you think? Should the Supreme General change from 5 tithes to 6, to include the University?

Anonymous said...

It's taken a long time. The old guard is dying off and most of those remaining are on limited incomes. The younger set has had enough of the crap, and most of them won't stick around long if at all. The handwriting is on the wall for all the splinters. They are on the same path as the Shakers. There is no visionary spellbinder among any of those so-called leaders, including emaciated old Rod. He always did tend to turn people off and he hasn't changed a bit.

Anonymous said...

If you try a bit, you should be able to come up with 11 tithes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, wonder of wonders. When I post under my real name, my comments go nowhere, Post anonymously, and suddenly there they are. How 'bout that? Guess somebody doesn't like me.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the idea of 5-6 tithes is a lie from your part (at least in LCG, COGWA or UCG - Pack and Flurry is a different situation).

Living in Canada, I give only 11 percent of my net salary to LCG.

My first tithe is 10 percent and my annual offerings only 1 percent of my annual income.

I save my second tithe (10 percent) which I use for the Feast. I never give my excess second tithe to the Church (nor the tithe of the tithe), but I use it to invite people to restaurants during the Feast.

Third tithe, I don't pay it since the Church has decided that it was not mandatory to pay it in countries where you already pay for social security. I know it applies in Canada and Europe. I don't know for the USA.

But even for people paying it, it makes only an average 2.8 percent of your salary, because you pay it only twice in a 7-year period (third and sixth years).

Donations: I don't give donations.

So, in total I pay 11 percent to the Church and I use 10 percent for my second tithe. If I was paying the third tithe, I would give 14 percent to the Church (not 50 percent or more).

And I've never had any comment (good or bad) from a minister, nor the other people in Canada. We've from time to time sermons encouraging us to give more money, but that's it. There's no personal pressure.

Minimalist said...

Any other nominations for WORST FOT SITE EVER??

UCG's new (much cheaper) hotel in Oconomowoc WI (having just abandoned the Dells)
LCG will be next to abandon the beautiful but remote Dells

Anonymous said...

As far as I was aware, there never were any plans for LCG to go to Hawaii this year. because Jim Meredith was going to hold a Feast in Turkey. UCG held a feast there last year and they both use the same travel agency.

It seems that the troubles in Turkey have stopped them going ahead with this tour.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Some people just don't get satire.

And that makes it all the funnier!

Anonymous said...

perhaps they should go to Petra, and then they could just stay there.

Member Brown said...

Tijuana is being substituted for Hawaii and about darn time too.
Tijuana is the honeymoon capital of the western world after all.
Well, next to Hoboken NJ that is.

Ed said...

How about Las Vegas? Some call it," lost wages ". Which is what happens when you tithe to any of the COG's. So why not instead gamble all your money away at the casinos. At least you have a shot at winning some of it back or hitting the jackpot.

Anonymous said...

ANY FOT hotel/motel can qualify for the funniest!

Because according to the Bible, the FOT is COMMANDED BY GOD to be VERY different than the way of hotels.

Go God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon @ March 31, 2016 at 3:39 AM,

Here's a money saving suggestion-

Stop paying that 11 % to the church, and either give it to a better cause or spend it on your family.

If the church gets bent out of shape about it, you'll know it wasn't worthy in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 9:15 AM,

If you believe in the Bible, read Malachi 3:8. This is why I pay my tithe and Holy Days offerings.

Now, if you are an atheist or do not believe in the Bible, I have nothing to add. But personally, I do believe in the Bible. :)

Anonymous said...

If you believe in the Bible, read Malachi 3:8. This is why I pay my tithe and Holy Day offerings"

So, you believe Meredith is a Levite? Because the command was to tithe to the tribe of Levi. Following the super (un)intelligent British Israelism LCG preaches, would he be of the tribe of Manasseh?

Please, by all means, send LCG your money but let's not pretend it's obeying God. If you're okay paying for Jim's ski trips, fantasy Hawaiian vacations and 18 holes on PGA courses in addition to expensive lawsuits and Living University, knock yourself out and keep writing checks.

It won't earn you favor with God but it just might buy you favor with the corrupt LCG leadership (for a while anyway).