Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Satan Watching PCG Members Who Do Not Date...He turns Them "Hard"

Its no wonder the women in the Philadelphia Church of God look like such sad sacks in church photo's.  They seem sapped of joy.  I guess sit is all because they have become "hard."  It seems that the women in the PCG can never get a break.  They are blamed for everything.

Joel Hilliker claims that the single women of the PCG have become "hard" because they have no men to protect them.  As a result, Satan sends worldly men from the world to woo them over to the dark side where they sink into sexual promiscuity and might even leave the church.

One single woman said, “We women with no men get hard because we aren’t being protected by anyone.” That is usually what happens when a woman has no protector: She starts to protect herself—and she becomes hard. Then some single men respond by saying, I’m not interested in her because she’s too hard! They simply write her off, without feeling any sense of obligation or responsibility toward her. Yet they may well be part of the reason she has had to harden and protect herself! 
These women occasionally need a man’s help. This woman said she really appreciates one marriedman’s effort to look after single women as sisters and doing maintenance or yard work for them.

Single women: Work and fight not to become hard! Look to God as your Protector—and even to the men in the Church where possible. Be close to your minister. As God’s representative, he fights to protect the flock. Don’t harden yourself! Exercise faith and patience.

Single men: Be a protector toward the single women in God’s Family! This isn’t something you can wait to do until after you marry. Do this in your dating. Care for and look after the single women. Look for opportunities to step up and take care of them. Every time you do so, you make God’s women feel more secure—and you strike a blow at your selfish nature.

And realize this: When the women get no dates from the men in the Church, Satan notices—and often begins to come after them with men from the world. Those women become lonely and more vulnerable to that kind of temptation. You can protect your sisters from that by helping them to know that they are very cherished members of God’s Family!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I can just imagine a PCG bachelor asking one of these "hardened" gals-

Hi! I saw you at the Feast. I may want to date you, but I have to ask a few questions first.
First, are you one of those "hardened" types I heard about in Joel Hilliker's sermon?
Second, has Satan noticed you and begun to come after you? I'm not looking for a threesome.
Third, are you willing to completely submit to me as the head of a PCG household?
Fourth, I'd like to get married next week. On our wedding night I won't wear a condominium so we can have a little boy baby and name it Gerald W Armstrong. He might even be one of the two witnesses.
We'll live in temporary dwellings for the Feast, just like the Bible commands. Plus, we'll live in temporary dwellings at NASCAR events for the rest of the year, too!
Fifth, say yes because only a Jezebel wouldn't want someone as great as me!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if I were single, I would never date someone from the COGs. The single men I encountered in the WCG offshoots were all oddballs. Not boyfriend material, let alone husband material. I imagine the men here could say the same thing about the women in the COGs. There were exceptions, of course.

It seems to me that a group that is out of the mainstream tends to attract a lot of people who are out of the mainstream, people who have trouble being accepted, and people who feel marginalized by society. It's really rather sad. The only thing sadder is when two such people actually get together and get married, which only seems to multiply the misery a hundredfold.

Byker Bob said...

Do they define "self-sufficient" as hard? Is the right mode of existence for a woman the active cultivation of an aura of helplessness?

I see that PCG still thinks of Satan as being omnipresent! From what we hear, the men in the PCG are more of a threat than the men outside of the church. This little diatribe is just so preposterous on so many levels.


Anonymous said...

My experience in group dating in the church was that the women typically ignored or verbally abused their dates. Typically the dating was purely social, the men were not dating for marriage. This is unlike in the outside world. So I don't see even now, why the men should have paid for their dates. There was pressure in the church for the single men to supply and pay for the single womens social life. Where's the justice there? Had the church taught that dating is a trade, it's less likely that women would have ignored their dates. And isn't marriage a trade? Shouldn't dating reflect this? It is not the mens responsibility to be slaves to womens social needs.

Cheers TradingGuy.

Anonymous said...

“Satan Watching PCG Members Who Do Not Date...He turns Them 'Hard'”

There is nothing good about the PCG. It is the same as everywhere else, or maybe even worse.

The really old women in the PCG Satan turns really horny for much younger guys.

PCG girls have always fornicated outside the church and got pregnant.

PCG girls have also always fornicated inside the church at PCG summer camps and got pregnant.

One old PCG man called himself “single” because he had never married any of the women that he had sex with, including one that he had a couple kids by. He said that just when he was finally ready to marry her, she walked out on him. Upon leaving GTA's group and joining the PCG he told another woman that he could not date her because she was not in the church and, besides that, she was divorced, but he went over to her place for some drinks and ended up in the sack with her. He just said that he had to do some real “heavy duty repenting” before carrying on. Then, having wasted his own money on riotous living, he wanted a younger really single guy to drive him to other cities so he could check out the PCG congregations there looking for more women to have sex with.

Real single guys in the PCG get gossiped about by the old busybodies who just carelessly assume all sorts of bad things and spread false stories about how they must have been married and divorced.

Girls, if they are not too ugly and dysfunctional, can date the sons of the PCG busybodies.

Real single guys in the PCG are often not allowed even to talk to single girls there, and might have already been assigned by the busybodies to some much, much older woman.

Furthermore, any real single guys who are not into sexual immorality or being used by old sex perverts get expelled from the PCG.

If anyone is wondering how a false prophet like Gerald Flurry could ever produce any good, well, he did not.

Connie Schmidt said...

Ok, let me get this straight....

The Men in PCG are Hard, and the women need to have "Protection".

Sounds like a plan!

Redfox712 said...

Women "get hard" when they are single? What a strange world the PCG 1% live in. Why can't they just respect women regardless of whether she happens to be married or not? They deserve to have their personal lives respected and not interfered with by PCG's 1% by being made to feel somehow deficient by being single in such a public way.-

Byker Bob said...

Do people in rhe ACOGs realize that at this point in history numerous women have served in the military, and have worked in police science? Do we think they know that these women can kick guys' asses? It really amazes me, some of the anachronistic pronouncements that these "spiritual guides" make from time to time. Women on the prairies during the cowboy era were not exactly soft little nothings! Soft women are a relatively new phenomenon, historically speaking.


Anonymous said...

So, when it comes to dating in the COG, TradingGuy turns it into a trade issue (as he does with every other issue)?

Newsflash #1 for TradingGuy: Turning everything into a trade issue limit's one's ability to see the larger and more nuanced complexities in life.

Newsflash #2 for TradingGuy: If your COG dating experience was that the women typically ignored or verbally abused you, and that you felt you were being put in the "role of slave" when on a date, perhaps YOUR ACTIONS were somewhat responsible for your perceived injustice.
If she tried to have a normal conversation with you and you turned everything into a trade issue, I'd consider it "fair trade" for her to give you a verbal lashing, throw a pie in your face and kick you in the nuts, and then send you a bill for her pain and suffering.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed at the PCG Edmond congregation is the large number of homosexuals. The ministry are well aware of it and they place the blame on the women being hardened! The men will make no attempt at asking the women out at all! Not even as a "cover" for their way of life. If you doubt me, then just attend services there or attend one of Mr. Malones Plays. You will see his Entourage. There have been rumors about Mr. Malone for years. Yes, the women are hardened, I see it on both sides. The PCG is a mess. I don't know that it can be fixed. If you're not wealthy or in the IN crowd, then you're at the ministry's disposal to determine who you can date, or if you're even allowed to! It's so very sad!
I love it how Joel's article mentioned trusting the ministry as your guide! Yes! Go to pervo Turgeon, or woman hater Brian Davis or Heerma! Let me know how that works out for you! Lol!

Anonymous said...

"Joel Hilliker claims that the single women of the PCG have become "hard" because they have no men to protect them."

I fully agree. You are so right! They need to have God grant the men the authority to lock them in a room for their own good.

Anonymous said...

"God commands that a man restrain and protect women from his own lust! He must be a trustworthy man of character in order to defend others from his own baser nature."
"Woman!, work and fight not to become hard!"

"God's shining example lies with God's Apostle, HWA! Be cognizant of this!"

Anonymous said...

5.40 PM I read that in Islam, it's common for a father to lock up his young adult daughter in a room. It's one way of keeping them from getting up to no good. What happened to the chastity belt? Hmmm, I should'nt be giving ministers ideas. First, one peace granny swim suits, next chastity belts.

Anonymous said...

Sharia Law!

Anonymous said...

5.03AM yours is the typical church response of blame the victim. I did say group dates, so it is not just me. You ignored my point about trade with some misdirection, mumbo-jumbo comment of 'more nuanced complexities of life,' whatever that is? The women should learn to please their men, rather than running to a daddy minister, complaining that they are not being asked out. "Daddy, daddy, bully them to ask me out." Where is pride in their adulthood?

Cheers. TradingGuy

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear your dating didn't go well.
However, based on your comments about it, I still think it might behoove you to consider your part in why it didn't go as you wanted.

Sorry if I was unable to properly understand how your "trade" talk fits into dating.

But, when you make statements like, "The women should learn to please their men.", I become more convinced that it might behoove you to consider your part in why your dating experiences weren't to your liking.

Anonymous said...

6.19 AM it's almost embarrassing to have to state what should be the obvious. So here goes. On a date, or in a marriage, a women should please the man, and the man should please the woman. This has a name. It is called trade, an win-win arrangement for both parties. Stated differently, people love other people ONLY to the extent that they can, or have the potential to satisfy ones physical and/or mental needs. Otherwise they do not give a hoot about you, (as in 'if the tree doesn't bare fruit, chop it down).' This is reality 101. Yes, every ideology rejects this as 'unjust' and 'unfair.' Yes, many church members with their entitlement mentality, find this offensive. I know, because church members have told me so. But this is what God created. Your argument is not with me, but with God.

Anonymous said...


Since your dating experiences didn't go well, and you'd tell the women "Your argument is not with me, but with God.", I still think there's been something fundamentally wrong in your mind vis-à-vis your approach to dating, especially considering that you think that women you dated tried to turn you into a slave.

PS: Please trade your name: Change it from "TradingGuy" to "DatingDud"