Saturday, May 28, 2016

Evil Jesuits and IBM are Collecting Church of God Members Names for Database

Did you know that Church of God members are currently being rounded up, tortured and killed today.    Well, not actually, but spiritually and metaphorically.
Yes!!! Just as God's Church was rounded up, hunted and TORTURED and KILLED during the middle ages, we are facing similar tactics being used on us today!
We are living in dangerous times!  Various Church of God groups are out there robbing the gullible members of their money and spiritual lives.
We all have seen websites claiming to be God's Church, trying to sucker you into handing over to them your name and location, using the promise of helping you find fellow brethren in your area. Isn't that wonderful?
Well don't be so sure. We are living in trying and dangerous times! How do you know if such a group isn't scamming you for your information? Jotting your information down in a log, creating a database out of your information, and anyone else who fell prey to these people who "claimed" to have been fellow members of God's Church.  
Are they conceded about Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Rod Meredith and Ron Weinland?  Are these the "false brethren" that are taking tithe money that doesn't belong to them?  Are these the men on power trips rung members lives?
Revelation 3:9, reveals that what we are facing today are FALSE BRETHREN who claim to be God's Church but DO LIE! They want your money & God's Tithes. They want your information, your name and location. They want the power, to govern God's people, but they can't receive that authority and rank, because they simply are not in God's Church! Jesus Christ is the head of the Church of God and He will perform His righteous duties! And they can't go around Jesus Christ! 
These men are all cunning and manipulative as they sway members to believe their lies.  They are right when they refer to Thiel, Flurry, Pack and others with their perverted doctrines.
These false brethren however want the opportunity to sway you over into their perverted doctrines and heresies, playing the part of a minister of God, but being a minister of Satan the Devil. 
Never fear though, there are a group of church people out there that are the preservers of the truth once delivered, true 1st century church beliefs.
We are mirroring the first century Church. Do you realize that these same tactics were used against God's Church in those days? 
Thiel claims to be doing this, as does Flurry, Pack, Wienland, Meredith, Kubik and others.  Who is right?

Dangerous times are ahead.  Rome is rising again in Europe. Concentration camps, torture, murder and unbelievable atrocious are in store for he United States and all COG member who follow the false teachers of the church.
Rome sent spies to search out brethren. They hunted your fellow brethren, and then when found, use them to hunt other brethren.And all at the bequest of the Roman Catholic Church.  
We are coming to a time where the resurrected Holy Roman Empire will rise up as the United States of Europe, and will do FAR MORE ATROCITIES THAN HITLER in World War 2!!!
Did you know that evil Jesuits are starting to gather the names of Church of God members in preparation of the evil atrocities to happen?  They are starting data banks on church members names.

This all reminds me of the garbage floating around Pasadena in the late 70's and 80's.  If it was not the evil Zionists it was the Jesuits and Catholics.  Forget about Germany, Jesuits were the ones to kill us all.
DO you realize that Hitler, with his Jesuit gestapo, went around before time and cataloged all of the people? They went around creating database after database, with help of IBM, and look at what happened after that! 
That is exactly what is happening now. 
Websites, ran by non-members of God's Church are looking to gain your information to log you into their database. They lure you with the Church's material, but they are not of God's Church!
They pretend to be ministers, and they set up Sabbath services, and they collect God's tithes as if they were, BUT THEY ARE NOT MINISTERS OF GOD! Their heart is with the apostates who left God's Church in the 1970's! Their hearts is with the false COG groups out there, and what they are trying to do is to CAPTURE YOU BRETHREN, who have escaped from the hands of these false COG groups, so you can be bound under their corporate umbrella as sureties, and then the resurrected Holy Roman Empire can come back around and find you in corporate CHAINS, unable to leave the country! Left behind while God's Church is protected in a place of Safety. WATCH OUT BRETHREN! 
Whats going to happen 60 years fro now when these men are old and Europe has not invaded the U.S.?  We have been hearing this malarkey for 80 years already.

This inspiring message is courtesy of Church of God Archives 


Black Ops Mikey said...

While it is true that IBM did help the Nazis identify Jews using punch cards, it is not true that there were computer databases in the 1940s.

Our next lesson will involve what happened at Ambassador College to the Data Cells used by the IBM Mainframe in the 1970s. What people do for 3 gigabytes of data.

Byker Bob said...

I had considerable difficulty accepting IBM's culpability, so Googled IBM's history, and discovered that the Third Reich was actually a client, although through their German subsidiary.

There are much more dangerous organizations and people than the ACOGs that the government would be watching, but since the government makes it their business to keep a watchful eye on everyone, undoubtedly there must be some files on the different splinters. Presumably, they would be much lower on the list of potentially dangerous organizations than, say, white Christian gun owners. The most subversive thing that Armstrongism does is to gleefully preach a gospel involving the destruction of the US by a Catholic-dominated Eurpope. But any files would also include the information that Armstrongites are pacifists, even to the extent of objecting to military service.

It's a shame that a church would need to "prove" that it was the true one through persecution and/or torture. But, they've got a track record of fake prophecy, fake healing, and fake apostles and prophets, so why not?


Anonymous said...

Yes but it is ok for the Kitchens to collect tithes from the people because they have traced their lineage back to Mr. Herbert Armstrong. So they are descendants of Levites so they can take tithes. LOLOLO

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not to worry, Samaritan will watch over us.

Anonymous said...

Muh dicktionary says,
cognitive dissonance: the inability to recognize and accept other explanations.
see Armstrongism.

"...we are facing similar tactics being used on us today!"

ministurd:"Because, we would never do this to you, even if you can't tell!"

"Revelation 3:9 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)], reveals that what we are facing today are FALSE BRETHREN who claim to be God's Church but DO LIE! They want your money & God's Tithes. They want your information, your name and location. They want the power, to govern God's people, but they can't receive that authority and rank, because they simply are not in God's Church! Jesus Christ is the head of the Church of God and He will perform His righteous duties! And they can't go around Jesus Christ!"

There's your emergency exit!


Anonymous said...

The Nazis used the IBM computers to implement their socialist policies, in the same way that computers are used today to determine who qualifies for various 'entitlements.'

Hedgehog said...

Anonymous@ 8:24
You are showing your absolute ignorance. Why don't you just go stick your nose in a bible and leave the real world to smarter people. Gloria Olson

Anonymous said...

Gloria, my 8.24 PM comment is based on a TV documentary on the topic. You are a good example of why women are not permitted to give sermons of sermonettes. All that abuse, emotion and no facts. Stick to cooking chicken soup, and don't quit your day job.

Anonymous said...

IBM's founder Watson a contemporary salesman of hwa adopted the phrase "World peace through world trade in the 1930's." That is as good as "World peace through the Unseen Hand (of adam smith)


Anonymous said...

A "database" in the Reich period would have been closer to a card catalog than the databases we've been familiar with since the 1960s. In that sense, people have been creating databases since the first time someone needed to count livestock... so what?

Anonymous said...

11.28 AM the Reich IBM computers used punch cards. The advantage of this database is speed, speed, speed. Information at peoples fingertips, rather than an army of clerks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, purchased from Dehomag. I'm familiar with the technology. Yet I'm not seeing how this is any more shock-wortgy than which factory produced their uniforms or what oil was used in the tanks.

Anonymous said...

6.03 AM from memory,there was no other substitute for the IBM computers. Saying no to the Nazis would have impacted them. Instead IBM spun off a arms length German subsidiary, that sold them it's computers.